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King of the Mountain game rigged??

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Started by allnatural at 16,May,18 18:22  other posts of allnatural
How can one guy keeping jumping out to a 50+ point lead every time the game resets? It takes all the fun out of the game.

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By admin at 16,May,18 19:34 other posts of admin 
That's called clanning. You do realize it's a group game and alone you do not stand a chance no matter what rules are? You need to find allies and figure out how to make it work.

Still, I thinks I will change the rules slightly to make it more competitive...
By allnatural at 17,May,18 10:50 other posts of allnatural 
I see. If that's the case then its not really much different from photo of the month, except it resets much quicker requiring you to pester and annoy your friends more often.

It might be more competitive if only people in the contest are allowed to vote in the contest. Perhaps also create tiers where once you win at the lower level you move to the next tier, and when someone wins at a higher tier, the lowest scores in that tier get pushed down to a lower tier. Just food for thought.
By admin at 17,May,18 11:20 other posts of admin 
You can't win a social game by being alone. By definition. There is no way around this, no matter how you cut the rules.

The only game that is not social here is this one - /imagebid.php But then again, those who have better Internet connection and more points will always have huge advantage over others.
By allnatural at 18,May,18 00:53 other posts of allnatural 
Maybe it should be called committee of the mountain then since there can be only one king... LOL

I like the tweak you made. I'm curious to see how that changes the dynamics.
By admin at 18,May,18 07:41 other posts of admin 
It's called so because I did not invent it, it existed long ago. only registered users can see external links
By allnatural at 18,May,18 11:22 other posts of allnatural 
I'm just joking. only registered users can see external links

By allnatural at 18,May,18 12:11 other posts of allnatural 
I used to play a team version of this game back when i was in grammar school. I'm not sure how that could work in this scenario, but its an interesting idea.

Thanks for the quick responses. I think the change you made will improve game play.

By HotPussy_WetNoodle at 06,Mar,19 17:35 other posts of HotPussy_WetNoodle 
It might give the players a better chance to stay on top if more than one vote session is available in a 24 hr time span. I don't have a group following and I've been playing for a while. As far as I can see, no one is ever on top for more than a few hours at most. Mathematically, it should be possible to amass enough point to remain on top or close to it, but no one is king/queen for long. I usually manage to get on top every voting chance i get but it gets old to do it every day without being able to fight a challenge. As i said b4, maybe with 2 or 3 daily chances to vote it may get interesting.

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