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By 2nice at 16,Jul,19 13:28

By 2nice at 16,Jul,19 13:22
I have ran across that memberís profile myself. There are photos that elude to the husband/boyfriend/stepfather has sexual relations with the daughter. Yes, I agree...fucked up.

By 2nice at 16,Jul,19 12:16
I think itís highly unlikely anything would travel up your urethra.

By 2nice at 12,Jul,19 04:39
Same here. Never seen one, nor participated.

By 2nice at 08,Jul,19 12:55
One of my pet peeves too.

By 2nice at 06,Jul,19 14:34
I kind of doubt that.

By 2nice at 06,Jul,19 10:55
Oh god, yuck.

By 2nice at 06,Jul,19 10:53
Are you serious?

By 2nice at 30,Jun,19 19:31
Completely agree, man.

By 2nice at 28,Jun,19 12:36
I donít understand it, but I donít pass judgment. Some people would say the modifications Iíve done to MYSELF are repulsive. Some people take it to the next level for reasons only they know.

By 2nice at 27,Jun,19 12:05
I kind of would like to have an answer on this myself.

By 2nice at 21,Jun,19 17:01
Well, after taxes they each get 7 mil. Iím sure sheís a tad happy.

By 2nice at 21,Jun,19 12:46
I donít remember that, but I can only imagine. Fairy has had me rolling many times with her shopped pics.

By 2nice at 21,Jun,19 12:41
Mostly because they were/are not funny.

By 2nice at 21,Jun,19 11:55
See? I told you.

By 2nice at 21,Jun,19 11:39
Oh gee, I wonder...

By 2nice at 21,Jun,19 09:17
It happened.

By 2nice at 19,Jun,19 13:19
I'm #11. Yea!

Too bad the blacklisting only lasts two days. It's so refreshing when I don't have to see her skank all over the place.

So, bella! is #1, I bet.

By 2nice at 18,Jun,19 12:27
That menu looks great. They even have sushi.

By 2nice at 18,Jun,19 11:32
Bass Pro Shops sell food?

By 2nice at 18,Jun,19 07:25
This meeting is sounding more and more like a cheesy western movie.

By 2nice at 16,Jun,19 13:09
Neck and neck.

By 2nice at 15,Jun,19 20:40
I for one, missed, Coyote Boy. 😋

By 2nice at 15,Jun,19 20:38
He was, without a doubt. But, this one....

By 2nice at 15,Jun,19 14:18
No, not what I meant. There is an ACTUAL cheesy dick on the main page.

By 2nice at 15,Jun,19 13:57
Did you see the cheesy dick on the main page? 🤮

By 2nice at 15,Jun,19 13:45
Nobody responds to her, because everyone is tired of her. So, she just talks to herself. Serious wackafuck.

By 2nice at 13,Jun,19 16:50
I told five people I know.

By 2nice at 13,Jun,19 16:01

By 2nice at 09,Jun,19 15:35
Bella and I have beautiful waters here, but no seafood. Just fresh water species. Salmon and Whitefish.

By 2nice at 09,Jun,19 15:31
No shrimp in Michigan.

By 2nice at 08,Jun,19 09:07
I agree. Her threads should have went to the dumpster long ago. What kind of a deranged lunatic creates a thread only to talk to themselves?

By 2nice at 06,Jun,19 13:57
You shouldíve gifted her once more for a proper banner.

By 2nice at 06,Jun,19 12:54
No, I do not. Most of the menís butt crack pictures here gross me out. They usually have their cheeks spread so wide you could drive a truck up there.

By 2nice at 06,Jun,19 12:34
I donít think I can talk about BUTT CRACKS.

By 2nice at 06,Jun,19 12:13
For the record, I do not spy for anyone.

By 2nice at 05,Jun,19 19:48
You have been exposed, even though everyone already knew it.

So, lame.

By 2nice at 05,Jun,19 19:39

As far as stupid.

By 2nice at 05,Jun,19 19:29
This is old school, but I think sheís more annoying than MONTED.

By 2nice at 05,Jun,19 18:39
Hello, Candy. I see the Crazy Wagon is back in town. But...I suppose it never left.

By 2nice at 05,Jun,19 10:09
So, Mrs. CC54 is a fat ass with saggy tits, huh? You better schedule that cataract surgery, Chuckles. Looks to be getting quite serious.

By 2nice at 05,Jun,19 09:51
Iíve never been so happy being blacklisted before. I know it wonít last, but Iíll enjoy it until the Crazy Wagon rolls back into town.

By 2nice at 05,Jun,19 09:45
Yes, he left the site some time back.

By 2nice at 04,Jun,19 07:32
The crazy loon blacklisted me too. Iím glad though, Iím no longer subjected to her whackafuck ramblings.

By 2nice at 03,Jun,19 20:18

By 2nice at 03,Jun,19 16:30
Thatís what she/it does. The wheels on the Crazy Wagon go round and round, round and round.

By 2nice at 03,Jun,19 13:22
The ďtaggingĒ feature would get abused and fail epically in the first two minutes. Many members would go around and auto-tag those they dislike to spite them.

By 2nice at 02,Jun,19 16:28
Itís unfortunate that you experienced a skin irritation from the rings. Who knows why, or how that could happen. I have heard of neoprene irritation of the skin before.
But, with Surgical Steel, I have not. Irritation with piercings, yes, but never just laying against the skin.

Like you, I wear mine 24/7/365 without issues.

By 2nice at 02,Jun,19 16:11
I bet you stay with the wide ones.

By 2nice at 02,Jun,19 13:50
Even that motorcycle of yours?