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The Longer the Cock, the Flimsier the Boner

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Started by Bendy at 04,Feb,13 14:20  other posts of Bendy

Having a big long one isn't all that great... It tends to get more and more flimsy, the bigger they are. If mine were much bigger, i wouldn't be able to get it into even loose places... Tight ones I already can't... it bends and buckles, lol...

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By timmyt11 at 15,Jun,17 10:04 other posts of timmyt11 
I checked out dick have a pencil dick. That's the problem. You have a decent sized head, but your dick is shaped like a baseball bat. At the base it looks like it gets really thin and weak. How long is it? I'm 6.5+" at the base of my cock. I can stab with it...

By #124665 at 14,May,13 17:25
You see this in big cock porn a lot, many of the biggest monster cock stars seem to have a big variation in erection quality. Of course I imagine that having to do a long shoot with people filming it makes it hard to stay hard But even with the injections or pills it just seems the bigger they are the more difficult to maintain the b lood flow for max erection. I'm not in their league size wise but even at over 7" when I'm hard, I'm hard till I cum. Unless it's one of those drunk marathon sessions that last for hours, I may fluctuate here n there just a little

By botanic at 14,May,13 06:59 other posts of botanic 
yes , a guy I knew who had a dick like a marrow , said he could never get a good hard on as he would always pass out as he lost blud pressure from the rest of his body !

By Bendy at 14,May,13 03:59 other posts of Bendy 
Please humiliate

By Bendy at 07,May,13 06:47 other posts of Bendy 
Plz humiliate it...

By #204902 at 05,Feb,13 11:21
you are right

By #147052 at 05,Feb,13 10:34
Use more starch

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