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By bella! at 01,Apr,20 11:10
The original post was edited, it read poorly. So sorry.

When you view a member's profile, you obviously look at their pictures and perhaps you read their bio. Just what is it that you might find alarming or distressing?

By bella! at 01,Apr,20 07:42
You summed it up yourself, "We have to social monitor others and correct them when they are being careless." It is all of our responsibility.

By bella! at 01,Apr,20 00:33
The word(s) for Wednesday, April 1, PICK and FOOL*

* YES, recognizing April 1 is April Fools' Day, there will be two words. And yes, I know that FOOL has already been used before.

By bella! at 31,Mar,20 19:16

You mention that you work outside, please stay well and be safe!

By bella! at 31,Mar,20 19:11
By the way, what kinda fur baby did you get?

By bella! at 31,Mar,20 19:07
I would enjoy having a dog as I would I would welcome that companionship. The working from home is only a temporary and eventually, probably the month of May, it will end. Long days, lengthy drives are not conducive to having a dog.

By bella! at 31,Mar,20 18:36
I'm kinda surprised your "only essential establishment" did not have markers on the floor 6 feet apart. In New Baltimore, the Walgreens store is marked, in my city, Rite Aid is marked as is the Kroger. I drove into St Clair last week and Nieman's, a Spartan store,and had a portable handwashing station as you walked in, the checkout line was marked and there was a 4ft x 4ft plexiglass shield between me and the cashier.

I don't know about you, but I'm working from home two out of 4 days. Yep, my employer went to four 10 hour days, only for and during this pandemic.

I'm isolated, lonely and bored shitless.

By bella! at 31,Mar,20 11:19
Why does the membership continue to catapult Jonboy1969 's INTERNET pictures onto the Popular page?

By bella! at 31,Mar,20 03:11
The word for Tuesday, March 31, MARCH

By bella! at 30,Mar,20 00:15
The word for Monday, March 30. JOIN

By bella! at 29,Mar,20 22:48
Hey, look at it this way, your mild buzz was all you needed to motivate you to clean your kitchen!

By bella! at 29,Mar,20 13:02
The party/ liquor store near me has maintained their normal operating hours. My guess is that they can consider themselves an essential business because their business is not exclusively beer, wine and hard liquor. Many of the "liquor stores" carry eggs, milk, juice, deli meats and cheeses even limited amounts of paper products.

What surprised me was that the only upscale restaurant/bar in my town indicated on their electric sign board that they would now be open Friday and Saturday from 3pm to 8pm and on Sunday from 2pm to 7pm. I just wonder how they're going to pull it off with the stay-at-home order issued as well as having to stay 6ft away from one another.

By bella! at 29,Mar,20 12:32
Why go through the motion of inviting them in? Have Muggsy meet them at the door with his pearly smile!

By bella! at 28,Mar,20 18:36
Was this what you were thinking about when you made your post?

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By bella! at 28,Mar,20 17:33
I understand that WWF wrestling is "fake" and realize that some of these reality programs have creative license and script, too. Two every day Joe type people interacting like that "in real life" would/could escalate to a fist fight. But I tend to think an every day Joe might think twice before socking a known television celebrity in the nose.

Just my opinion, that vein popping, top of the lung's screaming and name calling looks real to me.

By bella! at 28,Mar,20 12:25
Ha! This song by the "Bees" is loaded with different animals!

By bella! at 28,Mar,20 12:18
I saw an episode where he called a bitchy, in your face, female restaurant owner a "cunt". This was a restaurant in the United States but may have been a UK version.

By bella! at 28,Mar,20 12:11
His critiques are emotional, hard, harsh and LOUD.

I've watched some episodes of HOTEL HELL and some KITCHEN NIGHTMARES. When he starts yelling, his veins pop. I would be surprised if he is not on blood pressure medication.

By bella! at 27,Mar,20 23:05
Gordon Ramsay is brutal!

By bella! at 27,Mar,20 22:32
I had to Google Chis Mann, I was unaware that he was on The Voice. Here's another musical parody from Chris Mann

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By bella! at 27,Mar,20 22:12
Do you mean like this?

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By bella! at 27,Mar,20 22:04
I like vegetables, I prefer fresh or frozen, but I still wanted to spruce up my pantry with a couple canned offerings....

By bella! at 27,Mar,20 22:01
Did you use those "gopher" thingys, you know what I'm talking about, those "As Seen On TV" devices for people that can't bend over or reach above their heads? Heck, your arms look long and holding onto that pincher thing, you could grab cash, credit cards and carryout AND STILL MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCE!

By bella! at 27,Mar,20 21:55
Thank you for your very thoughtful post!

By bella! at 27,Mar,20 19:13
I like corn, I like carrots, I like peas, I like beans.... I do not like mixed vegetables!

By bella! at 27,Mar,20 19:07
This social distancing is really causing problems for ME! About one week ago, I looked in on an elderly man from my community. The man is a widower and his grown son lives 40 to 50 miles away. This man has the cutest darn house and I've told him that is ever he thought that his house was too much for him to handle that I might be interested in buying it. Truth be told, the man is 82 years of age and I used the phrase "too much to handle" because it was kinder than saying "when you die"... Bottom line, when leaving his house, I thought that I would explore the street next to him. Damn, if I don't get to the end of the street and I can't go through, I have to turn around. Easy, peasy, or so I thought! I fricken backed up (I wasn't paying attention to the screen showing what my backup camera could see) and hit a mailbox. Thank goodness I wasn't going fast and I didn't break the post but I did break my taillight and have a couple of scrapes and a ding in my car. I went to the door, the homeowner was home, and I told him what I had done. He came out and assessed the problem and told me not to worry that he could fix the lean. I gave him $40.00, he was a young guy with a toddler and an infant and apologized for creating a problem.

Today, I'm on my way out for groceries and rather than using the grocery store .3 mile away, I'm going to the store 18 miles away because they have better produce. So I voice text my grass cutting/snow plowing guy to ask him whether he's home because I owe him money based on snow plows in February. I'm working from home, I very rarely pay anything by check, so I don't have envelopes and that is the reason I just want to place the check in his hand. To make a long story short, he said he would meet me at this gas station (woo hoo! I needed gas and gas was $1.739 per gallon). So I pull off the road to make a U-turn and the shoulder of the road is soft, my car sinks, I can't rock the damn thing out and have got to call for roadside assistance.

The funny thing is AAA went through this big spiel about coronavirus then asked me if I exhibited symptoms or was around anyone who tested "positive", yet 4 or 5 people, just the average John Q. Public stopped to see if I was alright and/or needed assistance. There are so many good people in our world, people are amazing!

By bella! at 27,Mar,20 18:22
Nice use of the word!

By bella! at 27,Mar,20 02:05
I haven't ordered (and I buy quite a bit through Amazon) from Amazon since March 10.

By bella! at 26,Mar,20 12:10
What's a "dead cat bounce"?

By bella! at 25,Mar,20 02:34
The word for Wednesday, March 25, WENT

By bella! at 24,Mar,20 12:44
A little Randy Rainbow for JustWill

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By bella! at 24,Mar,20 12:09
And another little ditty from Chris Mann.

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By bella! at 24,Mar,20 11:58
Did you listen to or watch the almost 4 minute video? I am not debating that McDonald's is not fine dining. What I find unfathomable is that McDonald's being a big corporation, does not offer paid sick time to their workers. It is sad that some workers make the choice to go to work sick because if they don't, they won't be paid.

It is very possible that sick workers prepare and serve food to unsuspecting people that have made the choice to eat there whether it be out of desire or necessity. Sorry, I shouldn't have to worry about receiving a side of coronavirus with my Shamrock Shake.

By bella! at 24,Mar,20 02:00
For all of you that are jonesing for the seasonal Shamrock Shake.....

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By bella! at 24,Mar,20 01:37
The word for Tuesday, March 24, PASS

By bella! at 23,Mar,20 20:09
I must say that your country is lovely! Beautiful homes, buildings with filled with history, the land lush and green! It's no wonder why so many people make the choice to visit or call the UK their home!

Something I've noticed from watching this is the gardens are beautiful and those that tend to their gardens take their "job" and gardens very seriously.

By bella! at 23,Mar,20 18:13
Are you familiar with NIGHTMARE NEIGHBOUR, if you are, do you consider this poverty porn?

I Google'd the population of the UK, there's 63 million residents as of 2018, with 56 million living in Great Britain and all in an area half the size of the state of California which has 40 million residents. I'm sure that contributes to the tension and why so many people seem to have multiple CCTV's.

By bella! at 23,Mar,20 17:15
Ah, thank you, that makes sense. In this particular program, the people rely so heavily for the council to intervene in matters ranging from neighbors being too loud, balls coming over walls landing in their gardens to concerns over new construction. We cannot do whatever we please here, if I'm too loud I would probably receive visits from the local police and if I continued being a loud neighbor, there's a good chance I would receive a ticket and summons to appear in court. If I want to improve and/or build on my property, I would have to "pull a permit", something normally done by the contractor that is hired to do the job. The permit is something that is purchased from township/city and inspection(s) will be done to ensure that work is meeting code. Strange, if I choose to install a hot water tank, furnace or upgrade my electrical wiring, I can do it and not pull a permit (I don't know if it is legal) but a business has to have a permit.

By bella! at 23,Mar,20 14:25
I looked at my 401K today, I had no idea how much I would be giving up for Lent.

By bella! at 23,Mar,20 13:45
Thank you. So is a council house a home that is owned and regulated by the local government? Is the council housr something that can be owned by a person or is it month to month and based on a person's income? In one of the episodes, it seemed to me that after living in her council house for a period of one year, a lady received a letter that made her "official" and she felt comfortable enough to move forward with house updates.

By bella! at 23,Mar,20 12:03
Thank you, but I'm not looking for things to binge watch. I'm not much of a reader and watching television can only work for so long. As far as the things I've watched, I've been entertained but since the NIGHTMARE NEIGHBOUR is a UK production, I'm not familiar with everything they say and as I've said, I've sorted out several of the terms used, I'm still not able to sort out what the term "council" makes reference to.

By bella! at 23,Mar,20 06:38
So your insurance is NOT free if you must pay.

Is your insurance package tailored for you or does everyone have the same plan? Does everyone pay the same price? And you have absolutely no out of pocket expenses associated with hospital stays? Do you pay for monthly medications?

By bella! at 23,Mar,20 06:32
You are considered "average/middle working class" and yes, it probably feels like that to you. You have some choices in the matter, when you go, where you go, who you want as your doctor. So do you believe socialized medicine is the answer?

By bella! at 23,Mar,20 01:43
The word for Monday, March 23, PULL

By bella! at 22,Mar,20 21:16
My fear is that I'm turning into a couch potato.... I've watched some of the 90 Day Fiancė and now I'm watching something called Nightmare Neighbour, something filmed in the UK. I've sorted out that a solicitor is what I would call an attorney or lawyer however, I can't seem to sort out what the term "council" is referring to. Originally, I thought that reference to a "council home" meant that it was government owned or subsidized. After watching several of these episodes, neighbors having problems with neighbors and taking there concerns to the "council", that council means something like what an association would be here to condominiums as well as housing communities built by a single builder. If someone could explain the term council, I would greatly appreciate it.

By bella! at 22,Mar,20 19:43
Is anyone able to handcraft a roll of Northern Rustic?

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By bella! at 21,Mar,20 21:51
Wow, it's only a matter of time before our governor mandates a curfew, too.

I guess your darn boss is going to have to close the shop early and let you go home at a reasonable hour!

By bella! at 21,Mar,20 16:23
Down In The Valley? 🎵

I think there might be holes in the wall by next weekend!

By bella! at 21,Mar,20 15:30
I want to kick the walls, I'm so stir crazy!

By bella! at 21,Mar,20 13:10
Thanks, I Google'd his name and the article said he died of natural causes and peacefully at home, surrounded by his family while under the care of hospice. I had no idea that his health was so poor.