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Started by Tobes at 18,Nov,12 16:00  other posts of Tobes
Just imagine it. You get your girlfriend to lock your penis in a chastity cage for one month. Then you still have to keep on pleasing her. Kissing her, sucking her tits, going down on her etc. If she wants penile penetration you would have to wear a strap on. Worse still, she could chain you to the bed and tease you all night long while you're still in your cage, the whole time, unable to get hard or even masturbate afterwards. Imagine the frustration. Of course, if you refuse to please her she will just add more time on to the scheduled release date. And just imagine the releif and explosive orgasm you would have the night she finally unlocks you! This thought just makes me horney as hell. And even when she does unlock you, she might decide one night is enough and locks away your penis for yet another month!

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By #551082 at 21,Mar,18 10:02
less than 60 seconds after unlocking you, you would cum so hard and so fast

By licksipsuckit at 14,May,15 09:20 other posts of licksipsuckit 
fascinating fantasy, l wouldn't last a day, ld want to fuck it...can l phone a friend and fuck someone else while youre otherwise detained *lix*

By #363802 at 15,Mar,13 18:38
I would LOVE THAT!!!! The female SHOULD be in control of the cock, allowing it to cum when she says, and only when she says!!! She, however, should cum as many times as she feels like. That's the way I think IT SHOULD BE!

By #233140 at 19,Nov,12 05:59
I've known a few cuckolds over the years and have participated in various domination 'sessions' with their wives/lovers etc. It's an interesting 'dynamic' that's for sure. Fucking some guys wife while he's made to watch, his cock caged up or worse, and I've had a couple of instances where the cuckold was made to 'clean up' after me. ie, suck my cum out of her pussy and/or ass etc.
By #164428 at 19,Nov,12 12:44
I would love to chat with you; I will begin dating a wonderful guy I met here last year, and we are going to engage in cuckolding.
By stickyknickers at 19,Nov,12 13:20 other posts of stickyknickers 
You can imagine, Steffi, I'm sure, how much I would love to have my penis controlled by you
By #164428 at 19,Nov,12 13:21
Oh, yes, my darlin'. What I wouldn't give....
By stickyknickers at 21,Nov,12 14:12 other posts of stickyknickers 
Perhaps we should try to make that happen again! You know I have a chastity cage...

By stickyknickers at 21,Nov,12 14:14 other posts of stickyknickers 
And I'm getting hard again right now. You need to lock me up before I masturbate again

By stickyknickers at 19,Nov,12 13:21 other posts of stickyknickers 
This is one of my all-time favourite scenarios. It feels like you have read my mind

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