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Too big

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Started by #547177 at 09,Jan,18 18:45
Hey Ladies! Is it possible for a cock to be too big and just uncomfortable? Not that we have that problem but just wondering as it even hurts if he goes to deep with his?

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By licksipsuckit at 09,Jan,18 19:03 other posts of licksipsuckit 
l say no, because a little pain can be very pleasurable, l know some wouldn't like a huge cock in them, but l love it, l love the pain of being slammed to the hilt and the bigger the better... nothing like having your pussy filled and stretched to the max and feeling like you've been hit by a truck when youre finished *lix*
By hypoboy at 14,Jan,18 14:26 other posts of hypoboy 
hmmm... - but isn't your bf like around average of size. How do you know so well about that nice pain of bigger ones ;-)
By licksipsuckit at 14,Jan,18 17:48 other posts of licksipsuckit 
lve only been with my bloke for 2 years, the other 49 years lve been fucking all sized cocks, and l love big cocks, had many blokes that l visited regularly that had big cocks, l think lve had plenty of experience with cocks in my life time *lix*

By 2small2satisfy at 14,Jan,18 16:36 other posts of 2small2satisfy 
My wife agrees with lipsipsuckit said she has had some that caused a little discomfort but it was just because that weren't being careful enough. If your that big you just got to be a little respectful of that fact and be a little careful. But she won't even have sex with any guy under 8/9 inches

By hypoboy at 14,Jan,18 14:27 other posts of hypoboy 
the advantage of an average dick is that it fits any hole at any time hehe....

By 2nice at 09,Jan,18 20:58 other posts of 2nice 
I just had a conversation with one of my lady friends tonight about this very subject. She expressed displeasure for monster cocks. She explained that in the past she had experienced pain during and days afterward. Sex should be pleasurable and feel good for both individuals participating, she said.

By #547177 at 09,Jan,18 18:46
Just to clarify we have to have my legs pretty much behind my head for that to happen

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