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Started by #509942 at 07,Sep,17 01:50
I was working and went to my next call on site
It was at a customers home where I'd been before
The wife let me in but she had to leave and said her husband is downstairs
So when i finished i went downstairs
He was waiting for me in the dark
As i approached him he pulled my pants down and started stroking my dick
He sucked my dick while she was there and started licking my ass
Mmm felt so good i cummed in his mouth

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By onthelose at 19,Sep,17 21:57 other posts of onthelose 
Stranger things have happened to people. I wish more people would be bold like that. Not many are though.

By #509942 at 10,Sep,17 00:45
I'm not making it up
By #435701 at 19,Sep,17 13:41
yeah, you are

By #509942 at 10,Sep,17 00:58
I didn't know she was ther when she started licking my ass
When i came in little by little till he started pondung nehis mouth she told him to lay down
She told me to sit on his face and he licked my asshole my cock began to get hard again she pulled his pants down and told me to suck him
he was hard and came in my mouth
my cock was hard she told him to go upstairs
she told me to lay down and started fingering my ass then she said relax
Yeld to her husband come down here. He slowly started to put his head in a

By #454258 at 09,Sep,17 03:46
i feel like you're making this up.

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