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Anyone ever found photos/videos of people they know?

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Started by #384963 at 18,Apr,14 17:51
So I was at a friends house today and he asked for some help with his computer, transfering files, reformatting and that.. So I was copying over his files to an external including some photo folders so while one folder was copying I checked on the status, clicked it and it opened up, bunch of random outdoor shots EXCEPT the 2nd photo in a shot of his girlfriends/fiancťes pussy.. Whoops I've seen many of his photos before nothing like that obviously so figured he just forgot to "hide" that one or whatever.

Seeing that though curiosity got the better of me and while waiting for the transfer to finish I scrolled through the rest of the folder. Found 3-4 more shots one of his gf riding him and a few of just his dick.. But then I found a video the screen cap of the vid her giving him head.. So of course I had to open it sound muted he was in the room after all.. I guess it's strange seeing a video of your best buds dick but it was pretty hot still seeing her giving a bj.. At least I know what he's packing now compared to myself

Anyone else ever found anything of there friends ? Maybe online or a similar situation to mine? What did you think?

Btw in the past I once let him borrow an sd card Forgetting I had some photos stored on there. Nothing was ever said but I know he saw them, had to have so I guess we're even

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By #573046 at 25,Dec,18 13:23
I have found in my friends laptop two erotic pics of his wife.She was wearing night dress and it was visible through it. In one pic his wife standing and her boobs shape and nipples are visible as her pubic hair. Other pic was from behind and her butt was very nice. I enjoyed masturbating to her pics.

By mrseveninches at 25,Sep,18 19:28 other posts of mrseveninches 
My partner got an old camcorder from his ****. He had left a tape in their he said was blank. Instead the taoe was a recording of him fucking his girlfriend and her sucking his very large cock.

By licksipsuckit at 22,Sep,17 07:33 other posts of licksipsuckit 
lve found my friends sons hidden stash of porn on the family computer, l did an image search trying to find some dance shots and come across a bunch, l put them in a folder and copied them onto a stick and gave them to him, told him l found them and took them off the computer, l didn't want his mum or little s!ster finding them accidently.. as my friend was a pretty striaghtie one eighty type.. sadly none of him naked, just random girls off the net ld say *lix*

By #445382 at 19,Apr,14 03:28
Yes I found in a creampie collection, downloadable as torrent file. It was a homemade movie from a young woman (27 years old) who worked as transport driver. Today she has another job, but as I found the clip I saw her every morning. It was a boring night I surfed through the web, then I found that torrent file and downloaded it through the rest of the night. Next day, I opened the file and more than hundred clips was in it. Then I clicked one for one, the good in a new file, the bad to the trash file. I viewed fourty or more clips, suddenly I did not believe, what I see. For a moment I lost my breath, then I viewed it again and again. She talked to her boyfriend a few words in our typical regional swiss german slang before they started to fuck. He took her from behind. The camera was placed sideways right behind. Maybe on a sideboard. Her face was only visible at the beginning and at the end of the clip for a short time, but I was absolutely sure, that this person really was the transport drive girl from the company where I worked too. After her boyfriend ended up with a full cunt swapping creampie, she smiled and turned her head in strictly direction of the camera lens. I had my job at the warehouse office and every morning I had to give her the transport plan for the day I picked from delivery orders an hour before. From time to time I thought, how she may looks naked or how it must be to have sex with her. She really was a damn hot chick, but cold like a cube of ice. As I saw the video, I did not knew, how to handle this fact next day. As she came through the office door, I had a large smile in my face and because that she asked me: "Is there something or why are you laughing?" I said: "Oh, nothing else about you, but the metallic framed picture of a howling wolf under a full moon that hangs over your bed looks very cheap!" As she heard that, her face turns red, her mouth stood wide open, she was totally shocked. A few seconds later she asked me with an outraged voice flapping over: "From where do you know that? From where I want to know, you creepy idiot!" I just said, I was never inside her home, it's only because I have a third eye. Then she trampled out of the office and in the following days she avoided to look into my eyes. She grabbed her transport plan and ran out of the office. Every day, until she changed her job. The last day I saw her was at the final day she worked in that company. Since there, I never heard anything from her, absolutely nothing. But I have the clip still on my computer. And I saved it on a DVD. And so I hold it like a hidden diamond in my clip collection...
By #384963 at 20,Apr,14 02:34
Lol bold of you to bring it up to her, I'm not sure I would have, at least like that as you saw the result lolbut a good story none the less.

Remember one time back at my first job helping out at a Convenience store I was only 15 and in the back hall the guy stored his magazines in boxes to be put out.. Being a convenience store naturally there was some porn mags so I would flip through on occasion when the boss wasn't around (what 15yr old wouldn't lol) one time I opened one to this "newsfeed" page 3-4 stories about recent releases , new porn films etc.. And there was some photos mixed in with the news and one pic... I looked, and almost yelled a girl mid scene and she looked Exactly like my computer teacher, like I mean bang on I couldn't believe it lolI searched high and low trying to find that girls name and I never did... Funny thing was my computer teacher was very attractive all the guys had crushes on her, great body all that and she even (not confirmed but we were convinced) had implants!

There was another story same teacher that one time someone went thru her desk and found a sex toy lol... Maybe she was the mystery porn actress after all lolguess will never know

By #541419 at 22,Sep,17 03:47
Great story!

ďHoping to get caught while trying not to get caught,Ē thatís the name of the game. She was caught. But by innocently referring to the howling wolf picture you gave her the chance to escape. Thatís fair for both of you. Actually, you couldnít be sure. She could have denied, answered with a big smile or just asked you whether you liked it (blushing, she fucked it up).

Itís a pity the scene later developed so annoying. Being confronted with our own sexy performances is tough initially, but should be an exhilarating experience in the long run. Iís like a screenplay with a special script. When I post pictures I do this because I enjoy to share them. And I would really love to see one of my co-workers acting as a sexual being.

By #431360 at 18,Apr,14 18:17
i have seen two women i know in the readers wives section of fiesta magazine and a girl(?) i went to school with starred in at least two porn films.
she and her mother (a co-star in one) lived a few miles from me.
By #384963 at 20,Apr,14 02:20
Co starring Mother and daughter don't see that too often

By bella! at 18,Apr,14 18:04 other posts of bella! 
By accident, you found the first picture HOWEVER, you did a lot more snooping and prying to find the rest. Sorry, in my estimation, you lacked good judgement and what you did was a breach of trust.
By #384963 at 18,Apr,14 19:25
Snoop, yea I'll admit to that I did above, but snoop a lot and pry I disagree when it was the same already open folder, a folder not hidden or named something "naughty" I may have mis worded above, I scrolled thru yes but not specifically looking for naked photos, they we're clearly in that folder randomly and i guess were ones that had been forgotten about . Just like the mistake I made when I lent my card. They weren't the first thing you would see if opened they were in a folder just like these but I know he opened that folder. I was embarrassed when I realized what I did but I don't blame him for whatever he saw or see it as a breach of trust. I forgot to store sensitive material properly so I blame myself on that one.

Besides it's not like I'm gonna hold them against him or use my knowledge of the photos against them, I saw what I saw today and that's the end of it. Get a laugh that my friend like most people I'm sure takes "naughty" photos just like I do though I'm sure not to my extent of being on this website but that's it.

The one line I may have crossed is opening the vid which I can see why some people would say that's wrong, I get it.. but considering at that point I had already seen what I seen It wasn't exactly anything New or what I had just seen with the photos. Again I seen it once and move on.

I just thought it would be an interesting topic, I'm sure it happens quite often, walking in on somebody, catching a neighbour thru a window, at a party were a friend gets to wild, I once was chatting with a friend online we had our webcams on, (nothing sexual) I guess they forgot the camera was still on and they got changed. They realized after the fact and we had a good laugh (I didn't see anything lol) but still.. shit happens and sometimes it makes for a good story.

I respect your opinion though.
By bella! at 18,Apr,14 19:50 other posts of bella! 
I still feel that there was snooping and prying. You said yourself that your curiosity got the best of you and while you were waiting for the files to copy and transfer, you scrolled through, found and opened files that were private and his. I just think that the first find was an oops and it should have just stopped there.
By #384963 at 18,Apr,14 20:33
To be fair I only opened the one, the vid the photos were all thumbnails.

But again I understand and respect your opinion on the matter.

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