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Started by #556372 at 11,Jun,18 14:48
I thought the old forum was a good place to bring up any topic that doesn't fit anywhere else or, a place to bring up your frustrations (or happy times)

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By #556372 at 11,Jun,18 14:48
It's ok to be bitchy,,but,,why?????
By champstamp at 11,Jun,18 19:26 other posts of champstamp 
Because when we’re frustrated and annoyed it helps to share the experience and have others to listen. It brings a level of comfort especially when some one else is going through the same thing or has gone through it.

Sharing helps. The AA industry functions on this principle.
By #556372 at 11,Jun,18 20:04
All good points. And, if i was at that point, I would like to have someone to listen and comfort me. I'm just saying that being bitchy is an attitude and being frustrated and/or annoyed is a feeling of dispair.
By champstamp at 11,Jun,18 20:41 other posts of champstamp 
Oh yes I understand what you mean now. We call those people "Negative Nancies" lol.

People that are negative all the time and always talk about the bad part of pretty much everything.

I made a pact with my self and stopped hanging out with people like that because at the end of the day it effects you and it brings you down. Negativity is like an STD, you gotta get rid of it as soon as it appears otherwise it gets worse
By #556372 at 11,Jun,18 22:07
well,,if you want to talk about it,,,,HAHAHA, love you, baby,

By #556372 at 11,Jun,18 22:08
Seriously, life is too short, to suffer people like that

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