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co-worker's dick

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Started by #407151 at 03,Jul,13 10:28
Have you ever wanted to suck a co-workers work?

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By #526576 at 30,May,17 16:18
One of the girls asked me for a ride home as her car was in the shop. I had no probs doing a favor. On the way she reaches over. I ask what she's doing. She said, "Saying thank you." Pulls out my cock at a stoplight and starts sucking it as I drive. She finishes as I pull into her complex. I told her she didn't have to do that. She said, "I've been wanting to. Just can't very well do it at work. Next time maybe you can just come up with me

By #526576 at 30,May,17 16:12
I mentioned in a different thread when I first fucked my boss back when I was 18. After that night, it wasnt odd for me to suck his cock at work. We worked in a warehouse and there were some hiding spots.

By #535417 at 29,May,17 22:21
Yes and i have i worked for the plumbing company we had Christmas part one year my co worker was by him self and so was i we the party was over he ask me to come over his house and hang out with him so i did we drunk some beers and smoke 420 he tell me was horny and put some porn on and put his dick out he asked me if i want some of his dick i said Hell yes he stay the nigth I did he feed me his dick and fucked my ass bare backed all nigth and he had a friend come to give some cocaine i let them both of them Fuck my ass I love it

By licksipsuckit at 03,May,15 06:59 other posts of licksipsuckit 
hell yeah, and yes, sucked a few at work and after hours...its one place to meet fucks, especially before the invent of the internet, l picked up some of my best fucks from workplaces *lix*

By leopoldij at 24,Mar,14 10:44 other posts of leopoldij 
Rarely. But I know this asian guy who is extremely cute and felt like doing it. Looks are important for me. But I won't propose... :-)

By surfgreen at 24,Mar,14 04:25 other posts of surfgreen 
Yep, already do.

By #364116 at 03,Jul,13 10:36
By #68656 at 03,Jul,13 11:26
Also it would be a breach of trust and ethics as well as totally inappropriate behaviour.
By bigone21 at 03,Jul,13 18:25 other posts of bigone21 
@ JohnS:

please man..! not again! lighten up!

the question is: "have you ever wanted...", and NOT "did you ever f o r c e yourself upon or r a p e..."

this is a fantasie-question! some people have tens or hundreds or thousands of co-workers coming and/or going. what is wrong about getting excited by one of them?

get off your high horse talking about morals, ethics, and what is appropiate... you are not the only one that considers that!

some people think that all people showing off on this very website lack all of the above, so, slow down on using terms like that!
By #398062 at 04,Jul,13 10:59
WOW...! You are my hero bigone. It's about time somebody stood up to those that feel the need to throw stones at every post or comment. "Let he/her who is without sin cast the first stone"! You are absolutely right, this site is laden with unethical and immoral individuals that are on here strictly for sex, masturbation and all other sorts of inappropriate behavior not to mention the liars, fakes and cretins that just like causing trouble. I think you are an intelligent man JohnS and I'm sure a very nice guy, but please stop trying to be the gate keeper, live and let live,
By #68656 at 04,Jul,13 11:30
With the greatest of respect, we get around a dozen references on average every day from other members about those very things as well as fakes, perverts and und-er-aged members.
Should we include those astute members as gate keepers or should we just turn a blind eye and let the unethical individuals turn this website into a cess-pit. Is our work in vain.??
How many fakes and inappropriate material have the two of you referred.???
By bigone21 at 04,Jul,13 13:46 other posts of bigone21 
@ JohnS:

I'm not on this website to be a gate-keeper. If someone bothers me enough, I might take some action, and I have done that when I found it nececary.

But that's not the point, is it?

The point is: you comment on everyone and everything and on every subject in this forum, like YOU are the ONLY one that has morals and ethics, and YOUR morals and ethics are the ONLY flavour!

And that is what pisses me off when I read some of your comments! There is more in this world than only YOUR reference framework (google translate).

So, please STOP, referring people to the psychiatrist, and blaming people for lack of morals and ethics when what they say is WITHIN THE LAW!

And if you think the law must be changed, and it must be forbidden to think about sucking the dick of a co-worker, start a new thread about changing the law!
By my_cute_dick at 23,Mar,14 23:44 other posts of my_cute_dick 

By jackd at 04,Jul,13 04:30 other posts of jackd 
Never at work but alot after at my house.Wife loved it too.

By #359325 at 03,Jul,13 19:50
I thought about it, even fantasized how i would do it. But their good friends and i would say i wouldn't, because i wouldn't want to lose them as friends.

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