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sex in public??

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Started by #151990 at 27,Apr,11 08:18
Just recently had sex for the first time in public, in a wooded area in a local park. It was an interesting experience not sure it's for me though but it made me think i know a lot of people out there do it, and was wondering if any one had stories to tell that could change my opinion on it.
Ever been caught in public?
Anyone exclusive to sex in public?

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By #573046 at 25,Dec,18 08:46
I had oral sex in a public few times before. One time it was summer and me and my gf were outside walking in the park. There was a lot of people around. We went to sit on a bench near the walkway.My gf was wearing skirt just to her knees long. I hugged her and we started kissing while sitting on bench. I started touching her, my hands went under her skirt. I rubbed her pussy until it was soaking wet. I asked her to take off her panties. She did and I dived under her skirt. My head was covered by her skirt and I started licking her pussy. For 15 minutes I ate her pussy under her skirt, while people walked around. Then she reached orgasm and I sat back to my place.
Other time it happened at the beach. There was people around as well. We lied next to each other and she started massaging my dick. I got hard and asked for her to suck me. She got embarrased but I told her I will cover that.She put her head on my crotch and I covered her head with a big towel.She sucked my dick under that for almost ten minutes until I came in her mouth.

By #532695 at 19,Jul,18 21:43
"But if you have sex out in the open with others around, you are just asking to be watched."

Do that, you're not asking to be watched, you're asking to be arrested. Sex in public is fucking stupid, and if you do it, you're an idiot.
By CumHungryBBPig at 06,Nov,18 04:29 other posts of CumHungryBBPig 
What a FUCKING IDIOT, why would such a zerpo dick as yourself be on this site? obviously asking to be watched about as appealing as a old hairy man in a black bra gets YUK!
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By Lenatur at 06,Nov,18 00:59 other posts of Lenatur 
She suck me in a public Park. Two older Ladies watching us .

By #571058 at 05,Nov,18 11:50
Wife and I fucked on a picnic table in a park nearby. Table was close to road and out it the open. Had a great time!

By #568296 at 28,Sep,18 02:39
My mate took me to the woods and behind some bushes he fucked me.

By #550094 at 19,Jul,18 21:50
I used to do the typical outdoor woods cruise scene
several years ago.
I've had my fun. It was good while it lasted.
Life goes on, and so must I.

Since then I no longer go out there hooking up with
strangers; ya never know if the stranger could be
a friendly cruiser, a cop, or a creep.

Nowadays if I go out there, I go alone to a secluded area
where I can hide in the foliage or climb up a dense tree
and huff my poppers while I bate... ALONE.

By leopoldij at 19,Jul,18 18:28 other posts of leopoldij 
Pubic sex

By #552392 at 19,Jul,18 12:26
My friend and I were having sex in his lounge when his **** and friends walked in.
By spermkiss at 19,Jul,18 15:44 other posts of spermkiss 
Did they join in?

By Scottbill69 at 12,Jul,18 10:15 other posts of Scottbill69 
I jerked off with school mates back in the day in some local woods and really enjoy having my cock out in fresh air . So nowadays with bf we sometimes do it against a tree , or even in car in an isolated place we know . Never been caught , although perhaps we may have been watched without knowing

By #316255 at 09,Jun,13 19:45
Sex in the great outdoors can be very stimulating. People watching, not so much but, hey, what can you do (other than stopping and telling them to bugger off).
By sinanff47 at 16,Jun,13 02:56 other posts of sinanff47 
"What can you do" you ask?
You could ask them to join you.
You could ask them 'get to it' themselves, and others may follow.
You could ask them to 'play lookout' for you.
You could ask them to 'rate' your performance.
... OK, I'll stop here, but ...
By #328554 at 16,Jun,13 11:54
Hmm I still think I'd go with Emm and tell them to bugger off.

Let me explain why...?

You could ask them to join you. I have my cock inside and we're having sex, why would I want them to join in?
You could ask them 'get to it' themselves, and others may follow. I have my cock inside and we're having sex, why would I want them to 'get to it', and hope others may follow? I only have one cock, how much better could it be than what I'm already doing?
You could ask them to 'play lookout' for you. I have my cock inside and we're having sex, why would I want them to play lookout? For all I know they may encourage others to come watch and then I have more folks to tell to bugger off.
You could ask them to 'rate' your performance. I have my cock inside and we're having sex, why should I give a crap how well they think we're performing?
By #316255 at 16,Jun,13 13:50
Bloody hilarious Too funny! Bugger off it is, then.
By spermkiss at 18,Jun,13 12:12 other posts of spermkiss 
I gotta ask, if you don't want to be seen, why have sex in public? Putting on a good sex show is one of the real joys of having sex in public. The more who watch, the better it is.

Think about it this way. The people watching are enjoying your sex along with you. They are deriving pleasure from seeing your pleasure. This has a synergistic effect in that the pleasure you are giving them adds to your own pleasure which in turn adds even more to their pleasure and so on.
By #328554 at 18,Jun,13 13:35
Enjoying the sun on your arse doesn't necessarily mean exhibiting. Lots of folks enjoy outdoor or public sex, however they do not want to be seen nor do they derive pleasure from being seen, hence they tell watchers to bugger off.

Now if I wanted to put on a show publicly I'd place a hat to one side and expect a small contribution to show appreciation from those watching (were talking a cash contribution too, not some guys jizz juice), I'd call it sexual busking. I might also suggest an accordion player accompany us to add a musical flourish to the act, it might also help to gloss over the less interesting bits of our performance.
By #200265 at 04,Feb,15 18:31
It's just that I find music puts me off my stroke, otherwise it's all good.

By #316255 at 18,Jun,13 16:56
Spontaneity doesn't immediately mean you want to be watched for hours on end. By different people. You get lost in your partner then notice people watching but, sometimes, you just don't give a damn. Still doesn't mean you want people to stop and watch.
By spermkiss at 18,Jun,13 18:15 other posts of spermkiss 
Yes, I can understand that you could be out-of-doors in the sunshine and just get carried away and want to have full on sex with your partner without being seen. But if that's the case, then you should at least go to a venue that affords some privacy so that people will have to make an effort to see you. If they do violate your space, first politely ask them to leave. Only if they do not should you say bugger off.

But if you have sex out in the open with others around, you are just asking to be watched. Some people really enjoy that and I am one of those people. Having people watch me adds enormously to my own pleasure. And I don't care what they do while they watch. If guys want to jack off while watching me have sex, that's fine with me.

By leopoldij at 12,Jul,18 10:11 other posts of leopoldij 
This is a good explanation except it doesn't work like that for many

By #553253 at 04,Apr,18 08:21

By #527709 at 22,Jan,17 02:24
I like to masturbate while my curtains are open. One day I caught a guy staring in through my window holding his Dick in his hand jerking it. I enjoyed this so much that I pretended not to see him. I pulled out my dildo and gave him a show

By licksipsuckit at 03,May,15 09:59 other posts of licksipsuckit 
its always a thrill to fuck in public, getting caught is the Murphys Law side of fucking, why fuck in public if you don't want to get caught??? doesn't matter where you go, someone will always find you and spring you...very rarely do l not get caught, and haven't had anyone ask me to stop as its offending them either...*lix*

By swvsucker at 09,Feb,14 19:36 other posts of swvsucker 
I suck a lot of cock in public places like parks, in cars in parking lots and in public restrooms. I don't particularly like inviting strangers to my house so sucking them off for the first time in a public place is usually how it happens.

I sucked off a guy at a park last fall that gets off on public exhibition. By public I mean PUBLIC. He likes to be seen playing with his dick and does it in places where he will most definitely be caught. He sent me some pics of his big dick and I was all in for sucking anywhere he wanted me to. We met at a roadside park with cars passing by every minute or two and he stood by a tree, droped his pants and told me to get busy. As soon as I saw that beauty I didn't hesitate and dropped to my knees right there, 20 yards from the road with nothing in between us and passing cars and sucked his slow and deep. He took his time cumming, maybe 5 or 6 minutes, then pulled out and blasted my face with a big load of cum. There is no doubt that at least a few of the 15 or 20 cars that passed by looked over and saw. It was hot as hell.

By #391221 at 09,Feb,14 17:04
Me and my wife fucked in a mini van around the corner from our house. The street light on the corner was out. A couple of people walked by. It was pretty hot.

By #342104 at 18,Jun,13 14:58
I want to see my mother getting fucked in open public area
By #328554 at 18,Jun,13 15:30
By #316255 at 18,Jun,13 16:54
I concur. That is gross.
By Ray10754 at 18,Jun,13 18:23 other posts of Ray10754 
There is one in every croud

By #153742 at 09,Jun,13 19:27
747 bathroom over the Pacific en route to Hong Kong

By Dover69 at 14,Jul,12 14:09 other posts of Dover69 
i had sex with an ex in a church toilet

By #113591 at 14,Jul,12 14:01
I was in the middle east and got sucked off in a smoking area in public! She swallowed every drop!

By SydP at 09,May,11 01:33 other posts of SydP 
I used to masturbate in my (private) back yard many times. It felt good with the sun, or the cool wind blowing across everything. I had trouble getting my ex wife to do it, she was weirded-out by it so we didn't bother. But last year my new girlfriend was very into us doing it on the beach at night, spontaneously, and it was awesome. We still talk and smile about it, so I'm sure we'll do it again...and again...

By metalpig at 28,Apr,11 05:47 other posts of metalpig 
once my wife and i fucked in amoutain park,I felt very exited,an my cork becamed hadrder than even.

By #1047 at 27,Apr,11 08:48
my gf and i went to a nearby park and we fucked on a bench.she wore a mini skirt so that everything would be easy to get was dark out so you couldnt tell if someone was standing nearby and watching.her whole body would tighten up everytime a car drove by.mmmmm that was so much fun

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