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The negative side of social media

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Started by Andthisisme at 25,Nov,17 16:29  other posts of Andthisisme
In London on Friday evening two men had an altercation on an underground railway platform. During this altercation a couple of 'bangs' were heard.
Suddenly people were fleeing from the underground, and the streets around Oxford street were chaotic streets were closed off as were two underground staions. There were around 16 injuries as a result of the panic.
Some one had reported the 'bangs' to the police and they were quickly on the scene.
It turns out there was no gunshot, no terrorist incident.

Here is my point, the majority of the people fleeing from a supposed terrorist incident were doing that as the result of posts on social media. Not news bulletins not official announcements. 16 people were injured because suddenly ordinary people were fleeing because of what was posted on social media about a terrorist attack that hadn't actually happened.

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By talk4s at 04,Dec,17 13:33 other posts of talk4s 
Personally, never cared for 'social media'. Anybody can say anything they wish, true or not. And since people are often liars, things like your example will happen. Worse than that has apparently happened to the 'good ole US of A' when social media was 'weaponized' by them dang Russkies! Who wudda thunk words cudda bin turned into 'weapons' on Facebook, Twitter, etc...and elected a man like trump...de dump?!...He will kill many more if simply thru his destroying the only medical care most Americans have ever had w/o paying a huge % of their monthly income...but...he will likely kill many more Worldwide if he uses his own, very personal...anger button. (football) And he does tend to get ANGRY every day...Yeah, social media has let a total loon into the White House and given him the keys to the country as well as to the 'magic' button that can make everyone's sunset have mushroom clouds in it...won't that be a purty sunset?...

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