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clone a willy?

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Started by #315268 at 29,Dec,12 20:58
trying this thread again only with a better title hopefully. We were just thinking how nice it would be to find a way to get some replicas of some of our favorite "members" on this site Some of us to far away to get the real thing
Any ideas or thoughts about this?

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By Dickventures at 10,Oct,19 07:32 other posts of Dickventures 

Mine turned out pretty good. Love the glow-in-the-dark material. Bring it to black light parties occasionally

By #315268 at 13,Jun,13 14:59
Popping this thread back to the top
--------------------------------------- added after 52 hours

Guess it ain't working
--------------------------------------- added after 688 hours

love to keep this atbthe top of the list

By #363144 at 12,Mar,13 04:15
If avail of love a copy of your cock, how do I pay for shipping.
By #277673 at 12,Mar,13 15:47
is this a question for me? if so, PM me and i;ll relay the info

By topalbatross at 24,Feb,13 09:22 other posts of topalbatross 
Here are a few copies I made some time ago using plaster of paris which is a bit messy. Made several - with balls, flaccid etc.

By 3fdfd at 24,Feb,13 09:28 other posts of 3fdfd 
well, you've got a big "willy" - so I guess you end up with a big clone

By #277673 at 24,Feb,13 16:12
is plaster of paris a quick dry? how long did you have to hold your erection to complete the mold?
By topalbatross at 24,Feb,13 16:24 other posts of topalbatross 
Depends on the quality, good stuff will dry in about 5 mins, adding warm water speeds it up (I believe there are better materials available today)
Need to maintain erection for 5 to 10 mins or as long as possible then allow to go soft before removing otherwise you can damage the mold in detail places i.e.behind the glans.
Hope this is of interest

By #277673 at 24,Feb,13 03:42
Just sent a clone to Graytank and his lady. Check out their pics and vids. Sooo hot. They seem to enjoy it.

--------------------------------------- added after 136 hours

hope they put up more

By #277673 at 20,Feb,13 17:26
still got 3 left

By #277673 at 13,Feb,13 15:29

By #107983 at 10,Feb,13 18:02
CLONING A DICK HMMMMMMMMMMMM???????? Why do we need 2 Boris Johnsons???????
By #277673 at 12,Feb,13 07:20

By horniperv at 08,Feb,13 05:30 other posts of horniperv 
I like this thread. I have been wanting to do it but just haven't. Whats anyone's experience will the clone a willy kit or self replicating at all?
By #277673 at 08,Feb,13 06:36
ive made a bunch of them
By horniperv at 09,Feb,13 07:51 other posts of horniperv 
Ive heard its best to buy 2 kits. How much luck did you have? How did it turn out?
By #315268 at 10,Feb,13 06:07
Mine I tried by myself never came out to good, had a hard time staying hard while timing it right and getting the temp right
By #277673 at 10,Feb,13 14:32
my first one didnt work either. The next one i did, i used viagra and it came out ok. The problem with the kits is that they create a vacuum at the top of the tube and i couldnt capture my entire length.

By #337858 at 03,Feb,13 23:25
I'm willing to make clones if asked. Just message me
By #277673 at 05,Feb,13 19:57
ya but mine are done and free

By #277673 at 27,Jan,13 07:49
these are the clones i have left. choose yours now

please be advised these did not capture my full length as i had issues doing the casting alone
By #315268 at 28,Jan,13 01:26
Doing it alone tends to be a problem
By #277673 at 29,Jan,13 16:45
just sent my first clone away today.. Hope he finds a good home

By benny02 at 03,Feb,13 16:39 other posts of benny02 
i got through 2 kits before getting it right on my own

By #277673 at 31,Jan,13 16:28
Free clones of my cock!! ask me how!

By #44017 at 27,Jan,13 08:17
Wow...fantastic...How do you do it...I'd love to make one or mor of MY cock for my own anal pleasure....Sure would appreciate knowing how to do it....Thanks in advance....Rick
By #315268 at 28,Jan,13 01:25
Any adult shop should have them or even amazon .com has them too

By #315268 at 25,Jan,13 14:50
Bumping it to the top
--------------------------------------- added after 24 hours

Looks like my idea is slowly dying
--------------------------------------- added after 27 hours

I keep trying

By #305578 at 17,Jan,13 10:12
This sounds like an interesting idea. Hoping this will revitalize this page. Never new 'cloning kits' existed.
By #315268 at 18,Jan,13 07:07
Thanks, we think it could be a lot of fun
By #305578 at 20,Jan,13 22:59
No problem. Good threads like this get bumped down to fast.
By #277673 at 23,Jan,13 02:08
still got some left, anyone want one, free, you pay for shipping

By #315268 at 19,Jan,13 15:03
Just popping this thread back to the top of the libe

By #277673 at 16,Jan,13 13:44

Which one is the real one
By #315268 at 16,Jan,13 18:09
When do I get one?
By #277673 at 16,Jan,13 19:01
when u pay for shipping
By #315268 at 16,Jan,13 21:17
They still do C.O.D.?
By #277673 at 16,Jan,13 22:53
dont think so
By #315268 at 17,Jan,13 20:44
how much to mail to anchorage ak?

By #277673 at 10,Jan,13 12:24
Free clones of my cock, all u nrrd to do is pay for shipping. While supplies last

By #315268 at 10,Jan,13 17:08
By #277673 at 13,Jan,13 14:07
2 people asked so far, anyone else?

By #195770 at 08,Jan,13 15:01
I like the idea. It would maintain more of its sexuality if it wasnt paid for. Like an exchange. I dont know if women can do this or not? Sounds like fun!
By #315268 at 09,Jan,13 21:09
Exchange does sound good!
Good idea

By #315268 at 01,Jan,13 07:06
Well this ain't going over as well as I hoped... Lol
By #234659 at 01,Jan,13 10:35
You tryna buy a replica of somebody dick, or you tryna sell a replica of your dick
By #315268 at 01,Jan,13 15:02
By #234659 at 05,Jan,13 19:22
Well I wanna buy a replica of your dick
By #315268 at 07,Jan,13 23:05
where should i send it once im done?
By #234659 at 08,Jan,13 18:34
To my address
By #277673 at 09,Jan,13 15:23
if anyone wants one of mine, pay shipping and its yours for free. These have not been used. Made them for ex GF but never gave them to her

By #336489 at 09,Jan,13 00:58
yeah, I always wanted a clone to send to my ex wife with " This is what you missing out on" and one for me
By #315268 at 09,Jan,13 07:28
Lol that's good shot right there!

By #277673 at 08,Jan,13 14:20
If anyone wants one of my copies, lemme know

By #315268 at 04,Jan,13 22:47
just sayin something to move it back to the top of the list and hope others check it out

By #264539 at 03,Jan,13 13:27
Wow this a actually a great idea. My wife wants one so I can fuck her vaginally and analy. At the same time.
By #315268 at 04,Jan,13 07:44
we plan to do the same thing but want to try it with one of these "monster" ones from this site instead of a store bought one

By #316049 at 03,Jan,13 07:39
Pretty cool idea, didn't even know that the product existed
By #315268 at 03,Jan,13 20:38
hoping they come out with a newer product thats made from a little softer material, or for that matter a product thats a little easier to use

By #315268 at 03,Jan,13 07:29
I tried to start a "members group" about this, can't tell if it went through or not

By #277673 at 30,Dec,12 03:14
I've cloned mine

By #315268 at 01,Jan,13 15:01
you seem to have mastered it lol

By Piercedknob at 01,Jan,13 10:28 other posts of Piercedknob 
I used a Clone-a-Willy kit once. Wasn't too successful, but got a fairly good, but short plastercast from it.

By boc at 30,Dec,12 15:18 other posts of boc 
Well my gf bought the standard 8 inch dildo you find in most sex shops. I think it is modeled afer some porn star and the name says "John something" obviously not John Holmes. But anyways it was a little shorter than me and about the same thickness where mine is thickest. Though it looked like an uncircumcised one with the foreskin pushed back. Other than that it could have been a clone. Oh accept my head is a tiny bit larger.

By #277673 at 30,Dec,12 11:53
anyone want one of mine. I made for an EX but never got a chance to give them to her. They are just sitting here
--------------------------------------- added after 218 hours

no one?

By #315268 at 30,Dec,12 01:35
Sooo.... is that the way we go about it? If some one wants a clone they need to send a kit to the person?
That leaves some questions like, how do we get this plan more widely known? Is there a group we can start? What about privacy? only use PO boxes to mail too?

By #315268 at 30,Dec,12 01:22
yes! lets make this happen

By #324542 at 29,Dec,12 22:50
i am pretty sure you can purchase a casting kit for such a task.
By #315268 at 30,Dec,12 00:01
the point is to get some of the other members to do it and get a copy from them.
if someone that has the "perfect" shape or size that your into but they live halfway across the world chances are pretty slim of ever actually meeting up. this could be the next best thing. besides think of the pics you could post with the toys of other members

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