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making sex better

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Started by #49032 at 01,Feb,10 23:59
what kind of things makes sex better. kinky stuff like people watching or oils role playing I would like to know what you think

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By #412225 at 31,Aug,13 19:02
once I was fingering my ass while have sex with the wife. that was good.

By #49676 at 02,Feb,10 09:14
Good comment, oldbugle.

Coolwee, more specifically I enjoy not getting into it fast and heavy right away. Have your partner play with your penis, lightly and gently. Have him / her tap it with their fingers, move it around, give it little licks.

Kinky stuff is great, as long as you and your partner are on the same page, as oldbugle mentions. My parter and I will tie one another up (not at the same time, that would be silly). special sex tape is good, it stick only to itself and not body hair or skin. I love tying up her breasts. Also, anal play can be absolutely fantastic. There is nothing quite like having a girl on top of you, with her breasts in your face as she fucks you with a well-lubed vibrator.
By #78364 at 05,Jun,10 23:55
Why has Joanne been deleted again shes done nothing wrong except tell the truth, why hasen't oldbugle been deleted for using this site for preying on the underaged, I don't understand
By oldbugle at 06,Jun,10 03:14 other posts of oldbugle 
.......Er,..perhaps because I DON'T "prey" on the underaged...?
By oldbugle at 07,Jun,10 05:16 other posts of oldbugle 

By oldbugle at 02,Feb,10 04:48 other posts of oldbugle 
Well it's a very good question that you have asked, but it's also a massive one which can, and does, fill many books. It's a bit like saying; "what can you do with a pencil and paper".......there are as many answers as there are people because we are all different and 'one mans meat is another mans poison'.......So whether you use the pencil and paper to jot down your shopping list or jot down ideas for a jet engine depends on who you are! Sex is just the same, except it ideally involves at least one other person and thus becomes a communication by definition.

Like all good communication there needs to be the willingness to exchange information and ideas,....not just 'do' or 'tell' the other party or simply take whats given. There MUST be real interaction in good sex.....that's the first major condition. Sex gets MUCH more exciting and interesting when your partner(s) want to give you pleasure/passion and are keen to receive yours.

So, if good sex is a communication and exchange of feelings and ideas then you need to have something to give to the other person(s)....this means making a study of sex by reading and also by thinking out carefully what you want to experience. Also, you should carefully extend your knowledge of your partner and get to know their inner needs and feelings about sex.......

.......Once you have done this you will have established a rich sexual relationship and then you won't need to ask any questions because there will be lots of things for you to enjoy together.

I've come to see that sex is a bit like flying;...... When you are young it's like being strapped to a rocket,..it's fizzing and hot!...the flights don't last very long and you don't have any control...just excitement! When you get into middle-age sex is like an old biplane,.....it has to be hand started and sometimes theres momentary engine trouble, but you can make nice flights around the aerodrome and go cross country to look at the scenary or fly up to look at the clouds and the best part is that you can take a companion with you to share the experience........

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