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By knewbi at 31,Mar,20 12:53
It certainly is one of the selections I make from time to time.

By knewbi at 30,Mar,20 12:21
I love them all... But I probably like the look and thought of a nice hard shining BBC best.

By knewbi at 30,Mar,20 12:20
Love them both... But if given only one choice I would go for shaved every time.

By knewbi at 26,Mar,20 11:23
I have always thought about just how many guys right there in the neighborhood are feeling the same as i am. I sit here horny as heel for someone's rock hard cock to suck. I know that there are many bi and gay guys around that would just love that. Also, while on here I know that so many of us would just love swapping head jobs and more if only the miles were not so far apart. Right now as I write this I am more than sure that there are well over 50 guys that would be happy to get together and play. What a shame we are all missing out.

By knewbi at 23,Mar,20 11:12
Sucked many a white cock and just one black. But when it cums to wanking to a cock a well greased up rock hard black cock has a very sensual look about it. So, if told that there were a number of guys of various races ready to have me suck them off but I can only choose one I'd go for that black cock every time. I just find them so sexy to even look at. I know my wife has had many cocks of all kinds and requests a black cock whenever possible.

By knewbi at 23,Mar,20 11:06
I just love it. Had this gay couple that I use to play with that liked it and shared it with me. Sometimes we would grind our cocks together until we came. That was some great times.

By knewbi at 23,Mar,20 10:57
Being swingers I have had this opportunity many times and more. My wife and I have had the best sexual experiences of our lives after deciding to start fucking others as part of our lifestyle. After all, it is only sex and not love. We only feel love for one aother and the sexual part is what we share with others. Go for it!! You will have the time of your life. But only if you have a strong relationship with your wife.

By knewbi at 20,Mar,20 16:07
Big turn on for me..

By knewbi at 20,Mar,20 16:07
At an all male orgy with 8 other guys. 8 guys sucked my cock that day and I sucked 8 cocks in return.

By knewbi at 20,Mar,20 16:05
I've had to suppress them a number of times.. On some occasions I've stepped into a stall and wanked off.

By knewbi at 16,Mar,20 11:17
And I would so love helping you out with that.... Damn you look good...

By knewbi at 16,Mar,20 11:14
A shemale would be so much fun to play with but a sweet crossdresser is an acceptable option.

By knewbi at 15,Mar,20 14:20
It would be my pleasure to ass fuck you as well as skullfuck you!! But i would sure like you to return the favor...

By knewbi at 10,Mar,20 13:21
I know that my wife just loves sucking cock. Being swingers I have seen her suck many a cock. She loves having a gang of guys all stiff and ready for her to suck off. There was one party that I saw her sucking so many that I actually lost count.. So, yes, there are women that do it because they love it!!

By knewbi at 09,Mar,20 12:21
Well then, get out there and just do it. If you don't try it you will never know if it is something that you would enjoy. I remember my first time actually seeking some cock to play with. I had been curious for some time and never acted on it. I responded to an ad at where there were two married gay men. I figured that I would just visit and talk about it. But once there they made me so comfortable that when one of them asked if I'd like to play right then I decided to go for it. So glad I did. It was so much fun and so damned sexy. Two cocks on my first time out. I played with these two for quite some time until they were transferred by their job and I lost touch with them.

By knewbi at 09,Mar,20 12:16
Not very often. I tend to wank off and edge for hours at a time so I prefer getting real comfy and enjoy the hours of real pleasure. But I have been known to step into a restroom stall, stand there and quick jack off and just let it all fly...

By knewbi at 06,Mar,20 12:32
Good advise. Thanks!!

By knewbi at 03,Mar,20 12:02
I've always want to know how it feels to have a guy piss up my ass while fucking me...

By knewbi at 21,Feb,20 12:54
I bet you would. Not sure why but they do not do it very often and have not since that one i attended. But maybe, just maybe it will happen again some day.

By knewbi at 21,Feb,20 12:53
It was... had the time of my life...

By knewbi at 19,Feb,20 13:06
Not totally a jerk party but part of it was...A few years ago I was invited to an all male sex arty. There were 8 other guys plus myself. They had a rule that any new guy had to suck the cocks of all men there. Not just a few seconds but at least a few minutes. So, on my knees I went and for the next 1/2 hour I sucked 8 hard cocks. Loved it. They also had a rule that every guy had to do the same to the new guy. So, there I sat with 8 guys sucking mine... After about an hours I was free to go and do as I please. This was one great afternoon.

By knewbi at 19,Feb,20 11:21
I spend a lot of time wanking over at Chaturbate too...

By knewbi at 19,Feb,20 11:19
If I am all horned up, which I usually am, I can feel when another load of precum is being released. I generally spend 2 to 3 hours wanking every day and there are a number of times precum is released...

By knewbi at 17,Feb,20 11:40
Not sure I would call it love but I do spend a lot of time working it and it gives me such pleasure. I also offer it up to others which gives me the opportunity to do what I really love doing and that is sucking cock. So, mine has served me very well..

By knewbi at 17,Feb,20 11:32
Done this a number of times with the wife. Also had many with even more "M". We are swingers so she gets lots of cock....

By knewbi at 10,Feb,20 10:53
Great site. Will be spending some serious wanking time there...

By knewbi at 07,Feb,20 11:09
Absofuckinglutely delicious!!!

By knewbi at 31,Jan,20 12:10
One of my favorite views is a cock head pointing right at me.

By knewbi at 29,Jan,20 11:23
This is an easy one to answer... ANY DICK!!!

By knewbi at 29,Jan,20 10:32
About 3 absolutely miserable days.

By knewbi at 20,Jan,20 12:15
If you are into older men try Free to join and not like some of those so called free sites that want a credit card. I have met many guys there.

By knewbi at 20,Jan,20 11:37
All cocks a good but zi must say that I'd love draining that for you.

By knewbi at 20,Jan,20 11:35
While I love and have played with both, I prefer a cut cock.

By knewbi at 20,Jan,20 11:18
I say put a woman anywhere as long as she is naked and focused on being fucked!! Top bottom, knees I really do not care. But i will say that a woman with a nice set of tits looks amazing with them bouncing up and down with each stroke she does to me.

By knewbi at 17,Jan,20 14:29
Give me a freckle faced, overweight and oversexed redhead any day. She doesn't need to be a looker just fit the other requirements just mentioned.

By knewbi at 17,Jan,20 14:27
Oh yes!! Love them.

By knewbi at 17,Jan,20 14:26
Yeah, I kind of do. Feels real sexy though...

By knewbi at 17,Jan,20 14:26
WIfe and I have been swingers for years. We both love having choices for our sexual pleasures. LOVE large groups. Love watching the wife being worked over by a group of guys...

By knewbi at 17,Jan,20 14:24
Love them of al ages but give me a mature woman that knows what she wants and how to get it and I am all in!!!

By knewbi at 17,Jan,20 14:22
Well said... Sex is an activity.. And what an activity it is!!! It can be with a male, a female both or by oneself. It is all good, just some is better than the other.

By knewbi at 15,Jan,20 11:33
I may have started late in life but when I found myself interested in sucking cock I had absolutely no fear. It was something that I decided that I just had to try. Glad i did because it opened an entirely new sexual outlet for me. If you are thinking of it and it excites you just go for it.. You will regret not trying if you don't.

By knewbi at 15,Jan,20 11:25
While I have never been to one, sucking as many cocks as possible would certainly be my focus!!

By knewbi at 09,Jan,20 16:09
Mine was about 10 years ago. Met this gay couple on line and chatted on line a few times. They were local and invited me to drop on by. Had a short drink and a little chatting and next thing I knew I was on my knees with a cock in my mouth and another waiting in my hand... It was better than I ever imagined..

By knewbi at 07,Jan,20 14:55
Holy fuck that is nice...

By knewbi at 07,Jan,20 14:53
Oh yes... I love going to bike races at the starting line or finish line and watch the guys. Also, the same material works wonders for a woman's tits. I've been to races where both were competing and enjoyed both the guys and the girls. But, if I ended up stroking in a restroom it was usually because of the guys bulges.

By knewbi at 07,Jan,20 13:50
I am all for a guy in panties!!!

By knewbi at 07,Jan,20 13:49
Oh hell yes!!! Especially if they are the shiny material. Makes a great looking bulge and I am fucking nutz about a good bulge.

By knewbi at 07,Jan,20 13:46
Any time you can show a great bulge I say leave it at that. Nothing under or over is best in my book!!!!

By knewbi at 02,Jan,20 11:10
Delightful!! Time to do some serious muff diving on that sweet pussy!!!

By knewbi at 23,Dec,19 11:03