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By knewbi at 15,Jul,19 12:46
I am cut and shaved smooth. I prefer a shaved cut cock I have had them many combinations and have enjoyed almost every one of them.

By knewbi at 10,Jul,19 12:55
Wife and I are swingers and I remember the first black guy she did. His cock was massively round but only average length. She enjoyed it very much. Not sure if it was because of the weird shape or the fact that he was black. It was her first. But she has enjoyed many black large cocks since and seemed to like them even more than the first one. So I am sure it was because the guy was black and that was a fantasy of hers for years.

By knewbi at 10,Jul,19 12:51
Sure have. I have had times when shopping and see a guy with a bulge that catches my eye and became so horny that I would head to the rest room and jerk off thinking about it. Love spring and summer when the guys are wearing their bike shorts. That tight, silky shiny material and a bulging cock drives mmy nuts!!

By knewbi at 10,Jul,19 12:42
One of my Ex's would have me cum in her pussy and then straddle me and let it drip into my mouth. Then we would kiss and swap it back and forth.. She certainly was one fun fuck!!!

By knewbi at 08,Jul,19 12:40
Oh yes!! VERY nice!!!

By knewbi at 08,Jul,19 12:37
What's not to like? Love it!!!

By knewbi at 08,Jul,19 12:35
Just get out there and find her a real black cock to play with. It is just sex and she will love you even more for it...

By knewbi at 05,Jul,19 12:33
Fuck yeah!! Do anything sexual that you feel inclined to do as long as it is legal. I've had some really weird stuff around my cock in its time.

By knewbi at 05,Jul,19 12:31
When I need to I generally can. Had a few times when shopping that I had to stroke me a quickie and went into the restroom and got off very quickly.

By knewbi at 05,Jul,19 12:29
I joined the other day but it looks as if it is now defunct..

By knewbi at 05,Jul,19 12:28
I just love sex and almost anything involving sex is great with me.

By knewbi at 05,Jul,19 12:27
I'd fuck any hole that she offers...

By knewbi at 02,Jul,19 16:32
Well, you would not have to ask me twice...

By knewbi at 28,Jun,19 15:14
Love titty fucking too. Actually, for me the bigger the tits the uglier she can be. Not that I prefer them ugly but if she has massive tits and is ugly but clean I would love fucking her and those tits!!

By knewbi at 28,Jun,19 15:12
It is just so damned sexy feeling wearing pantyhose or nylons....

By knewbi at 28,Jun,19 15:09
Me too!! Love jerking off to all of the great cocks on line. Problem is, picking one to jerk to on any given day when there are so damned many tasty looking slabs of meat out there...

By knewbi at 28,Jun,19 15:05
I love the feeling of seeing a guy rock hard because of me. Making him cum is the absolute best.. Getting him horny for you is one thing but giving him the pleasure of cumming just tops it off for both of us.

By knewbi at 24,Jun,19 11:40
This last weekend I had a great wank session at the mall. Saw this guy that was well built hearing very tight bike shorts and shirt. His ass was all there to be seen by all, and.. he had one wonderful bulge up front. The shirt and pants were of the very silky shiny style showing ever inch of the body within. He headed into the restroom and I was right behind. Caught a glimpse of what was causing the bulge. It was quite large and more than semi hard. Seems to me that he was enjoying displaying himself out in public. He was finished and gone before i knew it but i was rock fucking hard by now. So there was nobody else in the room and I just left that erection hang out as I headed for the stall. Sent the next 15 minutes or so stroking until it spit. Tucked it away and left. On my way out i saw him again and the bulge was even more on display. If only I had taken the time to chat with him. Oh well, opportunities missed and all...

By knewbi at 23,Jun,19 14:07
I prefer the penis outline but a bulge will also work. Love seeing one while shopping. Sometimes it will send me to the rest room to jerk off... Always wondered how many of those guys would have let me suck them off if they had only known...

By knewbi at 23,Jun,19 14:04
I did for years. First thing in the morning when I got to work I would look up some sweet ass to jerk to. Then when done i would print out the photo and give it to a guy from another store and before his store opened he would use that photo to jerk off before opening.

By knewbi at 23,Jun,19 14:02
I'd love jerking that off for you.. I generally do that with my lips...

By knewbi at 20,Jun,19 17:16
Not at all... I actually look to see who notices and if they stare or look away.

By knewbi at 20,Jun,19 17:15
Well sort of. I met these two gay guys that lived together and they asked what i wanted and I told them to suck their cocks. Sort of cheating because we met through an on line meet up group. Oh, after about 5 minutes I had one in my mouth and the other in my hand awaiting my mouth.

By knewbi at 20,Jun,19 17:11
Well there is one woman in my town. She is not great looking but nice, she is not slim at all and quite heavy, has magnificent large tits though. But it is her attitude that wins me over. I am betting that she would be so much fun to have a sexual evening with that I would be willing to take a chance on her... I've wanked off to women on line that remind me of her often.

By knewbi at 10,Jun,19 12:11
Definitely my kind of girl!!!

By knewbi at 10,Jun,19 12:10
Years ago I would get to work very early and would get on line and stroke to some woman I would find pictures of on line. (this was before I found that I like sucking cocks). I would jerk off and them print out the picture for a friend that worked next door. He would go into the stores rest room and wank of looking at the sae picture. He knew I had wanked off to her earlier.

By knewbi at 10,Jun,19 12:08
Yes, one guy on this site but met him at another site...

By knewbi at 10,Jun,19 12:06
I have dirty chats here all the time. Mostly guys but there have been a few women that can get downright nasty....

By knewbi at 10,Jun,19 12:04
I have had mine sucked by so many people, men and women, and have yet to find someone willing to such it that I did not enjoy. Some were just better at it.

By knewbi at 10,Jun,19 12:00
Never been with one but sure would love to try... I wank to them all the time over on Chaturbate though. since I love women and sucking cock it would be a perfect fit.

By knewbi at 10,Jun,19 11:59
Got a wife that is the same. And can she ever suck cock!! She actually loves sucking cock so much that we became swingers years ago so that she could suck and fuck as many men as she wanted. And did she ever meet her goals.

By knewbi at 10,Jun,19 11:55
I would so love finding someone for some serious play on the side. In all of my experiences this is one that has evaded me. I love going to Chaturbate and wanking while I chat with one live. Will probably head on over there when finished here.

By knewbi at 10,Jun,19 11:53
Now THAT is a bulge that I could easily go down on...

By knewbi at 10,Jun,19 11:49
I love both but get the best arousal when I have a hard cock in my mouth.

By knewbi at 10,Jun,19 11:47
I generally let my shirt hang in front because during the day I may see a woman or man that I start getting hard over. The shirt hides it and allows me to enjoy the feeling of a rock hard cock whenever the urge hits me. Sometimes I will find a restroom and wank off to relieve myself. That happens mostly when standing at a urinal and the guy next to me whips out one sweet looking slab of meat.Then a stroke-a-thon begins.

By knewbi at 10,Jun,19 11:44
Unfortunately I am only able to force one in there. Wish I could handle more because I would truly love feeling some guys hard cock planted deep within my ass.. Maybe some day...

By knewbi at 04,Jun,19 17:05
Hell I really do not care where it is stored as long as I can get it to cum out of a stiff cock I will be very happy!

By knewbi at 03,Jun,19 11:10
I don't care where it cums from I just want it.

By knewbi at 03,Jun,19 11:09
I watch guys jerking off all the time on Chaturbate. Chat with them too while I jerk off with them. Love it!!

By knewbi at 30,May,19 12:43
Love doing this with some baggy shorts I have. Can easily reach in and play with myself ate a moments notice. Plus maybe even have someone take a peek.

By knewbi at 28,May,19 11:42
Not at all. After all it is just sex. My wife and I were swingers for years and any friend of ours that knew it and showed an interest in fucking her was offered the chance. Either by me or my wife. If she wanted to fuck some guy she would tell him and said for him to ask me if it was cool. We are no longer real active but we do have a friend or two that she does regularly.

By knewbi at 28,May,19 11:39
When my wife is doing another guy or group if guys I always talk dirty to her. As well as the guys. Love telling her or them what to do... Then I also like sitting back and seeing what they have in store for her.

By knewbi at 23,May,19 12:16
I would doubt it generally. On the other direction.. We have a good friend that is 6'7" and when I told the wife he thought I was a lucky guy to have her to fuck all the time I told her he said that. So, we are swingers and he did not know it. Anyway, we invited him over to fuck her and she was thinking that a guy that size with hand that were huge that his cock would be the same.. Nope.. 5" at best. While she was disappointing in his size she still had fun fucking us both. He still drops by every so often to fuck her sometimes when I am away he dose her himself without me there. SO how tall you are has nothing to do with size.

By knewbi at 23,May,19 12:00
Oh yes!! So have I. I like turning it on with my cock buried in the hose. Then alternate between pinching off the suction and releasing it. Sort like stroking my cock. Best of all there is nothing to clean up when you are done..

By knewbi at 20,May,19 11:23
Watching my wife fuck and suck a train of men of all colors.

By knewbi at 13,May,19 12:59
Yes!! That has been a fantasy of mine for some time. Just the idea of the feeling of a stiff cock up my ass and the warmth of his piss going into me makes me hard as a rock...

By knewbi at 13,May,19 12:56
I've also done it but not as often as I would like. But sometimes when i do I just wank it until it spits all over the place and have to clean it up later. My favorite is to put on a condom and stroke it until it fills the condom. Then I like to pull the condom off and swallow the contents. I remember one time about 30 years ago driving a long distance and was fucking horny beyond belief. I jacked off on the trip and left the condom in place. I then jack off again a bit later. Got two loads in it and then as usual drained it. I'm fucking hard right now remembering that one.

By knewbi at 02,May,19 17:29
Probably a couple months ago and yes!!!! Did I ever suck that thing!!!

By knewbi at 29,Apr,19 11:48
I would not have to be asked twice.... You betcha I would...

By knewbi at 29,Apr,19 11:44
I just love those community urinals where we all piss into the same trough. There are times when I see a cock that just makes my mouth water. When that happens it's into a sit down stall and wank off until I cum just fantasizing about that cock I just saw...