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Incognito Cruising In Public

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Started by Mazinga at 31,Mar,18 05:21  other posts of Mazinga
As the title suggests: discrete ways of cruising in public
WITHOUT looking so damn obvious. -lol-
You know, the sekret handshakes, winks, verbals, and
self lip-licking. Stuff like that.

My favorite is the "sekret handshake"... that's done
whenever I meet a stranger in a casual setting out
in public, on first introduction. It's quite low-key.

As I'm about to shake hands with him, my middle finger
gently teases or tickles the center of the guy's palm
for just a very short split second before our hands
clasp together in the normal handshake.

Bonus points for eye-contact made at the same time,
along with a smile.

This method works for me whenever I meet gay strangers.
And it has also rung a few bells whenever I've met
Straight guys (for better, or worse).

What methods do You use (for men, for women)?

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By #553253 at 02,Apr,18 08:11
By Mazinga at 02,Apr,18 13:32 other posts of Mazinga 
now THAT is as bold plain English as it gets!

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