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My penis is restrained inside a tiny cage and this is what I want done with it

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Started by younghardcock13 at 31,May,17 04:38  other posts of younghardcock13
Recently I became very attracted to and aroused by small and tiny penises. I fell in love with how absolutely fucking adorable and petite a lot of them are, their obvious innocence and absence of all imposing masculine power quickly led me to fantasize about being endowed with just half of my 6 inches. And then I stumbled across male chastity and immediately fell in love the first time I laid eyes on a pretty little chastity cage. Being caged and locked looked so fucking hot , especially in total submission to the lucky holder of your key. And they were all so small. Then it hit me why I suddenly had an erection that rivaled that of my young 16 year old dick in unbelievable hardness, strength and ability to stand straight up. For my entire sexually aware life I have loved to be tightly cupped inside of a soft, thickly padded jockstrap and a large part of this was the restraint and restriction placed on my manhood and it's ability to grow and harden. I grew up and for the next 2 decades continued to be turned on by placing my penis isnide of very small, tight , restrictive spaces in an effort to prevent myself from being able to grow to my full size and ultimately be a guy with a full erection , while also securely holstering the small partial thay my jock allows for. So I decided to buy a cage. I do not have anybody in my life to be my keyholer so I decided to wait until I have a woman and save locking me for the first time for her. I settled on what is essentially a training cage made of a very strong, tough rubber that resembled a cock and ball spreader that also kept your tool at a boyish 3 inches at all times. It has no means by which to lock it, but I have no real need because I have absolutely no desire not to wear it. And then on top of that I will sometimes wear my padded jock just for the sake of adding one more layer of restriction and making my already caged cock even more incapable of being used to sexually penetrate anybody and even less of a display of my masculinity. I also have always fucking loved to masturbate. And being caged at 3 inches has led to a significant increase in the amount of time I spend stroking my cock. Because my cage is just a soft training cage, I am still Ablearning to get myself off when tightly caged inside. Instead of stroking my length like a normal cock, I am reduced to holding my tiny 3 inches from the sides with my thumb and index and middle finger while I repeatedly squeeze the sweets pot below my head. I then realized that because of how petite I had caged myself to be, along with my new favorite masturbation technique , I was not stroking a cock but instead I was rubeing a clit. I came almost immediately after that and my orgasm crashed through my entire body as I watched my cock turn man clit squirt a seemingly endless load of juice over a 30 second period. For many years I have also greatly enjoyed pegging and routinely spend time with my butt plugged by a 5 inch filler, as was the case here. At the peak of my climax I had completely surrendered my entire masculinity and manhood, the intense feminization creating a temporary little sissy whose package was nothing more than an oversized clit and asshole a tight Boi pussy filled perfectly. So as I squirted like a little girl , I squealed and whimpered, moaned and eventually screamed in my most feminine falsetto. The most girly thing of my orgasm came during the beginning of the orgasm and it's build in intensity when I cried out began to moan "mommy" and whimpered about how I was going to squirt my entire load for her. And that partially comes back to why you are fortunate enough to relieve this huge message. The thought of being lucky enough for you to allow me to be in your presence is overwhelming, and I want you to only allow this to happen if I am caged and very heavily cupped. Like I'm talking all four of my soft/ thickly padded jockstraps. Together we would role play a complete reversal of the patriarchy and I want my impotent manhood to be punished as such. Smack it, hit it, kick it, my padding will keep it safe. I will do anything and everything you tell me to but in the end , I want you to watch me as I rub my little caged toy and squirt like a little sissy.

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By #562152 at 13,Sep,18 12:19
the whole ida is that you can't rub your little clittie and make it cum
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when i have a sub and he cums without help i beat his ass mercilessly,,

By #551082 at 21,Mar,18 10:00
I understand completely !!!

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