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The very moment of truth (humilating or sexy as hell?)

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Started by hypoboy at 13,Apr,18 21:46  other posts of hypoboy
the moment of truth: humilating or sexy as hell?

what happens with you when you are in that very moment of realizing that you are the one with the (much much) smaller dick?

now there is no way back anymore, you both know it, you both see it and his is so laaarge and thick that it is totally unreal to you and you can touch it and feel it how big and fat it is. you cannot close your own hand around it and it's longer than anything you have ever seen before. it's far from anything you will have ever hanging down yourself and you cannot believe how much bigger he is than you. even if you look at the the pics later it will remain unbelievable to you how much more cock volume he had than you....

for me those moments of truth were always endlessly horny and never humilating!
the moment of truth is such a thrill for your biggest sex organ: your brain but also for your ego and your happy eyes. i guess the context is very important. if he is the one you have been dating for some mutual comparison fun it will the hottest night ever. if he expected you to be more hung than him it could be the shortest meeting ever. if he is the man of your dreams you are in heaven and if he's the new lover of your wife it could be your most painful night as a involuntary spectator of another kind haha...

have you experienced some great moments of truth, in which context and did you feel in that very moment?
(oh, and the large guys can describe it from their point of view)

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By JimmyB at 14,Apr,18 00:50 other posts of JimmyB 
Well If he's bigger than me enough to go wow my dick looks small, then I can only be impressed. I'm kind of long, but only of modest girth. Actually, I often feel my dick is a little pencilish, it looks longer and skinnier irl than in the pictures. Sometimes I think it's comical. It was worse before I lost over an inch to getting fat. My urethra also isn't very pronounced either so It can look very flat from the side irl, again kind of comical. Do I care? No. I still laugh at it sometimes.

If he's considerably smaller than me, whatever. As long as it feels good when you cum who cares about size, shape or even look? Are some dicks better looking than others? Yes. Does it matter when they are balls deep in ass, pussy, or mouth? No! Just find a way to best use it.

But honestly size isn't really a big deal to me. I'm a realist though, you have what you have and you can't change it so you may as well make the best of it. Maybe I'd feel a little embarrassed or awkward if he was considerably smaller than me, and was obviously disturbed or embarrassed by it. If only because I'm already terrible at handling that sort of thing and would feel bad. I'd do everything I can to make him forget about it though. And I do find a lot of small penises aesthetically pleasing. Well average and big ones too. I like all dicks regardless of their dimensions, as long as their owners are happy with them. If they aren't, I'll try to rectify that problem with my mouth, hands, ass, dick whatever it takes.

Besides, the body attached to your dick is pretty good, I'd give up an inch to be back to any sort of healthy weight. And yes, I know I'd get the inch back getting rid of the fat burying it. Shh you.
By hypoboy at 14,Apr,18 06:09 other posts of hypoboy 
very nice said, man! thanks for your insights...

By Darthshame at 14,Apr,18 00:54 other posts of Darthshame 
Always scary, because I'm not that big, but I haven't had a negative experience yet with a guy or girl.

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