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She-male confusion

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Started by Blade at 15,Aug,16 00:08  other posts of Blade
Jumping around the porn WWW, and came across a site not quite marked correctly. It ended up being all she-males.

I was clicking thru like I was stuck watching a train wreck. Then I came across some really feminine guys(?) that had dicks. But they were so female it wasn't so confusing. I mean, most are guys that dress up or get boob jobs, but some of these would have fooled anyone they weren't a girl. Or are they really a girl?

That is my question. Are they people born female? male? some of both. Does a woman really get born with a dick? Please respond with serious answers if you can enlighten me at all. These people don't bother me in the least, but I'm just confused as to how they got to how they are.

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By jsmythe73 at 20,Jul,18 01:16 other posts of jsmythe73 
You found your first 'Trannies' maybe! They live as women, and take hormones, and have real breasts (some get implants) but they are essentially women, with a penis!!
I think it is a way to get guys to relax, and not have such an issue with penises!!
All guys have one, and yeah there is that 'Homophobia' thing, but be honest, when you watched that, you kept clicking for more, and got a little hard, right??
If you say no, on this site, I am thinking you are lying!!
Nothing wrong with it, and it isn't going to make you gay, and being gay is just being another person, with a 'label' and we need to get rid of all that shit!!
They were born male, but have always felt 'female' and it is called 'Gender Dyseuphoria' or something like that
Bailey Jay, and Ashley George, Hazel Tucker, just the cutest girls, but they have a nice penis too!! RELAX, and ENJOY IT!!

By licksipsuckit at 15,Aug,16 05:09 other posts of licksipsuckit 
everyone starts out as a female embryo, till that missing gene kicks in, the seam on your balls is the labia stitched up by nature in the womb...and your penis is an overgrown clit, as in nature every thing is not perfect and sometimes mutants happen, like having two vaginal entrances or being born with both genitalia...hormones determine a lot about how we feel and sometimes they get mixed up too, leading to women born in mens bodies and vice versa..we are all individual and everyone is born with differences that should be accepted, nature has her own plan and this is just showing the diversity of humans...*lix*

By Avillager at 15,Aug,16 00:50 other posts of Avillager 
This is a brief attempt to answer your query. People are born with many genetic make ups, some with errors that cause the body and mind to be different than the norm. The switches that cause various hormone producing origans to be built can effect the gender identity of the resulting human body. Gender, like hair color, eye color an height, is just one of the selections that genetics makes. It can also cause a body with multiple gender identity pieces to be created. For instance both female and male gonads. Either may be suppressed from development at puberty, which can cause a wide range of problems. People who feel that the body gender that they were born into is not consistent with their feelings(brain) often resort to surgery and artificial hormones to give them the "correct" physical gender. However, they will have to continue to take the hormones for the rest of their lives. If they stop taking the hormones their physical body, except for any surgery that they have had, will revert to the gender that their chromosomes had programmed them for. Members of either physical gender may develop physical characteristics that.make them superficially look like the other gender. As a society we need to become educated and sensitive to accept people who appear to be different so that people will not be driven by the perceptions of others. We have lost many talented individuals who were outside of the norm.

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