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I have been thinking of quitting.

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Started by champstamp at 16,May,18 22:07  other posts of champstamp
Hello everyone I want to say that this is a very good website and one thing that makes it so good is you guys and girls. There are some amazing people on here Iíve had the pleasure to interact with.

I have been a member for about 3 weeks or so and for over two weeks I have been ďtemporarilyĒ banned from choosing upload picture categories because a few of my pictures were flagged as being in the wrong category and that is fair.
Not being able to choose a category when uploading makes it so your pictures do not show up on the main pages and the only way anyone can see your pictures is if they click on your name.

I went from my new uploads being viewed by a lot of people which by the way is what makes the experience so good. I have uploaded a lot of pictures and unless Iím out there promoting my new uploads a day or two can go by with them having no views.
I decided to wait and see how long this takes to go away. It has become like an STD and wonít go away.

I know Iím not a popular or veteran members but I wonder how many others have either quit over this because itís extremely discouraging or are going through what I am and their pictures arenít being recognized or missed.
I really wish I could experience the first few days after creating my account and getting comments and compliments from people and welcoming to the site.

I would like to state again that rules are rules but most importantly the community here is a great one and I cannot say that I have had any negative experiences with ANY of the members.

Thanks to all who have commented, complimented and criticized my work. Interaction and exposure is what makes this place great.

Iím not making this looking for sympathy or anything and I havenít decided that Iím quitting for sure but from the day that this ban went into effect the experience has changed dramatically. Itís been like going from living in a busy city to moving to a farm in the middle of nowhere.

This post was mainly made to show my appreciation for the community and the ability to show your self in a way that you normally canít. To be seen and appreciate but also criticized which I think is what makes you better at the task.
Another important reason is for those who Iíve regularly chatted with and the few that are on my friends list and that if they donít see me on anymore perhaps they can see this post and know why

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By Andthisisme at 17,May,18 08:49 other posts of Andthisisme 
I didn't realise that if photos were flagged up as being miscategorised that the posting member had a temporary suspension of their ability to upload. So i have learnt something.

The major issue here though is one that many of us men face, being noticed. There are so many males posting so many photos everyday that it takes something to make a particular member to stand out from the crowd. I have been a member of around 6 years and long ago accepted that i will not get huge views. What is gratifying is the members who return frequently to check out my profile and the generous comments.

You can either accept the reality that being noticed is so hard or continue to look for the end of the rainbow. I say just enjoy the site.
By champstamp at 17,May,18 18:34 other posts of champstamp 
Iíll give you some advice. It is even more important when choosing the main category (normal dicks) that the pictures contain just a dick. I had loaded a few pictures bent and took pictures of my back (ass) but with dick tucked so balls and dick were clearly visible. I categorized them as normal dicks. I now know i shouldn5 have and I did mess up on that and I totally understand people go to that category to just see dicks.

So my advice is be careful and cautious especially when choosing main(normal dicks) category. If youíre not sure go to misc.

If you go to FAQ /faq.html

And read the question ďWhy my pics are being flagged as "wrong category"? Why I loose points over this?Ē

It explains there about it. Also click on ďwhat typically gets flaggedĒ to get an idea.

I wish someone had told me but I was new to the site and had to learn the hard way ::

By licksipsuckit at 16,May,18 22:46 other posts of licksipsuckit 
its not a harsh rule to post your pics in the right category, l guess the male side is more competitive and everyone wants a place on main page, but you need to start learning more about the site and meeting people and making friends, than relying on the main page to bring you traffic, there are blokes here who post magnificent pics, that get absolutely no exposure because their pics aren't solely of their cock, and who deserve much more exposure.. the rule is to make people aware of their actions and get you posting to the right spot early so as not to push off people who do the right thing. you wont always get lots of traffic, when youre new, you do get lots of greetings, but if you don't put in an effort with your pics or relations here, you want get any one calling by, if you want comments and votes, you have to give comment and votes, they don't just come out of thin air. there are real people here and we all like to be seen or we wouldn't be here.. its up to you to get seen and make yourself interesting enough to deserve the attention.. *lix*
By champstamp at 16,May,18 23:03 other posts of champstamp 
I understand that part. Categories are there for a reason and it is that way that someone can choose what they want to be seen. The pictures that got flagged werent that black and white. Its not like I chose pussy and it was a dick pic.

I had some pictures of ass and dick showing at the same time and one some i chose dick some ass. I did it based on what was more visible. All the pictures that got flagged were ones that I uploaded when I made the account so I just used my common sense to pick the category. If someone for ex had sent a PM and said something like this should go on this category and what not I wouldve been happy to find out about it.

Also when flagged it doesn't give a reason to say it should be here or why so it can be a bit overwhelming.

Now I know a lot more about it and I know that any pictures like those would go on misc category im not chancing it.

I know I go on the main pages and through categories to find new pictures and always go to recently uploaded. Its a way for me to discover new people. If someones pictures couldn't show up there I wouldn't know about them.

Anyway I've gone on about this long enough
By #556372 at 17,May,18 08:23
Lix is right, you have to put yourself out there. I'm not that much into it, but, my wife, twowarmtts, used to visit as many people as she could by following pics and chat room people. She used to leave public msgs because they stay in view. Lix does the same. Both are extremely popular. Try it.

By #556372 at 16,May,18 22:30
It goes away fairly fast. Just be careful what category you choose to upload to. If in doubt use "misc". You don't need to be in the main section. Go visiting and say hello, many will answer back and see your pics
By champstamp at 16,May,18 22:48 other posts of champstamp 
Yeah I understand and I know the type of pictures that got flagged and I understand that part. Believe me any pictures like that would go on miscellanious but it has been over 2 weeks.

Iíll wait a little longer and see what happens. Not getting views or having the ability for your work to be seen is discouraging. I wish it was a much much shorter ban and than if it happened again got longer and longer

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