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Considering Circumcision

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Started by #373682 at 13,Nov,15 16:34
Hey everyone, so I've been considering circumcision for a while. My foreskin isn't very tight so it slides a lot and honestly that doesn't feel as great as me pulling it back all the way during sex... Any opinions?

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By cutroundhead at 14,Apr,19 05:34 other posts of cutroundhead 
Although I had no choice in the end because of recurring balanitis, I'm very happy with my circumcision done 10 years ago at age is much better without a foreskin getting in the way and the sensations I get on my helmet are amazing. I also think a cock looks better with a bare helmet out in the open and maintenance is much matter how clean I kept my cock, there was always a slight odour from it when I had the foreskin. So, if you want it, go for it...

By #584942 at 11,Apr,19 15:45
You can get Circumcised at any age. My only advice it having it done as an adult, make sure it's done by a private practioner that specializes in adult circumcisions, and that they use a clamp device and it's not done free-hand. Free hand method with no clamp can often result in too little foreskin being removed. Had a buddy that went through it, had to get a revision in order to have more foreskin taken off.

By #1058 at 13,Nov,15 20:16
You may feel you could do with less sensitivity now but that may not be the case as you get older.
I have Hypospadius which means I have the foreskin at the top but no foreskin on the underside, thus most of the feeling comes from the top where the foreskin rubs over the head. This was fine when I was younger as it meant I could last quite a long time before cumming. Now I am older due to the underside having no pleasure receptors I find it can take ages to cum. I would love to have a cock with a foreskin like yours.

By #501227 at 13,Nov,15 16:55
your an adult.. so it's your choice. I would suggest thinking about it... you will be losing a LOT of pleasure receptors... and once it's removed.. there's no going back. I think your penis and it looks fine just the way it is, but as I said it's your decision...
By Sinjid306 at 13,Nov,15 18:47 other posts of Sinjid306 
He's right it's entirely a personal decision. One I'm glad your parents didn't take the liberty of making for you. He's also right that there is evidence to show that the procedure could reduce the amount pleasure you can receive. That is definitely something to consider. Because if there's even less pleasure then before the procedure, the only way your getting that skin back is by Delorean.

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