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Started by jenndece at 11,Dec,17 09:53  other posts of jenndece
I'm happily marred 60 yo and never sucked a cock, I have been looking at these pics and get real excited and jack off a lot. What is the best way to make contact at a glory hole?

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By Boylover at 14,Apr,18 17:11 other posts of Boylover 
I went to a male porn cinema a couple of times, that has cabins with glory holes. Kinda exciting, sticking my boner through a hole, and have an unknown guy fondling my balls and sucking on my cock. Gave me tremendous orgasms.

By cumonme1 at 28,Mar,18 07:51 other posts of cumonme1 
I was about the same age when I decided I want to try sucking cock, so I went to a local adult sex shop and went to a video booth the glory holes were covered so I left my door unlocked and I stripped from the waist down. It wasn't long and a guy asked if he could join me I said sure thing, I told him to drop the pants he did and we played with each other's cocks. After several minutes he put his hand on my shoulder and gently pushed me down,and for the first time I went willingly I was very apprehensive but I found myself inches from his hard cock so I opened my mouth and took him in. I sucked him the way I like my cock sucked using my tongue and actually sucking on his cock t did this for several long minutes when he said he was going to cum so I sucked harder he was pumping his cock in my mouth face fucking me I felt his cock get even harder and it seemed to get longer then he put his hand on the back of my head and thrust his cock balls deep in my mouth as his cock spasmed I felt his warm cum filling my mouth I swallowed all he had and when he finished I licked his cock clean.
By ahiker86 at 14,Apr,18 11:48 other posts of ahiker86 

By Mazinga at 26,Mar,18 22:45 other posts of Mazinga 
If you were Single and living alone, you could
make your own Glory Hole with a moving blanket...

...install it over your door frame like a "curtain"
(your bedroom, or bathroom door).

...cut a hole into it, at average torso height
so that you (or the sucker dude) can sit in a
chair to easily suck dick through that hole
while sitting down.

...invite a buddy over, pretend to be a priest,
and let the "confessions" begin!

By Cuckcouple at 26,Mar,18 21:03 other posts of Cuckcouple 
I'm in Dayton Ohio how do I find them.

By spermkiss at 11,Dec,17 11:17 other posts of spermkiss 
As the cocksucker or the suckee?

If you want to be sucked, just put your dick thru the hole and wait for the cocksucker to go to town on it. And please, please, please, when you are ready to climax do not hold back or pull out. Give the cocksucker your load. He wants his reward.

If you want to suck, put your fingertips on the edge of the hole as an invitation for the man to put his dick thru. Then suck that cock and do it right. Take him to climax, accept his sperm and swallow it.
By horniperv at 13,Dec,17 19:17 other posts of horniperv 
By spermkiss at 14,Dec,17 11:12 other posts of spermkiss 
You bet it's fun. It's the ultimate anonymous sex. The two participants know nothing about each other and cannot even see each other. It's just a guy who wants to get his nut off and a cocksucker who wants a load. Pure sex done solely for the sake of having sex.

By 1972_Kallen at 26,Mar,18 11:14 other posts of 1972_Kallen 
would love to suck a few cocks and then let my cock being sucked.
Of cause i would let them climax in my mouth and swallow it.

By pasexjunkie at 14,Dec,17 09:58 other posts of pasexjunkie 
You are absoulutly right enjoy it

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