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By 2nice at 27,May,20 23:16
Ian, is not your middle name.

By 2nice at 21,May,20 20:12
I was fueling up my Jeep this morning at 5 am, and across from me was another customer doing the same. Right when I was about to stop at $20, he ripped a big fart. Iím not sure if thatís ďpicture worthy ď, but it got my attention.

By 2nice at 17,May,20 15:36
Ok. Do you need an aspirin?

By 2nice at 12,May,20 19:57
💜 it.

By 2nice at 12,May,20 19:29
I love it when you talk dirty...

By 2nice at 12,May,20 17:26
I rarely post in the forum anymore, in particular this thread. Because that thing has a habitual tendency to derail any intelligent or interesting conversation. No matter the topic.

By 2nice at 12,May,20 12:23
I didnít initiate anything as I wasnít really there for that. I however didnít stop anyone that did initiate something.

By 2nice at 12,May,20 11:40
I will share a few experiences, but I wonít go into a lot of detail.

One night I was walking by a hot tub with three women in it. They called me over and each took turns giving me a blow job. Then they pulled me into the hot tub with them.

Another time while I was ordering a drink at a swim up bar, a woman spun around on her barstool and started blowing me. There were a hundred people around and everyone started cheering. Afterward a man approached me and said he sincerely hoped I wasnít offended by what his wife did. Funny how he asked me that after the fact.

I was once sitting on the ledge of the nude hot tub. A woman swam up to me, grabbed my cock and led me into a room behind a waterfall, where well...some things happened.

By 2nice at 12,May,20 09:53
I would have to agree with CC54 on this one. No. No wild monkey sex.

Not to say that it hasnít happened, but I was at Hedo and thatís about as far from the real world as you can possibly get.

By 2nice at 08,May,20 14:22
Most women would not frequent a nude beach alone for safety reasons.

By 2nice at 04,May,20 14:03
Lol. Probably not, bella.

By 2nice at 04,May,20 13:36
My landscaping service came out on Saturday.

By 2nice at 03,May,20 14:27
The way itís currently structured is justified. If the accused member chooses to post stolen images as their own, the account should be deleted. Otherwise there would be thousands of fake profiles here. Admin has done a bang up job curbing that inevitably with this system.

By 2nice at 22,Apr,20 11:13

By 2nice at 17,Apr,20 16:02
Oh, you rascal.

By 2nice at 01,Apr,20 07:34
There were markers on the floor, but some people clueless and careless.

By 2nice at 03,Mar,20 16:00
OMG!!!! Youíre not dead! I thought you were dead. Iím so glad you arenít dead.

By 2nice at 10,Feb,20 12:38

By 2nice at 09,Feb,20 13:56

By 2nice at 31,Jan,20 09:24
Címon over, weíll hunt together.

By 2nice at 25,Jan,20 07:08
No way in hell!!!

By 2nice at 21,Jan,20 14:42
Yes, the erosion has been exceptionally bad this week. The city was forced to close roads because the water is dangerously close to them.

By 2nice at 06,Jan,20 16:19
I went to a nude resort in Jamaica last summer. There were hundreds of people there, but as far as I could tell, I was the only man there with piercings. I received many looks and some wanted a close inspection, or wanted to touch them (which I greatly enjoyed). A great conversation starter. I enjoyed it throughly, and canít wait to go again this year.

By 2nice at 02,Jan,20 12:49
How in the hell does this get on the SYC main page?

By 2nice at 07,Nov,19 20:13
I am a manager that oversees many employees, Iíve always lived by...

Keep your pecker out of the payroll.

By 2nice at 29,Oct,19 20:12
Your rational is unfounded and basically irrelevant. I see no evidence that Trump only cares about himself. Nor...that he is uneducated about our past history. If by some chance he is, how is that in any way detrimental to us, and the advancement of our country today.

By 2nice at 29,Oct,19 11:27
All you snowflakes are pathetic. The reason why Trump is a good president is because he is not a politician. Politicians never accomplish anything.

By 2nice at 24,Oct,19 08:22
Living in Michigan is great aside from the winter season. I could really do without that. This fall season has been a cold one. I had to turn my furnace on way earlier this year. That typically means a cold winter is ahead. Oh goodie.

By 2nice at 22,Oct,19 17:00
No way possible. Monted couldnít put together a complete sentence. There are sentences on that profile. Itís quite obvious who it is, and I think itís .

By 2nice at 19,Oct,19 08:43

By 2nice at 11,Oct,19 19:23
There is NO WAY that pic is two years old. Did you mean to say two years ago you dug up a 40 year old polaroid and photoshopped the fuck out of it?

You see Candy, that sort of statement is why no one takes you seriously here. You are perpetually full of shit.

By 2nice at 02,Oct,19 13:15
There was no way that was Monted. He couldnít put a complete sentence together.

By 2nice at 02,Oct,19 12:26
Heís just seeking attention. Lame.

By 2nice at 01,Oct,19 17:34
I have to agree with phart, she's back already. Soon to be discovered because she's not intelligent enough to disguise herself.

By 2nice at 01,Oct,19 17:11
Ah...the elusive women on SYD/SYC.

What you need to understand is the male versus female ratio here is quite large. So female members are constantly bombarded with hundreds of messages daily. Most women are nude here, so therefore for some reason many male members feel its acceptable to treat them disrespectfully. Why grown men do not understand most women do not respond to that sort of behavior positively, escapes me. But, they deserve to be lonely. I expect many female members do not even bother to check their messages anymore. Another unfortunate is many "female" profiles are moderated by men. So, do not expect any interaction with them. Why do men do this? I have no idea, and don't understand it, but it is a reality here. Stray away from profiles that have polished or professional pictures. They are most likely fakes accounts.

My best advice to you is to stay active. Comment pleasingly on members pics, videos and blogs. Stay active in this forum. Float your favorite picture of yourself in the top banner. I've been a member here on and off for many years now. During that time I've only secured a handful of female members that I interact with regularly. All that being is well worth it.

Good Luck.

By 2nice at 01,Oct,19 15:46
Who would beg that hot mess to come back?

By 2nice at 01,Oct,19 11:16
It left. I feel as though we should throw a party.

By 2nice at 29,Sep,19 15:58
Sorry, but canít help but point out that looks like Candy. Was this video taken in Florida by chance?

By 2nice at 26,Sep,19 06:43
Nope. Not yet.

By 2nice at 21,Sep,19 13:38
As we all know, it is the same person.

By 2nice at 16,Sep,19 19:17
You know itís Candy, dude. She ALWAYS has to have the last say in any argument. And...itís always stupid.

By 2nice at 16,Sep,19 19:02
Why did you unblackist me? It was most peaceful for a moment there. You are such an annoying and predictable fuckwipe. Create a blog only to talk to yourself. I suppose it makes sense, since no one else will talk to you. Always the victim. Pathetic.

By 2nice at 14,Sep,19 15:00
The intention of this thread is to name someone.

By 2nice at 14,Sep,19 14:56
This thread is unhealthy.

By 2nice at 13,Sep,19 17:26
She thinks sheís smarter than all of us, and we canít put 2 and 2 together.

Epic Fail!

By 2nice at 13,Sep,19 17:24
They still make Fruit of the Looms?

By 2nice at 13,Sep,19 14:44
Scorps, youíre talking to the same person. Thatís her trolling profile.

By 2nice at 12,Sep,19 08:51
Not all piercings, just the Prince Albert type. Yeah, itís one of the side effects.

By 2nice at 11,Sep,19 18:51
Please take your LAME ASS anywhere else. Fucking ridiculous.

By 2nice at 11,Sep,19 18:45
Who gives a fuck.