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Closet Nudist (HELP)

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Started by #454258 at 14,Jul,16 04:30
Bit of a serious issue. Ever since highschool, I've wanted to visit a nudist club/resort/beach, and be a part of the nudist life style. However, my family is very judgmental, and let the common missconceptions about nudisim fuel their opinions. Though he may not remember this, the last time I spoke with my fa*ther about it, he threatened to kick me out of the house and/or disown me if I pursude it. And I curtainly don't want that.

I haven't given up though. Its been about ten years since then. and I'm planning a little vacation to Spokane WA next year. But what they don't know is about the nudist resort I found near the city.

I hat*e the idea of keeping it a secre*t from them, but I feel its the only way. And out of respect for them, I like to keep them informed of my whereabouts during trips like this. I don't know what to do.

(And please don't say anything like "Move out of your parent's house" or "you're 28 years old its your life" Becouse first of all, its not that simple, and second, that doesn't help me. at all)

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By Petro635 at 22,May,19 23:02 other posts of Petro635 
I wonder if he ever went to nudist place
By #584076 at 22,May,19 23:46
Never came back it would appear!

By #514830 at 28,Jul,16 08:18
I found when I was a nudist place their were all kinds of little things, like I never seen people with so much self confidence. I never told my family I went, I don't think they would understand.

My first time going I spent the day. Then I went back later and spent the entire weekend, they would let you s l e e p their. The showers were kinda open. The idea of people might see me washing my body felt weid at first. Because at home it's basically a private thing but it just seemed normal and no big deal since everyone was already nude.

The funny part was leaving the nudist place after spending the weekend. I actually felt weird to put clothes back on. Plus all the clean clothes I still had from not wearing anything the entire weekend. I was like I don't have to any laundry. I don't know if my experience was different then other people because stuff like taking a shower to me was always seem private. That's just how it was in my family growing up. We never walk around in say just a towel from shower to bedroom.
By #454258 at 29,Jul,16 04:23
you can be sure that when I finally do go, I,ll tell you all about it

By jack610 at 26,Jul,16 07:54 other posts of jack610 
It does appear that your father is being unduly judgmental. In order to maintain the family peace you have no alternative other than to visit a naturist camp or beach and keep quiet about it. You will regret it if you miss out on this as there is no feeling like not having to worry about what you or others are wearing. Naked, you will feel so free.
By #454258 at 26,Jul,16 23:55
one more skeleton for the closet, I guess. thank you

By #514830 at 26,Jul,16 07:12
The freedom of being nude with other people is amazing, I think. Because you see for the first time how much people that say to wear clothes all the time are judging you and everyone around them for no reason. When everyone is nude everyone is equal. Most people don't want to be equally the same. They want to you to think they are better. Clothing is the best places to start because you just go buy clothes other people can't afford. When everyone is nude you take that away and everyone is forced to look and see each other as equal. Feeling equal and not being judged is an amazing feeling of freedom
By #454258 at 26,Jul,16 23:53
I think that's what i'm looking forward to the most

By #512347 at 25,Jul,16 10:19
Wife and I started going together to a nude beach a couple of years ago. We have found we really enjoy the freedom. It's not greatly populated, but there are others there just like us.
We have found the people there very friendly and accepting. It is simply no big deal, after you've gotten used to it. We like the freedom it gives. Go try it and relax.
And no, do not tell your family. Not required, and in fact would be kind of stupid to do. Good luck!!
By #454258 at 26,Jul,16 03:56
Thank you.

By BushPilot at 15,Jul,16 20:11 other posts of BushPilot 
I entered the world of nudism when I was in High School. My family didn't have a need to know what I was doing with my life then or now; although everyone knows today and my wife and I used to go to nude beaches regularly. Some things are personal. Not everything is everyone's business. And until you pursue your desires without giving a damn about what your father thinks your not going to step up to the next rung on the maturity ladder. And at 28 who cares if he disowns you or not. If he finds out then tell him it your life and if he's foolish enough to not want you in his then that's OK because you've discovered the ability to think independently and are enjoying the same freedoms that he does.
By #454258 at 16,Jul,16 03:53
thanks, I think. I just care about his approval.
By #514830 at 16,Jul,16 08:02
Just remember your family maybe so hooked into believing nudism is wrong and so judgmental about people that they can't even think about nudism. That how my family was, so much I did not feel comfortable in my own home around family. You family are probably very nice people but even they don't understand how judgmentalthey are being. That's why you should go and experience it for yourself free from your family. I think you will be so amazed how it feels and once you see how nice everyone is. Then you will look back at your family and see how they should have let you try it back in high school. You will see how their limitations are stopping them from enjoying life.
By #454258 at 17,Jul,16 05:19
can't wait

By BushPilot at 16,Jul,16 23:08 other posts of BushPilot 
A father' approval is always of utmost importance. I always chose what to talk to him about as we had fairly different opinions on a number of topics. I came to the conclusion that he had the opportunity to make his life and views on living without a lot of interference form family. I simply decided that although he wanted to impose his values on me...I wanted the same freedom to make my own decisions. So, he had his life and values...I lived my life and and developed my values...and we both respected each other. Food for thought.
By #454258 at 20,Jul,16 17:19

By #514830 at 17,Jul,16 12:13
I guess you s l e e p nude now an stuff so you can be use to being nude before you go
By #454258 at 18,Jul,16 04:08
home alone, not a scrap on me.

By #514830 at 14,Jul,16 22:26
You should definitely go to the nudist place. You won't believe how nice everyone is. When everyone is nude everyone is equal. That's something most people never experienced when you have clothes on, everyone is judging you for no reason. The freedom of being nude was amazing for me. You meet the nicest people at a nudist place.

I would just keep it to yourself for now. Maybe after you go a couple times and actually experience it. It almost something you have experience to understand. Because we have been told it's wrong or shameful.
By #454258 at 14,Jul,16 23:39
even though I've never been, I know there's nothing wrong with it. I just wish the other people in my life could see that.
By #514830 at 15,Jul,16 07:36
I was really shy about my body. I Did not even feel comfortable taking shirt off around family because they would say stuff about other people so I never was comfortable. Plus it just something we never did. We always had full clothes on.

When I went to nudist place and everyone wants you to take clothes off, it so revealing about ourselves because we are letting people see things we never show about ourselves. The reason we never show our bodies is because we have been told they are shameful or even obscene. That's the freedom of being socially nude, you lose all that shame you have been told. I was so amazed how once I was around people that did not judge me how nice everyone is. They are more nice then my family. I would say now looking back I can see why I was so shy. It was not me, it was my family and society.

Just to give you an example I remember in highschool how we all dressed to impress or look cool. We were using clothes to make ourselves look better.
By #454258 at 15,Jul,16 19:43
I feel much better after reading what you and spermkiss had to say. I can't wait to go and make some new friends.

By spermkiss at 14,Jul,16 12:44 other posts of spermkiss 
Discretion is the better part of valor. Go to this resort, satisfy your desire for social nudity, have a good time and don't tell your family. Sometimes we just have to keep parts of our lives secure from family members.

And think of the consequences if you do not go. This desire for social nudity isn't going to go away. If it is not satisfied it will just grow inside you and it could drive you to do risky things. Things far worse than going to a nude resort.
By #454258 at 14,Jul,16 15:50
thank you. I needed that

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