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What would you do to HER?

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Started by leopoldij at 12,Apr,14 06:28  other posts of leopoldij
Suppose the girl in the picture below challenged you and pulled her pants down showing you her back and buttocks.
How would you react?
What would you do to her?
Keep in mind she would not mind anything.
Come on, be imaginative, let's hear your version.
(Girls are welcome too!)

her back with tattoo

New Comment

By QuantumDotXXX at 05,May,19 07:02 other posts of QuantumDotXXX 
What a beautiful ginger… the red hair, the milky white skin.

First, that hair… wow… it’s just screaming out to be grabbed. I would grab it with both hands, to make sure I have my hands around all of it. I don’t want to pull it out; I just want to drag her.

I drag her across the floor by her hair. Once she submits, I kneel behind her and, keeping one hand on her hair to maintain control, I use the other hand to spread her snow white ass cheeks.

I lean down and push my tongue into her asshole, tugging on her hair just to remind her that she isn’t in control. The taste of her flawless ass drives me crazy, and I slide up on top of her and push my mushroom head against her asshole.

She mumbles something, which I ignore. Then, in a single motion, I yank her hair back hard towards me, snapping her head up straight, and sink my cock all the way into her cute ass.

I want to use this flawless porcelain skinned beauty for hours, but I only manage a few strokes; I grab her hair with both hands and snap her neck and head back as far as it will go while sinking my cock further in. I feel my balls slap her cunt, and fill her asshole with my married load.

I slowly pull out, and push two fingers into her ass. I move them around until I’m satisfied they are coated with my cum, and then pull them out. Then leaning forward I rub my sperm coated fingers up and down her slit before finally pushing them into her bare pussy.
By leopoldij at 05,May,19 08:03 other posts of leopoldij 
She'd love that!

By WristThick at 19,May,14 23:58 other posts of WristThick 
ANY girl who challenged me like that would get fucked hard. And I'd keep on fucking her until she was all worn out and fucked out. I'd take my time to work up to that point because otherwise I would never fit inside her. So I would manhandle her ass right away and go from there. Lots of oral and showing off my tongue skills after that. My fingers would come next. I'd have her dripping all over the place before squeezing inside that tight cunt of hers. I can just imagine how much she would stretch...
By leopoldij at 20,May,14 07:42 other posts of leopoldij 
she's scared of your cock!
By WristThick at 26,May,14 02:02 other posts of WristThick 
Just saw this.


What exactly is she scared of? It's just a big cock.

By #444998 at 26,May,14 01:41
I would walk up behind her grab a fist full of hair turn her head so shes looking at me and I would give her a deep kiss then I would bend her over the kitchen table kneel behind her and lick and finger her pussy till she cums all over my face. Then I'd stand up thrust myself into her and pound her as hard as I can manage till I cum inside her. At which point I would pull out have her get on her knees and lick me clean and get me hard again because there's another hole I want to fill before I'm through with her.

By #136427 at 24,May,14 11:34
Fuck her hard?

By jack_coolero at 20,May,14 23:49 other posts of jack_coolero 
I'd tie her down, and summon my inner Christian Grey. I always fantasize about doing a BDSM.
By leopoldij at 23,May,14 11:09 other posts of leopoldij 
She says she would be willing to try that. She's a Virgin when it comes to bdsm.
By jack_coolero at 24,May,14 05:45 other posts of jack_coolero 
I'm a virgin too in bdsm. And I wanna practice on her.

By #78188 at 22,May,14 18:05
I would fuck her in the ass & in the pussy at the same time with my big dildos while she eats my pussy
By leopoldij at 22,May,14 19:32 other posts of leopoldij 
would you mind if i ate your pussy too? looks very tasty!

By #461612 at 19,May,14 21:19
I like to get dick off and get laid for a change and let her know how much Ilike to have around me .
By leopoldij at 20,May,14 07:43 other posts of leopoldij 
get laid? by?

By leopoldij at 19,May,14 06:40 other posts of leopoldij 
More comments please!!!

By #360385 at 17,May,14 09:58
fuck her so hard!!!
By leopoldij at 17,May,14 16:23 other posts of leopoldij 
Doggie style?

By #460718 at 17,May,14 11:27
A better question would be, what wouldn't I do to her?? She has an amazing ass..
By leopoldij at 17,May,14 16:23 other posts of leopoldij 
I Love her ass too ... and she knows that.

By #461047 at 17,May,14 08:16
I would put my wife on top of that and fuck them both and fill there faces with a hot load
By leopoldij at 17,May,14 08:58 other posts of leopoldij 
may i join and fuck them both too?

By #206678 at 16,May,14 16:31
Perfect arse for spanking!
By leopoldij at 16,May,14 17:11 other posts of leopoldij 
She's never experienced that!

By leopoldij at 13,May,14 17:20 other posts of leopoldij 
same girl here She is Cleaning my Cumload

By leopoldij at 25,Apr,14 15:23 other posts of leopoldij 

By #400852 at 21,Apr,14 09:47
man that is hot,I would start with kissing and massageing her ass then I would tongue her butt hole for awhile and then suck her wonderful pussy until she screamed with a big O and then put my dick in that wet pussy and fuck her hard until we both screamed with an orgasm.

By #78188 at 21,Apr,14 09:37
U just imagine what I would do with her with my dildos

By #340774 at 20,Apr,14 21:50
I would spread her cheeks and stick my dick in her asshole

By Gntlmn at 18,Apr,14 13:35 other posts of Gntlmn 
Same as Aramis
By leopoldij at 18,Apr,14 16:34 other posts of leopoldij 
Like I said before, I'm not into licking, so that's something she'd enjoy!

By #458025 at 18,Apr,14 09:35
So many things I would do to her racing through my mind right now, but, I would definitely start by getting on my knees and licking that sweet ass.
By leopoldij at 18,Apr,14 16:33 other posts of leopoldij 
She d love that. I Don't do that too much...

By #384365 at 16,Apr,14 10:54
Is there any other answer than to part her cheeks, push my cock in her cunt and fuck her . She looks great.
By leopoldij at 17,Apr,14 17:18 other posts of leopoldij 
Use Your imagination. Part her ass cheeks or throw her in bed, open her mouth, stock your cock in. There are many things you can do with get. I've trained her to satisfy the most wild desires....
By #384365 at 18,Apr,14 15:44
You should know. I admit, looking at her, the possibilities are endless. Does she like fucking? Is she a vigorous fucker? She looks it. I just love the pic of her from behind - that is not to say I don't love the view from the front. Her tits and her cunt are delicious. Your cock looks up to the task to.
By leopoldij at 18,Apr,14 16:33 other posts of leopoldij 
I fuck her a lot, but she likes variety. I let other men touch get pussy and clit and she's allowed to masturbate them.

By #291136 at 17,Apr,14 19:02
Why rush things? A piece of ass like that is not available everyday. I would fondle it with gentle caresses working up to a full massage to get her otolly wet. Then I would give it to her any way she wanted.
By leopoldij at 17,Apr,14 20:24 other posts of leopoldij 
If you gave her lots of foreplay age would be ready to please you in any way you liked.

By #414028 at 17,Apr,14 04:53
Just put it straight up her ass and make her scream!
By leopoldij at 17,Apr,14 17:18 other posts of leopoldij 
That's just one possibility. There are many more! !!!!

By #330542 at 13,Apr,14 00:17
I wud part her cheeks wide open watching my spit run into her asshole before i ram my tongue deep into her ass till she squirts her juices into my mouth does she smoke wud love 2 wank all over her as she smokes cig mmm very kinky xxxxx
By leopoldij at 13,Apr,14 17:10 other posts of leopoldij 
sounds great. would you like to see her smoke?

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