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out doors masterbation, exposing

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Started by #297899 at 16,May,13 04:08
I love going out in my back yard all naked and masterbating, it is so exciting the risk of being seen. I only have fence on one side so it would be easy to be seen. I will usually eat my cum too. If I was to be caught by another man I would offer to suck him off and swallow his hot juicy load. I've even walked down my driveway to the street totally naked and hard, I try to walk like a woman swinging my hips. I am suck a sissy fag.

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By hypoboy at 14,Jan,18 14:03 other posts of hypoboy 
i love it too, this exposed feeling of being fully hard under the sun and anybody could see and grab it...

By #548046 at 10,Jan,18 18:52
I love wanking in the back yard, my neighbor sometimes sees me and comes over to fuck me in the yard, it's the best

By #529489 at 28,Oct,17 18:42

this was first time i got mostly naked in the garden and damn what a turn on not knowing if anyone seen me
By #543844 at 31,Oct,17 18:10
That's the best part hoping someone is looking I bet if they see you they will never say anything to you and keep looking wanting to see again

By Lenatur at 29,Oct,17 17:49 other posts of Lenatur 

By #543844 at 28,Oct,17 17:45
I go out in my backyard naked and masterbate also, my yard is fully fenced. But there are some houses with windows that could see. I hope I give them a go show. No one has said anything yet.

By #68656 at 16,May,13 04:23
What a sight that must be for the neighbours and anyone else witnessing that spectacle.
A slightly overweight middle aged man trissing down the driveway, flapping his wrist and swinging his hips. All that is needed is the twirling handbag to top it all off and the Village People playing in the background.!!
By bella! at 16,May,13 04:52 other posts of bella! 
JohnS, you painted quite a humorous picture! Thank you for starting my Thursday with a chuckle!

By bigone21 at 16,May,13 18:03 other posts of bigone21 
Slightly overweight middle-aged man climbing trees that sleeps with his two dags-hunds, you're into the same JohnS! Only you might not swinging your hips, big deal!
By #68656 at 17,May,13 04:29
Dear Mr. Big Man.
That totally unwarranted, allusionary and personal attack on me really shows how devoid of morals, ethics and integrity you are, plus exposes those lackings to the entire membership.
Thankfully I am not the webmaster but if I were you would be gone by now.
Shame on you.
By bigone21 at 20,May,13 20:18 other posts of bigone21 
Oh please JohnS, here we go again...

Lack of morals, ethics, integrity...

Yes, only JohnS knows about that!

But it's good to know that if you were in power in this forum, you would make me shut up by taking me out.

You failed your character-test.

You may think I'm not nice to you in my comments, but, do I have to if I think you talk bullshit, or are not very nice yourself?
By #68656 at 21,May,13 10:46
The predictable reply and justifications, make a rubber stamp and just use that, it will save writing out the same crap each time in reply to me or anyone else who dares stand up to you.
You are just like one of your windmills going round and round with the same flawed logic and circular reasoning.
By #385990 at 21,May,13 11:17
we get a lot of this from the liberal/socialist/left wingers in the UK..they make statements or comments and if you do not agree with them,then they make you out to be an arse hole,or if you say some thing against a thing they believe in its character assassination.
By bigone21 at 21,May,13 19:07 other posts of bigone21 
@ weewillywinkie

you are on and blaming liberals???

you enjoy freedom, and blame liberals??

THINK!! please do so! and once again!

all this freedom you enjoy is NOT brought to you by anything right-wing!
By #385990 at 24,May,13 03:08
you have been on line so why no answer...?
By bigone21 at 24,May,13 16:47 other posts of bigone21 
you actually check if i'm online?? say that again??!
By #385990 at 25,May,13 01:26
yes!..thats why I asked "why no answer?"...and oh look,you have been on line,and still no answer.

--------------------------------------- added after 109 minutes

just in case you are as hard of thinking as I think you are, I will say this slowly..I-T S-A-Y-S O-N L-I-N-E O-N Y-O-U-R P-A-G-E, O-R H-O-W L-O-N-G Y-O-U H-A-V-E B-E-E-N O-F-F O-F T-H-E S-I-T-E...
By bigone21 at 25,May,13 19:08 other posts of bigone21 

By bigone21 at 21,May,13 19:22 other posts of bigone21 
Here's what the rubber stamp will read:

JohnS thinks he is in charge of morals, ethics and integrity. If I don't agree, he thinks I should get lost! But I don't...
--------------------------------------- added after 10 seconds

JohnS thinks he is in charge of morals, ethics and integrity. If I don't agree, he thinks I should get lost! But I don't...
--------------------------------------- added after 21 seconds

JohnS thinks he is in charge of morals, ethics and integrity. If I don't agree, he thinks I should get lost! But I don't...

By #385990 at 16,May,13 04:42
in the UK you would be done for indecent exposure......clown
By #261704 at 16,May,13 09:31
US too i believe
By #385990 at 16,May,13 09:32
then throw away the key after you slam the door.
By JeffinKS at 16,May,13 17:36 other posts of JeffinKS 
here in the USA you would also be put on the "sex offender list" along with rapists and molesters
By bigone21 at 16,May,13 18:00 other posts of bigone21 
Sex-offender list?? Walking around naked?? In the USA??

Haha!! Great, this "FREE" country! Free to carry a gun and shoot up some schoolchildren, and if you walk around naked, one is a "sex-offender". I love the USA! (NOT!!)
By JeffinKS at 16,May,13 18:07 other posts of JeffinKS 
well don't get me wrong I am a nudist and LOVE to be outside naked... but only do it were it is legal, like at a nudist/naturist campground or out at my friends place in the country. I respect my neighbors and my freedom to much to just walk out side my house naked
By bigone21 at 16,May,13 18:20 other posts of bigone21 
And so do I, naturist campingsites and naturist beaches. We have no neighbours and walk around naked all summer, and fuck around if we like to. Nobody sees us, and if somebody does? Bad luck, what are they doing on our grounds?

In my country it is legal to be naked on your own grounds. And by the way, is there really a problem? Naked people, is that a serious threat to anyone??
By #323005 at 16,May,13 18:29
I guess it depends what they are doing and where they are.
By bigone21 at 16,May,13 19:48 other posts of bigone21 
Walking around naked on their own grounds... What is so bad about that? If naked people are a threat to whatever, let's think about, and define, what are the dangers of people being naked in our society... can't be all that much!!
By bella! at 16,May,13 20:21 other posts of bella! 
Do you suggest that in your country it's perfectly alright to be completely naked and on your property, in the front yard/garden as chil/dren walk to school?
By #385990 at 17,May,13 02:37
no Bella! they don't.In Holland nudity is only allowed in places approved by local government and other "suitable places"...don't think one of thoughs "approved" or "suitable places" is on the street in his neighbourhood.....
By bella! at 17,May,13 09:58 other posts of bella! 
Thanks 7. I understood bigone21's post to be that he is FREE to be on his own property in the state of undress. So it is apparent that there are laws that govern naturists in Europe just as there are in the USA. As Lonewolf_ICT states, if you decide that it's your freedom to be naked on YOUR property or in a non designated place and if you are caught you do face the possibility of being charged with some degree of criminal sexual conduct.
By bigone21 at 20,May,13 20:01 other posts of bigone21 
Well, we have 12.000 m2 to walk around naked, and not be seen. And we enjoy that. 4 weeks a year we stay at the biggest naturist site in the world, at Le Cap D'Agde, 10.000 people walking around naked, including kids. Let me assure you: they don;t freak out about that! What is so bad about a naked body???

By bigone21 at 16,May,13 17:55 other posts of bigone21 
It doesn't sound like you are trying to harm other people. You find it exciting to walk around naked? So do a lot of people! Even the ones that redicule you here in this thread!
Never mind, have a ball being naked and being a sissy fag!

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