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When someone fuck your wife do you suck the guy cock after he cumms so he can fuck her more?

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Started by #427539 at 09,Sep,13 13:47
When someone fuck my wife i usually suck the guy after he pulls from her pussy to make him hard again. The second time he fuck her he last much longer she really appreciate that. She lests me eat her pussy after he finish fucking her

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By bigone21 at 15,Sep,13 12:42 other posts of bigone21 
I just knew it: a new thread by Ulissis!!
By #409634 at 15,Sep,13 12:48
Seriously the dudes mom played rock a bye baby a little too much with him.
By bigone21 at 15,Sep,13 17:54 other posts of bigone21 
I don't know what his MOM played, he only tells us about his mother in law!!

By #68656 at 15,Sep,13 05:56
Dear Mr. Ulysses.
Do you and your wife run a brothel as you treat her like a common prostitute, making her available to all and sundry and you allow yourself to be used like a piece of cheap meat.
I may be somewhat old fashioned but as far as I am aware a marriage involves trust, love and respect plus you both would have made vows at your wedding to be faithful to each other.
By bigone21 at 15,Sep,13 13:14 other posts of bigone21 
@ JohnS: Yes John, you are old-fashioned... Nothing wrong with that, but it's NOT the ONLY way!

Trust, love and respect can also exist in a relationship that is NOT monogamous. And being faithful is only the monogamous, and not the sacred way, of being LOYAL to eachother.

Being faithful just means: don't fuck with any other than the one you're with, being LOYAL means, don't do anything that hurts the one you're with. (IMO)

And if a couple decides to (try and) have sex with other people, TOGETHER, to enrich their sexlife, WHAT could be wrong with that?

I agree with you that mr. Ulissis is NOT a "class-act" to say the least! Fucking his mother in law and sucking 14 inch cocks and 20 friends to fuck his wife, does however make me think that his fantasy-life is pretty well developed!

Like you, I'm sorry he is so LOUD about that!

By #427539 at 09,Sep,13 20:12
I do after they cumm in her so. They get hard again andmfuck her second time,, they last much longer second time
By sinanff47 at 15,Sep,13 03:39 other posts of sinanff47 
Do you also suck their dicks after they cum in her ass?

By *kmadeau* at 15,Sep,13 04:18 other posts of *kmadeau* 
and why you have your wife when everyone else fucking her and you are only watching or licking their cum????

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