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How do you hookup?

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Started by #11433 at 29,Nov,09 15:29
Just wanted to know how SYD members hookup for sex. Do you use this site, craigslist, dating sites, random encounters in public restrooms, bars, or just with friends you already know?

I am interested in how you meet men and women (I'm bi).


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By lawrenceo at 06,Sep,19 08:40 other posts of lawrenceo 
With difficulty if you are seeking a social friend as well as a buddy

By Cockslut66 at 05,Sep,19 12:47 other posts of Cockslut66 
I cross dress and go to this gay bar called Hank's and meet men they by me a couple drinks and next thing I know I am at there house taking their dick up my ass

By kebmo at 19,Feb,18 00:06 other posts of kebmo 
I met every guy in the photos on my profile through Craigslist. I wrote a blog story about how to safely meet guys there and posted it on my profile. This is it: /blogs/33992.html

By #549726 at 18,Feb,18 18:31
I just started using gay bars I want to this bar called Hanks because I heard was a good place to meet men,I want on a Saturday night and it do not take long I set at the bar for a few minutes and the bartender come and handed me a beer he said it for that guy he waived and come set down we started talk had a couple drinks he let get out of here s party we to went his house and he give some pills before I know it was naked and was give me his dick I was suck his dick and letting him fuck me before I knew it he had to of his friends come over and they took turn fuck me and feed me dick they fucked me a nigth and to the next day give me load after load in my throat and up my ass I love it

By #549726 at 18,Feb,18 18:08
I used Craigslist never had a bad experience I am a bottom and sucked a lot of dick and let a lot of men fuck my ass

By latval at 29,Nov,09 15:52 other posts of latval 
i would use craigslist. but stopped cuz there are alot of weirdos on there.

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