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Favorite thing about your or your partners cock?

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Started by #124665 at 11,Jan,13 05:15
Rate your own cock or your partners honestly, 1-10..

Or not.

But, really WHAT is the best (and/or least favorite) part or thing about your cock or your partners cock..

Do you think its the length?
What about the head shape/size?
the appearance/color, major turn on?
Is there curvature?
Firmer or on the softer side?
Angle of erection..
The girth, or lack there of?
Overall size.
Staying power.. Can that cock fuck for hours?
The way if feels inside of you..

Be as detailed as you want, male or female

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By countrynaturist at 13,Nov,18 23:25 other posts of countrynaturist 
I love how free my boyfriend is in being nude. I love how his cock tastes and feels when he's fucking me

By #323075 at 21,May,13 06:36
At mine favorite things are as follows:
- girth/thickness
- stability: it can for hours
- big balls and long forskin
- angle of erection
- color

By ktalmipn at 17,May,13 21:01 other posts of ktalmipn 
I love my cock´s shape i think it is a good looking cock

By #301038 at 12,Jan,13 02:42
I like that my husband has a dick that gets hard in seconds. Literally, as soon as I'm naked, boing! It goes up...

It looks and feels great, I love how smooth the head is.

He's got a perfect 7 inches. Great for everyday use, for pussy and ass. No downtime to recover. He stays hard for as long as I want and can cum at the same time as me. I love to cum together. Very hot!
By #124665 at 12,Jan,13 10:02
Now that's what I'm talking about Mine would likely go up as soon as youre naked too Sounds like you guys are a great match. Cumming together is perfection
By #301038 at 14,Jan,13 02:36
lol... not everyone is so lucky... but most of the time, I can get a cock hard just by talking about sex.
By #124665 at 14,Jan,13 03:03
I think I pretty much have that perfection with my lover too, most of the time It seems many women have that special cock growing ability you speak of if that whole lip biting thing is going on too then it's all over

By #389053 at 17,May,13 20:44
the cock of your man must be very tasty!

I would also like you?

nur für dich <img src='/smiles/wink.gif'>

when I see you I will harden quickly

wer möchte saugen

By #139037 at 17,Jan,13 00:13
The most favorite thing about it: it gives me my orgasms! Quite an important function. I also like the fact I can aim my peestream and can urinate almost anywhere due to that.

I like its size. It's reasonably big. The curves of my head are quite round while my penis has a decent shape without extreme curves. I dislike the lack of sensitivity of my dick. Yet, that mere fact can make me go on to have sex for hours, without recovery times. So it has a nice side-effect.
By #124665 at 17,Jan,13 04:56
But the woman still gives us shit for peeing on the potty seat Sex for hours, staying power.. This I usually can also accomplish with the aid of my good friends Jack and Jim

By #341729 at 16,Jan,13 16:05
ahaha so fun to read the question, hmm, i ve the power of cumming so late
By #124665 at 17,Jan,13 04:51
Cumming on cue, now that's where it's at

By #124665 at 14,Jan,13 18:31
I guess most everyone is single and or hates their peniseses

By #124665 at 14,Jan,13 02:01
Cum on fuckers!

By #188813 at 12,Jan,13 13:52
I give my cock 10/10 because it's big and perfect haha
By #124665 at 13,Jan,13 04:52
I think many would agree

By Bendy at 12,Jan,13 17:32 other posts of Bendy 

I give my cock a 2. This is because it is so flimsy. Even when it is as hard as it gets, I can fold it completely in half, lol, and it often buckles, bends, or collapses during sex...
By #124665 at 13,Jan,13 04:51
Ah come on, everything looks ok so it's not that big of a problem, at least you don't have to worry about it breaking Try taking L Arganine supplement, it will help with increased **** flow to your tunica, thus a firmer erection

By #316049 at 11,Jan,13 21:33
How i use helps hold the front of my pants up.
I just like him, he's a good-looker, the “right size“ and one of my oldest friends (he's great to play “catch“ with lol)
By #124665 at 12,Jan,13 00:45
There is something called a "belt" or maybe try a pair of braces for your pants It's also not nice to throw a ball at your penis, ouch

By #341776 at 11,Jan,13 22:24
umm my favorite thing about my partners cock, is that umm it's a cock?
By #124665 at 12,Jan,13 00:42
Thanks for being sooo specific

By #326816 at 11,Jan,13 10:30
Pretty comfortable with my cock as it is. Maybe just a bit more of a curve-up at the end if you were granting wishes.

By #124665 at 11,Jan,13 20:42
Wish granting is closed for today Women do seen to enjoy the up curve in my experience

By bogomax at 11,Jan,13 11:33 other posts of bogomax 
mine ie pretty unique; the more experienced a partner is the more likely she is to tell me she's never seen one like mine before.

but also, for its size, it can shoot a really big load really far. one gf liked to finish me off on my back, rubbing with two fingers until i squirted a big arc of cum she'd aim at my face.
By #124665 at 11,Jan,13 20:41
Load distance, good one I've hit my face on several occasions too

By #132023 at 11,Jan,13 09:41
Hi sexy decent my best part is my helmet I think
By #124665 at 11,Jan,13 20:39
Helmet yes Dave, you have nice foreskin too.. But I'd rather hear from the wife on this one

By pifad at 11,Jan,13 16:00 other posts of pifad 
Best part of my dick is the head.

By #323075 at 11,Jan,13 05:48
The Best Part of my cock is the forskin!
By #124665 at 11,Jan,13 05:56
Haha, thanks. Fair enough. I don't have forskin like you so I wouldn't know about that

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