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Eating your own cum

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Started by Cumeatme4 at 25,Mar,16 02:33  other posts of Cumeatme4
Tell us about the first time you ate your cum

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By #572448 at 22,Nov,18 16:23
I was curious at a young age about my cum taste.One time I licked a little from my hand as I finished masturbating.Didn't really felt a taste.Then another time I tried shooting my load straight in my mouth, but as I orgasmed I chickened out and came on my neck and chest.After that I found a shotglass, masturbated and came in it.Took a shotglass full of my cum and smelled it.I liked the smell of a sperm and it looked white and creamy so I tasted with my tongue at first.Wasn't bad so I slurped my whole load in my mouth.Keep it for a while on my tongue and swallowed it whole.I felt girly like a cumslut.I even had cum aftertaste in my mouth for a whole day.

By kockslinger at 19,Nov,18 09:38 other posts of kockslinger 
Never thought about it until I had a girlfriend who loved it.
She would orgasm and tell me not to. Then she would suck me off and swallow. She called it dessert. If I tried to kiss her immediately afterwards it was swallowed. She said if I wanted to taste it get my own. I figured if she liked it why not try it. It's been part of my diet ever since my teens.

By countrynaturist at 18,Nov,18 22:54 other posts of countrynaturist 
The best way I eat my cum - and I love the taste - is when my boyfriend kisses me right after he gives me a blowjob.

By #572188 at 18,Nov,18 19:34
I was so horny and curious how does my load tastes.So at night in bed I masturbated until felt orgasm coming.I lifted my legs over my head so my dick was pointing in my face.I opened my mouth and finished jerking.Started ejaculate and felt warm cum dripping straight on my tongue.Cumshot was huge, so I waited.I felt my warm load in my mouth.Tasted little sour, but I swallowed it whole.After that I wasn't afraid of cum anymore.So I started swallowing my loads daily.

By #342350 at 02,Apr,16 22:41
I was in my teens when I decided to try it. I was a little flexible back then when I put my legs over my head and jerked off until I cummed in my mouth and all over my face.
--------------------------------------- added after 49 hours

it's been awhile since I did this so I thought I would give it another try. I literally just ate some a few minutes ago. it was so good.
By cumonme1 at 05,Apr,16 08:12 other posts of cumonme1 
I did the same when I was much younger, now i'm not as flexiable so i jerk into a small container then drink it like I was doing a shot of bourbon.

By cock#57 at 03,Apr,16 18:37 other posts of cock#57 
I just slowly got curious over time. In my late teens I tried my precum and was surprised it tasted so nice. After that I always had a plan to eat myown cum but every time Id pop Id lose the urge isntantly.

One day I kind of forced myself to eat a load out of my palm and while I didnt like it as much as precum, it was ok. Ive since developed a tasted and do it all the time
By spermkiss at 04,Apr,16 12:32 other posts of spermkiss 
A couple of points.

First of all, you're straight, so I expect that the only load of sperm you have ever eaten is your own. I, on the other hand, am a gay cocksucker who has sucked of two or three thousand different men, many multiple times. The number of loads I've eaten is well into the thousands.

But when it comes to eating my own load, like you, it took me a long time to work up to doing this. The reason for this is that when a man reaches an orgasm his body releases a hormone called prolactin. This hormone makes him sleepy, makes his boner deflate and temporarily makes him disinterested in sex. That's why an idea that seemed so hot just before climax, like eating your own sperm from your palm or from your lady's pussy, no longer sounds appealing.

Finally, about the flavor of sperm. I love it, love it, love it. As I said, I'm a gay cocksucker and sucking a man to climax is my all time favorite sex act. I like it even more than being sucked off, mainly because I can do it more often. There is nothing as exciting, satisfying, rewarding and fulfilling as bringing another man to climax and being rewarded with a mouthful of his sperm. To hear him moan with pleasure and feel his dick throb in my mouth as he goes over the top gives me a real feeling of accomplishment. So over the years I have associated the flavor of sperm with that feeling. I love sperm.

By Deborah3512 at 03,Apr,16 01:52 other posts of Deborah3512 
I also started young, jacking off on my bed I would wipe my cum on the bed skirt, Mom though I was blowing my snot on there. I started licking it off my hands after that, then got the idea to roll up, hook my feet in the bed frame and that would hold my steady while I took the head of my cock in my mouth. I would jack till I was almost ready then roll up and put the head in my mouth and cum, it was so much better that way, and to this day I still lick my cum off my hands as this ole body just is not limber enough to roll up that way. Now if someone would like to visit and let me suck their cum down my throut I would love that.
By spermkiss at 03,Apr,16 12:21 other posts of spermkiss 
Interesting post. I once read that many men got their start eating their own sperm during adolescence as a way to dispose of the evidence of masturbation. And here you are.

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