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Anal sex 29,Apr,19 19:32


By onthelose at 04,Dec,19 16:35
I wonder why some feel the need to bare their soul when they know its going to cause problems. Maybe that's the whole point!

By onthelose at 30,Nov,19 10:30
Well, nowadays where women can have the government support them or they have a job, they don't want anything from a man. They will tell you they love your cock until they have your child , then its, I got what I want, Leverage over you, now go be a monk. Because if I'm not interested in sex you shouldn't be either. Porn, my god you would think its the end of the world. I just think they don't like the competition and if you get horny they don't want to have to let you fuck them.

By onthelose at 28,Nov,19 00:37
I love glory holes. Love sucking anonymous cock. To bad so many are closed up here. Its so easy!!! I f someone sucks my cock and I cum, I can walk away without feeling bad about returning the favor. I also like to suck cocks or not my choice. Its great for shy guys like myself.

By onthelose at 20,Nov,19 17:03
Well, I would wish for a bigger cock but I don't use mine for anything but jacking off , so where would that get me. How about more sex? yah that's it!! Wait,, who would I be having sex with? God only knows , since I cant seem to find a sex partner now. You know what ? I guess I am just satisfied with the way things are now. Just to many problems we never think about when we actually get what we think we want!!

By onthelose at 13,Nov,19 15:24
There was a time when GH were at many adult venues and I liked sucking and getting sucked a lot! For a shy person, its the perfect situation. Unfortunately GH have dried up around here. The prudes struck again!!! I suppose there is a small amount of risk associated with sticking your dick through a hole not knowing what's on the other side. I always looked at the person on the other side , through the hole, to see if it was some unsavory person.

By onthelose at 26,Sep,19 00:46
This is a very common question, usually posed by someone who wants conformation that they are bigger then normal. I mean just look at the hundreds of cock photos on here. Where do you fit in?

By onthelose at 26,Sep,19 00:43
I don't own a flesh light but I do own a pocket pussy. Its the same without the Cadillac price. It took some time to keep from Cumming right away . I had to practice and practice!!

By onthelose at 26,Sep,19 00:40
Maybe take your hands off of your cock. I always wonder what under the hands.

By onthelose at 26,Sep,19 00:39
Smooth takes some getting used too. I like smooth however. It takes some maintenance to keep it smooth but its worth it.

By onthelose at 21,Sep,19 23:51
I don't think that in this christen country public nudity will ever happen on a large scale. California tried it and met with resistance from the prudes of the world. Supposedly the nude men were fouling up the chairs they set on, as if we don't wipe after we use the bathroom. Besides some people need to wear cloths. Some things just are to awful to see. Of course it could lead to some getting more fit!

By onthelose at 21,Sep,19 23:46
Finally someone who recognizes the danger of the up coming EV market. We have brown outs now when its to hot and everyone turns on their coolers. No solar and wind will not, in its current form ,provide enough power to offset the demand, considering the growth of the electrical demand in the states.

By onthelose at 03,Sep,19 16:36
I find that if I edge for several days I can get hard easier. I don't ply with my cock for days continually , I just rub it for a while until I feel like cumming and then stop until next time. Seems to keep me horny.

By onthelose at 30,Aug,19 16:58
My bad I see I already commented on this topic here.

By onthelose at 30,Aug,19 16:57
I always assume that if someone I know sees me here , I would say well you are on here too, so what are you saying???

By onthelose at 30,Aug,19 16:54
There will be a legit way to make your dick bigger some day. When that happens those that are big now will have their cocks tucked in there shoes, just so they can be the biggest around. Those of us who are normal will never be big enough!!!

By onthelose at 24,Aug,19 19:43
He also said I would need to have a blood test to see what my current levels were and see if that's really what I need.

By onthelose at 24,Aug,19 19:41
I have heard of men in the weight lifting world using steroids , a form of testosterone, and it lead to something called roid rage. Uncontrollable fits of anger. There are pills that say they will increase your testosterone but my doctor said they are either fakes or the doses are wrong and can lead to problems if not administered by professionals who are trained in those matters.

By onthelose at 24,Aug,19 19:33
I have seen youtube videos of Teslas taken on long trips with just auto pilot.

By onthelose at 24,Aug,19 19:32
I suppose you could but it wouldn't be advisable at this time. the car does have auto pilot but you are required to pay attention to the road. I do see a time when that will be possible, sooner then you may imagine. There will be a fleet of self driving taxis that wont have operators. I would guess that the taxi industry wont be happy about that, but the horse people weren't happy about the car either, and look where we are today.

By onthelose at 24,Aug,19 19:27
Absolutely just tell the computer where you want to go and it will take you there. You can also tell your car via your cell phone, to pick you up at the front of the store from its parking space. I have seen it done amazing. the car is hooked up to your phone and you can monitor it thru that device.

By onthelose at 24,Aug,19 19:23
Teslas have at least 20 cameras around the car. There definitely would be a record. As to the pothole they are programed to miss those kind of obstacles . I would think that was among the many things they are working on. I suppose it would be better to not have these cars and still have some fool hit that pothole and kill or maim people.

By onthelose at 24,Aug,19 19:18
They are however light years ahead of Goggle. I remember a women getting run over by a Goggle vehicle here in Tempe AZ when she crossed in front of the car at night. Sadly the driver wasn't paying attention and didn't break until it was all over. For those that don't know Goggle is trying to perfect their self driving car and is testing it , or was, here in AZ.

By onthelose at 24,Aug,19 19:13
I helped castrate many cows in the past. I don't know why but it didn't affect me then. They didn't seem to mind that but when we branded them they just about destroyed the squeeze shoot we had them in. I know inhumane but it had to be done and they all went on to live a healthy short life.

By onthelose at 24,Aug,19 19:03
Not really , the car is auto drive but they require that you have a hand on the wheel at all times. There is an automatous car close to production but it isn't quite ready yet. I could be wrong as youtube doesn't have many time stamps. Elon Musk plans on leasing cars to people and when the lease is over, take the car back and sell it as a self driving taxi as soon as the automatous part is approved for use on our highways and byways. He has a huge advantage over other EV manufacturers, because he is able to access all the million or more cars and their millions of miles driven, data to perfect his automatous car programs. Other car companies don't have that much real world hard data to draw from. By the way his company SPACEX will be the first on the moon and it wont be 50 years before he goes back and wont cost trillions of dollars like the USA spent in the recent past. Sorry this is just of great interest to me.

By onthelose at 19,Aug,19 16:24
I would if I were alone. haven't ever been in a motel or hotel room by myself. The people I travel with are all homophobes.

By onthelose at 17,Aug,19 18:36
Well how else are you going to show off your bigger then normal dick. Certainly cant walk around the mall that way.

By onthelose at 17,Aug,19 18:34
Bella, I am sure that many reduce their prices to attract your click and then give you an inflated shipping price to make a profit on the item you are purchasing. I think this is very common, not unlike buying a car from a dealer. I wonder how many just order it anyway thinking that's just what shipping is because they are completely ignorant of what real shipping costs are . eBay is like that. I always make sure I see shipping costs before I go any further.

By onthelose at 15,Aug,19 01:53
What possible difference could it make ? There are to many frauds, as is witnessed on the home photo page or should I say photo shopping page..

By onthelose at 14,Aug,19 17:38
I think that if someone is embarrassed about your nudity ,its on them.

By onthelose at 14,Aug,19 17:35
Cant believe that's not a normal part of sex with a woman. If its not then you need to get with the program and realize its not all about you and your needs. The same goes for men on men. Unless you are one of those men who just love sucking cock. I have been with women who thought that getting them off was the only thing I was there for and if I came it was just secondary.

By onthelose at 14,Aug,19 17:30
Not really, I would prefer to see it out in the open!!

By onthelose at 09,Aug,19 17:14
I don't mind a hairy cock if its trimmed. As for the tangled bush, well it just looks dirty to me. Just my preference, doesn't mean you cant do just as you wish.

By onthelose at 07,Aug,19 17:33
I agree on double list. Not much going on there.

By onthelose at 04,Aug,19 17:44
I think if someone I knew said to me I saw you on this site , I would say do you want to get together and do some thing?? After all aren't we all here for the same reason.. As to blackmail , How would that work? weren't they on this site themselves?
I did meet a fellow employee at a bath house once. It didnt come to much we just said Hi and went on our merry way.

By onthelose at 04,Aug,19 17:36
I would join but what are the benefits other then you are a part of a group of men your size or smaller. Now if there were regular meetings , then that would work for me.

By onthelose at 04,Aug,19 17:12
Very inciteful, but to many people cant think beyond their abilities. They always want to take, they think, the easy way out. If we just ban something that will cure every ill. Ask the Jews in Germany how that worked out for them????

By onthelose at 18,Jul,19 16:12
I concur with VERYSHYGUY. Very intelligent well thought out response. I do however still want a bigger dick. If you watch very much porn you would see that most men with big dicks don't even use half of their dick. There is more out of the pussy then I have in length.

By onthelose at 08,Jul,19 22:36
I certainly don't see you as a slut, which is meant to be derogatory. I would love to know some one who loves sex as much as I think you do. I would love to be your partner in sex .

By onthelose at 08,Jul,19 22:27
Having cum a lot in my life I know the extreme pleasure that provides and I love knowing that I am giving that to another person, just makes me feel good. I don't like it when someone forces their cock on me and thinks just because I suck cock I should suck theirs without an invitation.

By onthelose at 08,Jul,19 22:19
I was always more interested in lasting as long as I could. I had a pretty short fuse when I was young and horny all the time. What I would really like to do is cum fairly quick and then maintain enough interest to cum again whenever. Sadly, I seem to loose interest after Cumming. Do you think they will ever come with a pill that will make you cum more often if you want, or keep you interested enough to cum again like a women.

By onthelose at 08,Jul,19 22:08
Isn't it amazing there doesn't seem to be that many giant cocks ,like in the main page photo section. I know there are many growers.

By onthelose at 08,Jul,19 22:05
I have often cum in a shot glass but after I came I lost interest in drinking my cum. I have on many occasions swallowed other men's cum without any hesitation.

By onthelose at 27,Jun,19 15:54
I would think that those people who look at a x-ray screen all day have seen all kind of things over and over. I think it would be like being a doctor. Not much they haven't seen. Would they point out that you are wearing a cock ring probably just to embarrass you. So why take the chance, is the cock ring or other hard ware so important to you that you would want to be held up in line at the airport.

By onthelose at 19,Jun,19 17:08
SPERMKISS is right. I don't know if this is really true, but I was told by a doctor that regular ejaculations help keep prostate cancer away. I say get it while you can because it wont be there for ever.

By onthelose at 19,Jun,19 17:03
WOW, what man would risk any encounter at work in this ME TOO era.

By onthelose at 12,Jun,19 17:10
My thinking is , that if someone I know sees me here and says something to me about it , I would just say what were you doing on this sight if you are so pure??? Of course I don't know many people and because I am retired don't meet many new people , so I am not worried if they see me here.

By onthelose at 10,Jun,19 18:51
What's up with all the long leg underwear I see in men's department at the store. I wanted some g strings but there aren't any for men. I didn't even see ones for women.

By onthelose at 10,Jun,19 18:46
I have found that many men think performing anal is like having vaginal sex. NOT even close. If you are a newbie you have to train your ass , stretch it out enough, to even come close to enjoying anal sex.

By onthelose at 10,Jun,19 18:41
A lot of these people are porn stars and not what I am looking for. I have meet and had sex with men wearing women's cloths. Some were passable as women, most weren't. I would like to meet in person with a passable shemale for fun without haveing to spend money for the experience.

By onthelose at 10,Jun,19 18:37
I've had many good times at the bath house when it was open. Closed down now. I suppose you can get stds there just like you can get meeting someone at a bar or at work. Places where there is a lot of sex happening aren't necessarily going to be full of stds. The one I went to was mostly the same men and some brave women , who where your average person looking for the excitement of sex and release. I imagine if you didn't do things because they were risky you would do anything. Doesn't mean you should be careful.