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Black cocks turn me on can I touch someone's black cock?

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Started by #534777 at 18,Jun,17 12:50
Idk what is but everytime I see a black cock on a post or even in a porn video I get hard as rock in an instant! I think it's because this one time at a urinal, I'm peeing next to the this black young man around my age, and i caught a nice glimpse at his cock.. he was soft , it it was still big! Nice head, perfect girth and color... before u knew it when I was done peeing I was hard AS FUCK!. So if there's any black cocks near New York, please message asap... I've been dying to play with one, maybe even taste it. Does anyone feel the same way?!

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By blackmagnum8 at 19,Jun,17 22:09 other posts of blackmagnum8 
Would you want to touch mine?
By knewbi at 15,Jun,18 15:22 other posts of knewbi 
Don't know about him but I certainly would!!!

By lankan at 16,Jun,18 04:16 other posts of lankan 

By Rustypeter at 11,Sep,18 13:37 other posts of Rustypeter 
I would love to touch that awesome cock along with suck and lick

By betasissybitch at 06,Jul,19 08:58 other posts of betasissybitch 
touch hell yea i would be you white boi bitch

By Doesitall69 at 06,Jul,19 09:08 other posts of Doesitall69 
I definitely would and more 😜

By betasissybitch at 06,Jul,19 08:57 other posts of betasissybitch 
every day i want to be a black cock white bitch boi

By gypsy at 12,Jun,18 19:18 other posts of gypsy 
my husband and I are both Greek is cock is somewhat dark and color similar to a black manI thought perhaps you may look at it or like it

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