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Have you like ever, you know just sat in a circle and braided some pubes?

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Started by #409634 at 16,Aug,13 19:17
It's hella awesome sauce. Anyone who hasn't done it is soooooooo sooooooooo missing out on a majorly craptacular experience.

♪ “Come on people now, smile on your ****. Everybody get together try to love one another right now.“ ♫

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New Comment

By Mazinga at 14,Jul,18 18:06 other posts of Mazinga 
Dreadlocks. Down there.

By #303133 at 16,Aug,13 19:55
I draw the line at pube braiding. That is the Devil's work!
By #409634 at 16,Aug,13 22:18
Come to the dark side Will, we have pie.
By #196416 at 18,Aug,13 09:27
PIE! Now you have my attention. But as for pube braiding I have to agree with Will, no good can come of this
By #409634 at 18,Aug,13 13:19
I disagree. My hypothesis is that ritual braiding of your friends pubes whilst sitting in a circle will help one become spiritually enlightened and stopworld wide hunger.
By #196416 at 18,Aug,13 16:44
Well I think there is really only one way to test this so called pube braiding hypothesis of yours, I will let my pubes grow out and then I will allow you to braid them for me, I know, I know, how brave this is of me to permit this, but for the sake of proving a point, right or wrong I will do it for all man or woman kind. Where should be meet for this braiding Ms Evil?
By #409634 at 18,Aug,13 16:53
Go into you closet, spin six times counter clockwise whilst repeating the lyics to Lady Gagas poker face, then jump up and down six times, then spin six more times clockwise, and click your heals together and say Marco polo. This will open then portal to Narnia. Take the 1st left to Colfax then a right at Main, then another left to the eye of Sauron. Ill see you there.

PS. Verizon Navigator does not recognize this address.
By bella! at 18,Aug,13 17:40 other posts of bella! 
I'll check Sprint Navigation and update y'all later.

By #301038 at 17,Aug,13 13:04
hell yeah, braid some mint and lavender in it and go jumping through the fire naked, and as the herbs and pubes roast a bit, the fragrant aroma gets released, and who needs a crotch deodorant after that?
By #409634 at 18,Aug,13 09:54
Theres nothing like the smell of burning hair to get your libido going.
By bella! at 18,Aug,13 10:00 other posts of bella! 
Burning hair? YUCK!

By Arexa at 17,Aug,13 23:31 other posts of Arexa 
Oddly enough when I was younger and actually had pubes I got the bright idea to try and cornrow them. Didn't work very well. Lol.
By #409634 at 18,Aug,13 00:27
I did the same lol
By Arexa at 18,Aug,13 02:15 other posts of Arexa 
Lmao. Great minds think alike.

By #354961 at 17,Aug,13 10:07
I don't get it ...
By bella! at 17,Aug,13 10:15 other posts of bella! 
Pick me up and we will drive together. I'll explain it during the ride.

By #409634 at 17,Aug,13 10:59
Pfft, does it really need explaining, its like yoga.
By #354961 at 17,Aug,13 12:09
Sure it does. I'm ESL (Extreme Slow Learner)
By bella! at 17,Aug,13 12:46 other posts of bella! 
One of my friends, can't remember if it was desert OR dessert OR noname but one of those wonderful guys told me ESL meant English Second Language. Ya think you have everything sorted, then along comes -drifter- and he says ESL means Extremely Slow Learner. WTF! ( Well That's Funny )

By bella! at 16,Aug,13 22:25 other posts of bella! 
YOU come up with the craziest things.......
By #409634 at 16,Aug,13 22:45
Thats cause I am Crazy!... Like a damn super awesome fox!
By bella! at 16,Aug,13 23:10 other posts of bella! 
What about adding colorful beads? Visually, the beads might be quite attractive and I can only imagine what they might feel like wigglin' and gigglin' against my hoo-hah.

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