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By knewbi at 23,May,19 12:16
I would doubt it generally. On the other direction.. We have a good friend that is 6'7" and when I told the wife he thought I was a lucky guy to have her to fuck all the time I told her he said that. So, we are swingers and he did not know it. Anyway, we invited him over to fuck her and she was thinking that a guy that size with hand that were huge that his cock would be the same.. Nope.. 5" at best. While she was disappointing in his size she still had fun fucking us both. He still drops by every so often to fuck her sometimes when I am away he dose her himself without me there. SO how tall you are has nothing to do with size.

By knewbi at 23,May,19 12:00
Oh yes!! So have I. I like turning it on with my cock buried in the hose. Then alternate between pinching off the suction and releasing it. Sort like stroking my cock. Best of all there is nothing to clean up when you are done..

By knewbi at 20,May,19 11:23
Watching my wife fuck and suck a train of men of all colors.

By knewbi at 13,May,19 12:59
Yes!! That has been a fantasy of mine for some time. Just the idea of the feeling of a stiff cock up my ass and the warmth of his piss going into me makes me hard as a rock...

By knewbi at 13,May,19 12:56
I've also done it but not as often as I would like. But sometimes when i do I just wank it until it spits all over the place and have to clean it up later. My favorite is to put on a condom and stroke it until it fills the condom. Then I like to pull the condom off and swallow the contents. I remember one time about 30 years ago driving a long distance and was fucking horny beyond belief. I jacked off on the trip and left the condom in place. I then jack off again a bit later. Got two loads in it and then as usual drained it. I'm fucking hard right now remembering that one.

By knewbi at 02,May,19 17:29
Probably a couple months ago and yes!!!! Did I ever suck that thing!!!

By knewbi at 29,Apr,19 11:48
I would not have to be asked twice.... You betcha I would...

By knewbi at 29,Apr,19 11:44
I just love those community urinals where we all piss into the same trough. There are times when I see a cock that just makes my mouth water. When that happens it's into a sit down stall and wank off until I cum just fantasizing about that cock I just saw...

By knewbi at 29,Apr,19 11:38
We are swingers so the best position in her eyes is one that opens her up for additional cocks to enter her...

By knewbi at 24,Apr,19 11:42
I'd rather make a (d)irect deposit....

By knewbi at 19,Apr,19 16:49
Some times i am so horny that i would fuck anything that walks!!!

By knewbi at 18,Apr,19 11:32
While I jerk off with or without lubricant I just love the slippery feeling of my hand sliding up and down my well greased rock hard cock...

By knewbi at 18,Apr,19 11:21
Being a swinger I have had the good fortune to have many women. But I have only had 1 squirt and I was actually surprised by her. You know that I wanted to fuck her first whenever we partied with that particular group of swingers.

By knewbi at 15,Apr,19 12:35
Wouldn't need to offer money for me to suck a guys cok but it would be hot if someone did offer to pay me. I'd take it just for the rush of knowing that I prostituted myself for the cash. Probably spend the money of a sex toy for the memory.

By knewbi at 15,Apr,19 12:32
Oh yes... It was one of the highlights of my sexual life. Read my blog on it. /blogs/34639.html

By knewbi at 15,Apr,19 12:30
Hey, if your wife needs extra size why not just go out and find it for her? After all, it is just sex and everyone should enjoy it to the max. My wife wanted multiple partners and we started swinging. She also wanted some well endowed black cock so we found it for her. Also wanted to be gang banged and we found that too. Lastly she was closet bi and she has now had many sexual experiences with other woman. In the end we both have had some wonderful sexual experiences and now feel that we have not missed a thing sexually.

By knewbi at 09,Apr,19 11:22
Could be...

By knewbi at 08,Apr,19 12:14
I just got back from one sexy drive. wanted breakfast so put on some very lose shorts with no undies. Left the zipper and button open. Lightly greased up the old cock and let it all hang out. Balls and all. Did some strokin while driving to a fast food place. ordered while strokin and pulled up to the window strokin slowly. Had to lift my ass to get my wallet out of my back pocket. Just let things hang there. Got the food and returned home strokin all the while. Have done that in the past and had fun. Was still fun today...

By knewbi at 08,Apr,19 11:26
So true... Being married and bi is tough some times. Finding someone that can host is also a problem. But if we persist it will happen..

By knewbi at 08,Apr,19 11:24
Yes, this site really works. I have met a number of guys and couples there. Unfortunately, 1 out of every 6 or so contacts work out in the end but it is still my best chance.

By knewbi at 05,Apr,19 12:26
My wife loves fucking just about anyone with a hard dick. But she has enjoyed a number a black guys more than the whites. Sometimes she sets it up and sometimes I do. We had one time a friend set up a gang bang for his wife but she took sick and had to cancel. When he called and asked if my wife would like to take her place she was all for it. She is also the better looking of the two women and the guys were expecting the other woman. They were quite pleased to have some new white pussy to work over as well as a very attractive woman to boot..

By knewbi at 05,Apr,19 12:20
Basically anything sexual.. Period.. At least that is my favorite.

By knewbi at 05,Apr,19 12:02
The perfect pussy is always the one that I am playing with at any given time....

By knewbi at 02,Apr,19 11:20
I do.. it is so sexy to feel a woman's panties or hose on your cock. I generally cum much harder and longer.

By knewbi at 02,Apr,19 11:19
That is absolutely delicious and a great size too..

By knewbi at 02,Apr,19 11:14
I love it. I also like walking in a store or other place where there are a lot of people and look for a guys bulge. Sometimes I get so worked up that I go into a rest room and wank off for relief.

By knewbi at 02,Apr,19 11:12
Watch someone on Chaturbate and match their stroking with mine. If it is a guy stroking I stroke at the same pace. If it is a women with a dildo or whatever, I stroke with her pace.

By knewbi at 02,Apr,19 11:09
Love watching and chatting with someone on Chaturbate and matching their stroking pattern until it spitz!!!

By knewbi at 01,Apr,19 13:47
Wow!! Love your pix in the profile. Where are you in the IE? I am near Lake Elsinore.

By knewbi at 01,Apr,19 13:45
Well for me I just love a hard stiff and standing tall cock...

By knewbi at 01,Apr,19 13:33
While I wank almost every day it is so damned sexy when I have just shaved...

By knewbi at 28,Mar,19 14:20
Hell, doesn't bother me at all. My wife has had much bigger cocks than mine and some of those were set up by me... (We are swingers)

By knewbi at 28,Mar,19 14:19
Tried many times but never was able to... Sure wish that I could...

By knewbi at 26,Mar,19 13:43
I remember once years ago i was eating at a fastfood place. there was this old woman dressed for picking guys up for sex. not sure if that was the intent but it sure worked for after getting a rock hard cock i started to position it more comfortably in my pants. but that felt so good that i just kept rubbing it until i came. she looked over my way a couple times and i made sure to keep eye contact each time. about the time she was ready to leave i came big time in my pants. enjoyed the feeling of cum filled pants all the way home. to this day an older and actually unattractive woman still gets me hard and strokin.

By knewbi at 26,Mar,19 13:35
All the time. There are times when it is the only cum available.

By knewbi at 26,Mar,19 13:01
Just love eating the wife's pussy when filled with cum. Be it my cum or another guy or group of guys... Being swingers I do get that opportunity from time to time.

By knewbi at 20,Mar,19 11:51
Oh I have used a number of things. I like the variety. Hand lotion both scented and unscented. Mix that with Vaseline. Dedicated sex lubes. Hell I try anything tht I think would make stroking smoother...

By knewbi at 18,Mar,19 12:59
On a woman it is tits!! Just love large tits!! On a guy it's his cock and balls!!

By knewbi at 18,Mar,19 12:55
At first I just bated in the bathroom and did not use lube. But as i got older and more understanding of what I was doing I wanted long bate sessions. Lube was required to stroke my cock for hours on end. So now I generally bate for 2 to 3 hours a day and always lube up. Besides.. I find it more stimulating with a well greased cock in my hand...

By knewbi at 05,Mar,19 16:47
After seeing this guy's bulge while shopping at Lowes I headed for the toilet and wanked off thinking about what was causing that great bulge I swear he had some level of hard on... ANd if he didn't... all the better.

By knewbi at 05,Mar,19 16:44
Oh yes, have done this and love it. Love knowing that my shorts are full of cum while I am wearing them.

By knewbi at 05,Mar,19 16:40
Of coarse, but we still have people reading these so the info is still relevant.. I even saw that the writer is no longer here but you and I are... As well as many others..

By knewbi at 04,Mar,19 14:35
I love sucking cock so much that this does not matter. if he likes my work he will be back for more

By knewbi at 04,Mar,19 14:34
Most on lines do not pan out but for those that do it is incredable

By knewbi at 04,Mar,19 14:32
Don'e we all!!!

By knewbi at 04,Mar,19 14:31
favorite view

By knewbi at 04,Mar,19 14:23
if you were ion socal i would be all over that

By knewbi at 04,Mar,19 12:48
I just love a strong erect veiny cock standing at full attention. Better yet, standing at attention for me to work over...

By knewbi at 04,Mar,19 12:45
Love all cocks. Haven't met one that I did not like.. But.. agreed, there is something very sexual about a stiff black cock just waiting for me to give it some attention...

By knewbi at 04,Mar,19 12:42
I am too.. Chaturbate is my fav.