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your sexy total stranger encounters...pls share

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Started by #100257 at 30,Dec,13 14:54
Hi all

I was visiting Jakarta last week, went to one of the public toilets in a mall and got the attention of a sexy local at the urinal, made sum good eye contact n he made me follow him to a another toilet where he jerked me off n sucked my nipples, was such a sexy steamy session, trying to hide from others in a busy toilet cubicle and trying not to scream while cumming was very difficult

wats your sexy encounters?

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By #568296 at 21,Oct,18 01:54
A guy at a bar bought me a drink so I sat at his table. he put his hand in my pants under the table. in the toilet i sucked his big cock while he removed my clothes. naked the stranger lifted my one leg and fucked my ass hole m

By cumonme1 at 10,Apr,15 08:35 other posts of cumonme1 
I went to an adult store in Howell NJ after visiting the nude beach in Sandy Hook, I was feeling very horny after getting the required tokens. I went to a booth it didn't have any doors just a cloth curtain I put tokens in the video machine and found some good Bi porn I left the curtain open dropped my shorts to the floor, I wasn't wearing any underwear. After a few short minutes another guy came in the booth dropped to his knees and gave me one hell of a blow job, a couple other guys watched the action as I got sucked off. It was hot, it didn't take long and I filled his mouth with my cum.

By spermkiss at 30,Dec,13 15:21 other posts of spermkiss 
There's nothing like a bit of spur of the moment sex with a total stranger for excitement. I've had so many of these that they are too numerous to count. Hundreds.
By tb1 at 26,Mar,15 17:50 other posts of tb1 
have you been caught?
By spermkiss at 27,Mar,15 10:00 other posts of spermkiss 
Do you mean by **** and arrested? No.

Do you mean by regular people? Yes, numerous times. Sometimes they just ignored us, sometimes they watched and enjoyed the show (which made it more enjoyable for us; it's fun to put on a sex show) and sometimes they joined in.
By tb1 at 30,Mar,15 08:03 other posts of tb1 
thanks, good to know
By #445126 at 03,Apr,15 06:04
I agree spermkiss, sex with a hot stranger is one of the delights! I too, have had so many it's hard to recount. Gyms, beaches and home improvement stores seems to be the best places for finding willing, sexy strangers!
By tb1 at 04,Apr,15 16:24 other posts of tb1 
home improvement stores, how is that possible?
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"enquiring" minds, like me, want to know
By #445126 at 05,Apr,15 07:32
Men's rooms, my friend. The classic men's' room romps.
By tb1 at 07,Apr,15 00:22 other posts of tb1 
are you referring to understall blow jobs and hand jobs?
By #445126 at 07,Apr,15 06:26
Can be ..... sometimes just good ol' sex too. If you lean on the entry door while you're getting it on - no one can come in without your knwoledge
By tb1 at 07,Apr,15 08:27 other posts of tb1 
but wouldn't it be obvious that 2 guys were in the stall with 2 pair of feet visible under the door or partition?
By #445126 at 08,Apr,15 06:58
You don't use the stall. You lean on the door to the bathroom. That way if someone starts to come in you can push back and either finish, or finish up!
By tb1 at 08,Apr,15 09:39 other posts of tb1 
ahhhhh now I understand..............duh

By #443664 at 03,Apr,15 07:39
You seem to have had a great sex life, good for you I really enjoy reading your stories and reading about the adventures you've got up to over the years, I'm in a relationship and never had sex with a stranger, but had dreams about it and I bet in real life it's such a thrill
By spermkiss at 03,Apr,15 15:31 other posts of spermkiss 
So make it happen. Go out and get (or give) a blow job from/to a total stranger. Someone you never saw before and will never see again. It's easier with another man (we men are such sex pigs) but not impossible with a woman.

Since you're in a relationship and might not want to be untrue, got out somewhere with your partner, strip nude and have sex in public. It's fun.
By #443664 at 03,Apr,15 16:41
Yeah I'd love to try the latter when the summer comes I will make it happen
By spermkiss at 03,Apr,15 17:09 other posts of spermkiss 
Good. Have a friend come along with a video camera and post clips on this site.
By tb1 at 03,Apr,15 20:59 other posts of tb1 
that would be hot - luv to see the pics

By greatwhite at 04,Apr,15 14:30 other posts of greatwhite 
Was on vacation, a bit drunk and couldn't ****. Took a late night walk down the beach. Ran into a guy hanging out at a lifeguard stand.he started talking about the constitutions and pointing them out to me. His hand "accidently bu" bumped my crotch a few times. Then he felt. Comfortable to rub on my cock until I was hard. Then. He sucked me off till I blew my load. Said have a good night and walked away. Very hot!
By spermkiss at 04,Apr,15 14:42 other posts of spermkiss 
Nothing like a little spur-of-the moment blow job from a stranger to make life exciting. I've gotten and given so many of these I couldn't begin to count them.

By Mrfrisky at 03,Apr,15 21:26 other posts of Mrfrisky 
I once gave a woman sitting at my table at the Tropicana in Vegas a **** tip. $300 of winning laters she took me to a stairwell and blew me with swallow. I had only known her for 30 minutes or so.

By Fritz at 27,Mar,15 10:38 other posts of Fritz 
1981, I was 17 and on Holiday in the Nudist Resort of Cap d'Agde. I was as allways completely shaved and had no hair at my Body. This was at that time a clear sign of being gay or bisexual. Like this I was lying on the beach and it did not take Long and a well hung english speaking guy, about 40 to 45 asked me wether I would like to join him to his appartment, which was near the beach. I followed him and it took less than 5 minutes and we had heavy sex and after licking his dick stiff he took me doggy from behind and played with my Long nipples, it was a real Long hard fuck, after he came he told me to take a shower and than told me to leave. I found it very strange and was a bit surprised that he has basically kicked me out after he had his pleasure, but nevertheless I still have it in a good Memory despite the fact that I have never seen him him afterwards.

By #95089 at 26,Mar,15 15:22
I love public toilets fun!
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