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Our first M.M.F date....any ideas?

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Started by HisGirl at 01,Feb,18 09:59  other posts of HisGirl
Does anyone have ideas for a MMF date? It is our first one.

I'm thinking movies since we can all three sit together.

Another option is playing pool (neither of us is any good but a good social gathering).

Bowling. It gives all three time to talk to one another while one bowls.

Just a casual Saturday evening date. (Say 6-ish on til about 11 pm) Not wanting a bar or club. That's obviously too predictable.

Any thoughts?
The 3 are a BF/GF couple and the "plus 1" is a guy friend of hers.

Everyone has already met once last Fall in a pub for about 3 hours. This is technically our 2nd date. The first was for introductions.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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New Comment

By spermkiss at 04,Feb,18 13:43 other posts of spermkiss 
I got so caught up in my exchange with 61-69 that I kinda forgot about the original poster. So, HisGirl, have you had your MMF date yet? If so, how'd it go?

By olderbro at 02,Feb,18 22:12 other posts of olderbro 
I vote for bowling or pool, like you say it gives plenty of time for chat.. unlike a movie though still fun.
So refreshing to here somebody talking about doing something other than gearing up for sexnight LOL.
Hope it's a great night!

By 61-69 at 01,Feb,18 10:49 other posts of 61-69 
Is this with a view to a sexual get together at a later date?
By spermkiss at 01,Feb,18 11:57 other posts of spermkiss 
A very good question. And the obvious continuation is if the two gentlemen would be devoting their sexual attention and energies just to the lady or would they direct some to each other. Either way, it would be a big win for the lady. She would enjoy being the center of attention in the case of the former and in the latter, she would find seeing man-on-man sex to be a Major Turn On. I speak from experience on this.
By 61-69 at 01,Feb,18 19:39 other posts of 61-69 
My only MMF encounter wasn't planned at all. I was with a girl at a party in a private room when a guy walked in, got naked and just joined in. I was rubbing her clit as he fucked her when his cock slipped out and across my hand, and without thinking I just grabbed it and guided him back in as I would my own. I was shocked at myself and apologised but he said don't worry, it's ok. I got braver and was licking her as he fucked her when the same thing happened, but this time his cock went straight into my mouth. Instinct took over and I just started sucking his hard pussy juice covered cock. We sucked and licked each others cocks and balls while she watched us, fingering herself like crazy. I think she enjoyed it, just as the girl in your (fingers crossed) MMF get together will.
By spermkiss at 01,Feb,18 19:53 other posts of spermkiss 
"...I just started sucking his hard pussy juice covered cock." Pal, I got a hard-on reading that. Even better would be if he shot his load in her and pulled out and put his jizz and pussy juice covered cock in your mouth. Then you could turn to her and eat his load out of her pussy.
By 61-69 at 01,Feb,18 20:05 other posts of 61-69 
Haha, yeah, I look back wearing rose tinted spectacles, but unfortunately we were all drunk. But, it made me interested enough in cock to go to the gay sauna a few times where I had lots of fun. I'd have preferred if it had been MMMFFF, but MMM was great anyway, inhibitions right out of the window.
By spermkiss at 02,Feb,18 11:27 other posts of spermkiss 
It's so refreshing to encounter a (mostly) straight gentleman who is so confident about his sexuality that he is comfortable doing a bit of switch hitting. I'm a major proponent of that. And I get a certain amount of flack from straight guys when I give them a little push in that direction. But it cuts both ways. I also think gay guys should have an occasional go with a woman. And I sometimes get flack from gay guys when I say so. Hell, I'm as gay as pink ink, but I've fucked pussy and I've been down there lapping up that pussy juice. Yum.

You might want to pull up my Forum post "Things Every Man Should Do at Least Once".
By 61-69 at 02,Feb,18 19:52 other posts of 61-69 
Thank you! I haven't always been so confident, I think the older you get, the less fucks you give. I've had a few lean periods without girlfriends, or sometimes sexless relationships, and the old "if I knew then what I know now" thing kicks in, so needless to say I'd have been sucking cocks and being sucked off by other men. It's all academic though, the past is the past, but I'm happy to have had my feet on both sides of the fence. I'm sure lots of men and women will still be fantasising about it as they draw their last breath.

By spermkiss at 01,Feb,18 12:04 other posts of spermkiss 
Not much more than "Go for it!" When I was in my early thirties and had been an out gay man for more than ten years I had an affair with a lady. In addition to really broadening my sexual perspective, it gave me some experience with MMF dates (and sexual encounters), as she and I had quite a few of them. See my reply to 61-69.

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