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Started by #289712 at 21,Oct,13 04:16
Everyone has their own certain favorite methods, little tricks, or tried and true routines. When I masturbate, I either use the traditional wank method, or I lube my penis up, and give it a good workover, ot I simply rub my frenulum with teo fingers. To enhance it at times, I'll rub just under my balls, and sometimes, when im gonna cum, ill use the tip of my finger and softly rub my ass to finish off.. had some massive orgasms like that. Id love to hear some of the ways you guys/girls use to masturbate.

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By knewbi at 02,Apr,19 11:12 other posts of knewbi 
Watch someone on Chaturbate and match their stroking with mine. If it is a guy stroking I stroke at the same pace. If it is a women with a dildo or whatever, I stroke with her pace.

By smallhornydick88854 at 01,Apr,19 20:54 other posts of smallhornydick88854 
i lay on my bed lok at porn and wank off using lotion or soap[liquid]. and i get off

By #440213 at 22,Jul,14 15:19
I figured out an awesome way ... slipping your hard cock between looped coils of a garden hose hanging from a hook! thrusting into the coils standing up looks & feels great! check it out, and try it yourself:

--------------------------------------- added after 4 hours

By doedeldi at 27,Jul,14 08:06 other posts of doedeldi 
nice idea

By Blago at 25,Jul,14 15:47 other posts of Blago 
Easy. Lay on bed, open my legs, think of a female friends tits & ass, play with myself and jerk off. Not much has changed since I was a teenager

By Daddytaz at 25,Jul,14 14:57 other posts of Daddytaz 
Nothing fancy for me, just sit backwards on the toilet, iPad with porn vids on the tank-top, and a dollop of Albolene for lube. When I cum I just point it down to the water and go for it!!

By jake1988 at 25,Jul,14 08:42 other posts of jake1988 
index finger moving the frenulum, that's all I need

By cumn4u at 24,Jul,14 22:26 other posts of cumn4u 
Photo of Man's Ass from cumn4u

By #246442 at 22,Jul,14 17:18
Plastic bag wit lotion then lay on your stomach

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