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Started by #466952 at 26,Jan,15 08:55

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By leopoldij at 26,Jan,15 18:31 other posts of leopoldij 
蔏 鞮鞢 豲貕貔 瀷瀹藶, 跬 噳墺 輘輠輗 蜦賕踃 蔪蓩蔮, 圩芰敔 涬淠淉 椼毸溠 墏 溛滁 鑳鱨 殟 廑憀慡 竀篴臌, 莃荶 痽 垥娀庣 絒翗腏 臡虈觿 蜦賕踃 嶭嶴憝 孻憵 魆, 銪 鏀顝 豲貕貔 秎穾籺 錛鍆 鋱鋟鋈 翀胲胵 骹麇嚍 煻, 晛桼桾 渳湥牋 摨敹 摿, 頠餈 鸃鼞欘 鄃鈌鈅 譾躒鑅 褌 漇漈 箷 虰豖阹 罫蓱蒆, 銇 膣膗 嶵嶯幯 襏襆贂 轗鐔飂 臡虈觿 畟痄 煔
By #466952 at 27,Jan,15 00:06
you post some words, but not chinese
By leopoldij at 29,Jan,15 18:51 other posts of leopoldij 
Damn! I thought my Chinese was excellent. Are you sure you speak Chinese? 蔪蓩蔮, 圩芰敔 涬淠淉 椼毸溠 墏 溛滁 鑳鱨 殟 廑憀慡 竀篴臌, 莃荶 痽 垥娀庣 絒翗腏 臡虈觿 蜦賕踃 嶭嶴憝 孻憵 魆, 銪 鏀顝 豲貕貔 秎
By #466952 at 02,Mar,15 12:07
yes,I'm sure, and are you sure your post these symbol above is simplified Chinese?
By leopoldij at 03,Mar,15 08:35 other posts of leopoldij 
No I'm not sure about anything, especially when I'm horny

By #485019 at 03,Mar,15 00:19

By #400834 at 31,Jan,15 07:53
--------------------------------------- added after 23 hours

By #466952 at 02,Mar,15 12:02

By Gary5 at 01,Feb,15 10:13 other posts of Gary5 
Sorry, I can't let this go - let Chinese members be welcome and post in Chinese to other Chinese members - end of story.
--------------------------------------- added after 11 minutes

Or anyone else, sorry! This site must be based on respect.

By Gary5 at 01,Feb,15 09:59 other posts of Gary5 
Can I suggest that just because people are not exactly like you - or me - or anyone else - let's not make fun of them, OK? In my book, when I can speak someone else's language as well as they can speak mine, then I can make fun

By #482797 at 30,Jan,15 02:06
"That's fried rice,you plick"
By leopoldij at 30,Jan,15 09:38 other posts of leopoldij 
It's flied lice.

By Arexa at 30,Jan,15 01:19 other posts of Arexa 
The last symbol in the original post looks like the letter T with a floppy dick.

By #483136 at 27,Jan,15 23:45
i m chinese,,

By cazzoduro69 at 26,Jan,15 18:07 other posts of cazzoduro69 
i think too
By #466952 at 27,Jan,15 00:07
you chinese?

By sinanff47 at 26,Jan,15 18:08 other posts of sinanff47 
If you search for members in China here, you will find approximately 100 members!
By #466952 at 27,Jan,15 00:06

By #285354 at 26,Jan,15 19:30

Nǐ kěyǐ shǐyng gǔgē fāny tiānjiā nn de pngln de yīngwn
By #466952 at 27,Jan,15 00:04
I know english , thanks

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