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Anal sex 29,Apr,19 19:32


By onthelose at 23,Jun,20 16:44
Well according to my friend who has been to a nudist colony many times . Its not a sex colony its a nudist colony. Nudity and sex are not synonymous.

By onthelose at 22,Jun,20 18:42
Yes they said the same about cigarettes . But by all means go ahead,

By onthelose at 22,Jun,20 18:36
Why is it that a few prudes get to decide for that rest of us what is safe or anything else for that matter. I think I as an adult should be allowed to do what I want as long as I am not hurting anyone... Well nowadays there isnít anything that you can say or do that doesnít negatively affect the snow flakes. Iím thinking of the catholic priests that basically said sex is bad while having sex with young men . I never wanted to be an alter boy but I guess I should have.

By onthelose at 22,Jun,20 18:14
Well I probably wouldnít do the things you did in your dream. I would make sure that there wasnít anything about sex I didnít tell my younger self. I would also tell him to have sex with the boys I knew then if it was possible. When I was 11 or 12 I didnít know much about sex and nothing about blow jobs or m to m sex. I often wonder what my male neighbor boys cocks looked like or tasted like or felt like in my mouth or my ass. It didnít even cross my mind to do those things!!!!

By onthelose at 15,Apr,20 23:18
We are here you just don't see them unless you look at peoples blog. There does seem to be that the big dicks get more coverage. Even if most are not real.

By onthelose at 15,Apr,20 23:06
I used to go to a bath house when it was still open. I saw a guy I worked with there . We both said hi and went on our way. Never heard a thing from him later. I don't suppose he ever said anything to anyone.

By onthelose at 22,Mar,20 07:02
I had a PSA check recently and was relieved to hear I was in good shape, after years of avoiding the test for fear of having cancer.

By onthelose at 21,Mar,20 09:35
30,000 people died last year from the common flu. Don't remember them closing down the country because of it. Some thing else is going on. LIX says its sinister, wouldn't dought it for an minute.

By onthelose at 21,Mar,20 09:27
I use the self check out. I am a little shy about perusing the women's panty section.

By onthelose at 21,Mar,20 09:23
SKITTLES, I say let them come. They will regret it!!!!!

By onthelose at 21,Mar,20 09:16
I wonder why we have to all be placed in some category?? Cant we all be sexual beings enjoying what we like. Without having to fit someone's idea of what sex we are. PETRO is right this kind of thinking has screwed up a lot of people!!

By onthelose at 16,Mar,20 19:38
I guess I didnít get the memo, because itís all sex to me. Why do some have to put everyone in some kind of box? This last weekend my straight friend and I went on a trip and stayed overnight. We talked sex all day watched porn in our room and I talked about sex with men. He said he didnít like sex with men. I said so if two men suck each otherís cock itís gay but if 2women eat each other, itís hot as hell. If I fuck a man in the ass I am gaybut if I fuckawoman in the ass or she pegs me thatís hot. Who made up these rules anyway? To bad he feels that way because I know he has a 9 inch cock that I would love to suck.

By onthelose at 09,Mar,20 18:45
I looked for g string , thong or some other sexy underwear at the local stores. I didn't have any luck. I did look at some women's panties when my wife was looking for some bras. Of course I couldn't buy them when she was there. I decided I would go to Walmart and buy some and pay at the self check but I chickened out when I walked into the women's underwear section. So I decided, after I watched my wife sew something on the sewing machine , that I could do that. I bought some sample cloth, Superman print, and some elastic. I then used one of the G string underwear's I bought at the adult store for a pattern and made my own. I now have a pretty good selection of colors. I have yet to find some sheer cloth, for the see through look. Also want some nice lace.

By onthelose at 01,Mar,20 19:25
Well we are back and the motel stay didn't go as I hoped. We talked about cock sucking by women and men. I said I liked men best. He said have you ever? I said yes why not? He said he didn't like that and that was the end of it. I have not seen his cock . A mutual friend has and told me.

By onthelose at 01,Mar,20 19:18
It doesn't end there. If two women 69 each other that's really hot, but if two guys do the same they are gay. If you fuck a woman in the ass its just sex but if I fuck another man I am queer. Who the hell made these rules anyway. I just ignore what others say and do what I want if you are offended , that's your problem not mine, mind your own business.

By onthelose at 29,Feb,20 15:12
I dont think anyone who matters would see my photos. The rest are on here too, so they cant be critical about what I am doing. I do wish I would see someone I know on here. That would be a good start. Look at my blog if you are interested.

By onthelose at 29,Feb,20 15:05
No I am average on the small side. Fortunately there are a huge number of men who like my cock size. I thing big is good to look at but I cant imagine using a big one. To hard on my ass and to big for my mouth.

By onthelose at 29,Feb,20 15:00
Sure there are!!! But how many is anybodies guess.

By onthelose at 29,Feb,20 14:58
Im going on a trip to California with a friend today. We go to this event often. He has a nine inch cock and I really want to suck him. He is straight, he says, and comes out of the shower with his boxers on. I dont know how to start off. We do talk sex a lot but all straight sex. I wonder if he just thinks I am straight. He doesn't know I am Bi. I started coming out of the shower naked when we were at the motel but he didn't act like he noticed.

By onthelose at 29,Feb,20 14:47
Men give the best BJs .

By onthelose at 29,Feb,20 14:46
My guess is not many!!!

By onthelose at 28,Feb,20 13:40
Just my predicament exactly. That's why I started to go to the bath house. Now closed. I guessed that most men there were interested in some kind of sex. I just talked up someone who I connected with and made the first move. That's absolutely essential because most men are afraid to do anything. After that it is usually game on for sex. Of course some men are so conflicted by what they have been taught, RELIGION, that they cant do anything with out feeling like they are doing something wrong. I really feel sorry for them.

By onthelose at 28,Feb,20 13:20
Yes just like many here I would suck you and more for free. There are , however conditions attached to who I have relations with. They are not related to money or personal status.

By onthelose at 28,Feb,20 12:13
I agree , its all fun and games until you cum and then not so much. After this happened to me a couple of times ,I started to think what it was like when I came in my girl friends pussy and she had to walk around with wet underwear after word . She never said a thing , but now I cant help but think I was pretty stupid then. Do you think that's the reason so many women don't like sex??

By onthelose at 27,Feb,20 17:56
Length for me There are ways to get a fatter cock. Maybe not permanent but fatter for awhile. But if I really could have my way, I would just want more opportunities to use my cock as it is in a lot more wet holes. I could be 12 inches by 9 inch girth but I still wouldn't be getting any sex ,just like now.

By onthelose at 23,Feb,20 23:57
Isn't it sad that you were made to feel embarrassed about something so natural. I am sure he jacks off to. Well, maybe he didn't care, he was just caught off guard.

By onthelose at 23,Feb,20 23:33
I don't care if they are fresh out of the shower, but you go right ahead and enjoy yourself. The only reason this happens now is because so many porn videos include it in the plot. It wasn't that long ago when we never saw or heard of this behavior. But like I said enjoy yourself.

By onthelose at 12,Feb,20 17:31
I forgot,, I have rubbed one out while in bed with my wife. If she heard she didn't comment. If she did its her problem to deal with. I also jacked off with a friend of mine when we went to an out of town auto swap meet and stayed overnight at a motel. I was hoping he would join me. He talks constantly about sex but seems reluctant to act on it. Sex with women that is. To bad because his wife told me he has a nine inch cock.

By onthelose at 12,Feb,20 17:25
I used to think that all women only use sex to get a man and have children. Once they get what they want that's the end off it . Now based on the MANY stories I read about the very same problem I am convinced it is the norm. No amount of bragging by other men is going to convince me otherwise. So if you are a horny woman you have to prove it to me numerous times to see if you really are truthful. I'm not holding my breath. As for guys, well most don't care about you or your needs. They just want to get off and don't want any conversation , just get me off so I can go back to what I was doing. I realize this could be one of the problems leading to how women view sex. That and religion.

By onthelose at 04,Feb,20 13:42
The only way to change a fantasy to reality is to act on it. Until you do its just fantasy. Of course a fantasy requires nothing and therefore is easy to continue with. Changing that is the difficult part because it involves some else and their ideas may not mesh with yours.

By onthelose at 04,Feb,20 13:36
I am with you phart. What I am really concerned about is finding some one who thinks I am a 12 and acts on it.

By onthelose at 04,Feb,20 13:31
I sorry if I presume to much, but I am sure you knew you what you were doing before you got drunk. You don't sound upset by what happened. Why not let him have you when you aren't wasted and enjoy the ride.

By onthelose at 04,Feb,20 13:19
Its not just societal , I just don't like every guy I come into contact with. Now women that's a totally different story. If I don't want to fuck them its because they are so huge or smelly or ugly in a non physical way. But not to worry they usually don't want anything to do with me anyway. Men like to fantasize about sex with other men but even though they are constantly horny, they seldom commit to having sex. In order to find that FWB you have to increase your odds by meeting many people. The internet helps but their are also a lot of men who are players and waste your time. The biggest problem with internet connections is men who are local. Most of my contacts are from some where far away.

By onthelose at 04,Feb,20 12:53
I prefer cut over uncut but that's just me. I didn't have a choice in the matter but don't think it was bad. Enjoy what you have and save your worries for things that really matter.

By onthelose at 31,Dec,19 16:58
I think you are misinformed, there are not enough gay men or women to affect how much sex women get. There are a substantial number of women who don't want sex of any kind , also reducing the number available to men.

By onthelose at 30,Dec,19 16:58
I am in the no reaction group and find it feels weird when a guy sucks my nipples. Not erotic by any means. By the ay LIX I would love to make those nipples as big and hard as you could stand.

By onthelose at 30,Dec,19 16:54
There is always some study that says you shouldn't do this or that. I wonder how we ever survived before these genius's started telling us how to live. How long before one of these Braine acks tell us that jacking off diminishes our ability to think and wants to ban it.

By onthelose at 30,Dec,19 16:32
I must have lead a pretty sheltered life because in my 72 years I have never come close to knowing anyone who would even consider doing this. I would of course but never have.

By onthelose at 26,Dec,19 17:14
For years I never even thought about what a mess I was leaving in my then girl friend and now wife when I came in her pussy. Later I realized what I was doing and used a condom. I really feel like a unfeeling ass when I think about how many times she had to wear a soggy underwear. I have to think that contributed to the fact that she now wants nothing to do with sex.

By onthelose at 26,Dec,19 17:06
If you are an adult you have to know sex happens. So why in the hell is everyone so surprised that people have sex when they get caught. Isn't sex common to everyone or are only a few allowed to have sex?? I'm not saying you shouldn't be discrete, show some class, But if someone doesn't respect your privacy and sees you having sex , isn't that on them?

By onthelose at 26,Dec,19 16:44
I guess I don't understand why when it is cold you all complain its so cold and when its warmer then you still think its bad. Its been raining here in phx. Az a lot, not normal but a welcome change. If that's what climate change brings I am all for it. Of course in the 60 s we were going through a new Ice age , go figure!!

By onthelose at 26,Dec,19 16:39
Well I guess if you don't ask you will never get an answer.

By onthelose at 04,Dec,19 16:35
I wonder why some feel the need to bare their soul when they know its going to cause problems. Maybe that's the whole point!

By onthelose at 30,Nov,19 10:30
Well, nowadays where women can have the government support them or they have a job, they don't want anything from a man. They will tell you they love your cock until they have your child , then its, I got what I want, Leverage over you, now go be a monk. Because if I'm not interested in sex you shouldn't be either. Porn, my god you would think its the end of the world. I just think they don't like the competition and if you get horny they don't want to have to let you fuck them.

By onthelose at 28,Nov,19 00:37
I love glory holes. Love sucking anonymous cock. To bad so many are closed up here. Its so easy!!! I f someone sucks my cock and I cum, I can walk away without feeling bad about returning the favor. I also like to suck cocks or not my choice. Its great for shy guys like myself.

By onthelose at 20,Nov,19 17:03
Well, I would wish for a bigger cock but I don't use mine for anything but jacking off , so where would that get me. How about more sex? yah that's it!! Wait,, who would I be having sex with? God only knows , since I cant seem to find a sex partner now. You know what ? I guess I am just satisfied with the way things are now. Just to many problems we never think about when we actually get what we think we want!!

By onthelose at 13,Nov,19 15:24
There was a time when GH were at many adult venues and I liked sucking and getting sucked a lot! For a shy person, its the perfect situation. Unfortunately GH have dried up around here. The prudes struck again!!! I suppose there is a small amount of risk associated with sticking your dick through a hole not knowing what's on the other side. I always looked at the person on the other side , through the hole, to see if it was some unsavory person.

By onthelose at 26,Sep,19 00:46
This is a very common question, usually posed by someone who wants conformation that they are bigger then normal. I mean just look at the hundreds of cock photos on here. Where do you fit in?

By onthelose at 26,Sep,19 00:43
I don't own a flesh light but I do own a pocket pussy. Its the same without the Cadillac price. It took some time to keep from Cumming right away . I had to practice and practice!!

By onthelose at 26,Sep,19 00:40
Maybe take your hands off of your cock. I always wonder what under the hands.