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By knewbi at 15,Feb,21 18:01
For me it is just sex.. I do not care if it is a he or a she.. If they want to share some sexual moments with me I am all for it...

By knewbi at 15,Feb,21 17:59
Not sure that I would call it a fetish but it is a kinky desire.I really want to have a large bat hug titted black woman as a cum dump. Someone that knows that all I want is a place to deposit some cum when the need arises. Also maybe let my friends make a deposit from time to time. She does not have to be attractive but clean. Just a fantasy that I have had for a long time.

By knewbi at 15,Feb,21 14:32
Am I reading this correctly? Having a drink is more troublesome than poppers? Not having tried poppers I have no idea what they really are..

By knewbi at 15,Feb,21 14:26
Pretty much the same here...

By knewbi at 15,Feb,21 14:24
When I suck a guy off that is uncut I always pull the skin back as the head is so very sensitive and I want him to get the most out of that blow job.

By knewbi at 15,Feb,21 14:22
My fav way to watch a guy cum is with his cock in my mouth and as he starts to twitch i look him directly in the eyes while he blows that load down my throat. Sometimes the guy sees that I am looking and looks me in the eyes too. THAT is really hot...

By knewbi at 15,Feb,21 14:20
Oh hell yes!! Wife and I were swingers and many a time she would spend the evening fucking different guys. There were nights where she did not dump their loads that were deposited in her pussy or ass. When she did this she always requested that I eat her pussy and fuck her with the loads in there...

By knewbi at 15,Feb,21 14:16
On my knees with a cock stuffed in my mouth or 69 with a cock in each of our mouths...

By knewbi at 08,Feb,21 11:40
You can bury yours in me any time...

By knewbi at 01,Feb,21 11:37
That's the ticket!!! Perfect...

By knewbi at 25,Jan,21 13:30
Yep, when a guy no longer wants pussy too that is when I would think he is gay. Now I have about 15 cocks that I have sucked. Some many times but I still love pussy and tits...

By knewbi at 25,Jan,21 12:30
Something super tight that shows their bulge. Shiny silky if available.

By knewbi at 25,Jan,21 12:24
Just got a new e-stim unit and am enjoying it beyond belief. Need to upgrade my accessories to something like you have there. As a matter of fact I plan on using mine in a couple hours when I set off on another jerk off session.

By knewbi at 25,Jan,21 12:21
As long as you still desire pussy you are bi and not gay... At least that is my take on it...

By knewbi at 25,Jan,21 12:19
Hell I was in my mid 50's when i first tried sucking cock. Met a gay couple and right from the start had two hard cocks to play with... What a great way to start...

By knewbi at 04,Jan,21 12:18
I've been jerking with an e-stim device. Picked it up off of Amazon for under $40 and it is amazing. So many settings that you never run out of something to do with it.

By knewbi at 26,Dec,20 17:14
When I was younger I would jerk off with my cock placed over my face. I go damned good at hitting my mouth... Can't coil my body up like that these days so cumming in my palm and feeding myself has to do..

By knewbi at 26,Dec,20 17:12
My wife loves being fisted and when me or the guys work her pussy over with heavy fisting she always has pussy fating... Sort of a reward for a job well done on her.

By knewbi at 23,Dec,20 11:57
Women are a little more difficult to get a dialogue going. I have chatted with a few of them here but the guys are so very easy to get a response from. I have chats almost every time I am here if I spend some time hanging around. Had a real spicy chat with this one older mature woman and did she ever get me going... Her photos were not real complimentary but her words and attitude drove me wild that day...

By knewbi at 11,Dec,20 18:34
I just love guys like you that pull it out for others to enjoy. Sometimes the sight of a massive cock at the urinal sends me to a private toilet stall for a good wank session.

By knewbi at 09,Nov,20 12:39
To me it seems to be the thought that a real hard cock might be following that anal play. I like to fantasize that it is the real thing.

By knewbi at 06,Nov,20 12:23
Love it.. It has a kinky sexy feel to it... Love my playmate wearing them too.

By knewbi at 20,Oct,20 11:57
Only happened once. Wife and I are swingers and she loves a good gang bang. Very early in our swing life she decided she wanted to try one and we were at a party. I talked to a few guys and they were interested in working her over. Some of them brought friends. We met in a room and there were 5 guys that did her. She loved it and I was aroused beyond belief. One guy left the room after blowing his load all over her and no sooner had he left another 2 guys walked in and started on her. He had sent them in for her. Well after a while of watching I was so aroused that I came big time and was not in contact with my cock at all... Never happened again but she did do many more bangs and I enjoyed watching her perform.

By knewbi at 18,Oct,20 21:56
Love all cocks but given my druthers I'd choose dark meat every time.. Just something erotic about dark meat cocks.. Especially when it is all lubed up and shining...

By knewbi at 18,Oct,20 21:52
Can't say about a short guy with a big dick, but I had this one fat guy that had a dick that looked to be about 5 inches but found another 4 hidden in that fat. Was so surprised to find 9 inches of hard cock awaiting my attention.

By knewbi at 18,Oct,20 21:49
Precum always... Cum about a third of the time.

By knewbi at 11,Oct,20 01:38
Oh I just love that shit!!! It just seems a bit more on the kink side of sex and I do like kink. Unfortunately, I have not found many that are into it. Would love a full dressed in sexy clothes CD some day.

By knewbi at 03,Oct,20 22:44
You lucky bastard!!! Wish that I could do that...

By knewbi at 29,Sep,20 19:37
Same here... I keep it shaved any the hair on my chest trimmed but plenty of it there.

By knewbi at 29,Sep,20 19:35
It was kind of mutual. I went to visit this gay couple just to meet. Figured I feel it out and return if interested. Well, they were so easy going that one of them walked over grabbed my crotch and I was up and ready to go. I was trying to find a way to tell them that I wanted it right then and there..

By knewbi at 23,Sep,20 12:49
My favorite pussy on this site. I can't count the number of times that I have jerked off to the photos of your luscious delicious pussy!!

By knewbi at 04,Sep,20 19:55

By knewbi at 27,Aug,20 10:50
Not sure but I would like to thank him. Being swingers she gets to suck a lot of cocks and i can certainly say that not a single guy has complained about her cock sucking abilities. As a matter of fact, most of them praise her abilities and most have place a cum load in her mouth. Had this one young black guy that did porn videos dump his load in her mouth and kept contacting me for more of her... Yes, she is that good.

By knewbi at 27,Aug,20 10:45
2 maybe leaning towards a 3.

By knewbi at 27,Aug,20 10:43
When I was younger and wore tighter pants I did notice women looking and sometimes men. Wish that I had known what I know now about men and cocks...

By knewbi at 24,Aug,20 11:16
Mine suddenly curved from jerking off too much. Yes, it was about 5 to 7 times a day and they mostly were lengthy sessions. Seems that something let go in there from being jerked so much and it turned upward. Yes, I can get aggressive when jerking off. After a few years it started to straighten out but has a noticeable curve remaining. Still jerk off a lot but not as much as I use to.

By knewbi at 13,Aug,20 12:21
Wife and I are swingers and she has had sex with a number of large, and some massive, cocks. She just loves being fucked or sucking on a nice cock. There are two kinds of sex she says, one making love and the other recreational. Only one guy, me, gets to make love to her but many guys get to have recreational sex with her and she loves it. Especially with a large cock but he has to know how to actually use it to her advantage. Average size cocks are great if the guy can use it properly.

By knewbi at 11,Aug,20 17:34
EXACTLY!! This is what I mean!!

By knewbi at 10,Aug,20 11:22
This is one of my fantasies and hope to have it happen some day... I can only imagine how great it would feel. Double good with a cock up my ass as well as an enema.

By knewbi at 07,Aug,20 11:36
Hell yes!! ANYONE that wants to suck your cock is worth a try. And while you are at it, you might want to drop to your knees and try his just to see what all of the excitement is about. You won't be srry that you did.

By knewbi at 07,Aug,20 11:34
While I love either, I find a slick shaved cock so much more alluring...

By knewbi at 05,Aug,20 11:04
I started out like that. It was all about the cock. (Still is, sort of). But as time and experiences have past I have cum to like the rest. Still a woman's man but do enjoy sex with the guys.

By knewbi at 03,Aug,20 12:10
The closest that I have cum to that would be when I went to a gay couple's home just to meet them and chat. Next thing I knew I was on my knee with one stiff cock in my mouth and another in my hand... But I loved every second of it.

By knewbi at 30,Jul,20 11:26
Depends on what the guy wants. If they have no preference down it goes. But some like to see it ooz out of my mouth and drain down their cock. Even then I generally lap it up and swallow. Best feeling though is feeling his cock throb as it pumps the cum into my mouth and also love the feeling of it hitting the inside of my mouth and throat.

By knewbi at 30,Jul,20 11:23
Would so love to try one. The ultimate in sexual fantasies. Almost had one years ago. One walked into my place of business. She was sort of flirting and from the look at the bulge, that she kept repositioning, along with a deeper voice it was an easy thing to see. Unfortunately, there were fellow workers there so I was unable to pursue it any further. When she left I was sure to invite her to return if she had more information that was needed. Never returned though. What a shame.

By knewbi at 27,Jul,20 10:38
I would say mid 50's. It was great having regular sex playmates. Sometimes it would be one on one and mostly it was all 3 of us.

By knewbi at 22,Jul,20 18:13
Works for me and I have been known to eat my wife's after another guy or 2 or 3 has cum in it. But then I am bi and being swingers I do get that opportunity from time to time.

By knewbi at 22,Jul,20 18:08
Love the stuff. Spend a ton of time watching it. My favorite actor would be the one that I am jacking to at the moment.

By knewbi at 22,Jul,20 18:04
Sexual!!! I just love sex and male of female it doesn't matter.

By knewbi at 21,Jul,20 11:42
For me each guy has a different taste. It all depends on diet and some habits. Mostly it is a bit salty but often has a secondary taste. I've had a few guys that were a bit on the sweet side. Sort of like pre-cum.