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We can now select multiple Pictures and choose a category etc thanks to the Admin.

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Started by champstamp at 14,Jul,18 17:21  other posts of champstamp
Hello everyone. Admin has been kind enough to spend some time and create the "Batch" button on the top right corner of your picture page where you can select "Multiple" pictures similar to your smart phones and change their category or delete them.

It is a fantastic feature that makes things much simpler and faster in organizing your pictures and videos.

Thanks Admin for making this possible.

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New Comment

By kebmo at 14,Jul,18 19:09 other posts of kebmo 
Admin, It's not on my page. Champstamp showed me a screen shot of his and I don't have a similar tab.
By Mazinga at 14,Jul,18 19:24 other posts of Mazinga 
I'm not so tech-smart on these things.
Perhaps restarting your browser might help?
By kebmo at 14,Jul,18 19:25 other posts of kebmo 
I tried that. I think it's because I'm Canadian. It's personal.
By Mazinga at 14,Jul,18 19:42 other posts of Mazinga 

By champstamp at 14,Jul,18 20:23 other posts of champstamp 
I asked a few other people and they do have it.

I wonder if it has maybe something to do with the browser or cookies or something.

If you can try to get on the site from a different device.
By Mazinga at 14,Jul,18 20:29 other posts of Mazinga 
I see the Batch button on my page.

My desktop PC is connected to my smartphone's
Mobil Hotspot feature courtesy of Verizon Wireless,
and right now my data usage is capped at a
very slow speed.

Nonetheless, the SYD pages load fine and I can see all of
their page features (unless there are some
features hidden for use by Premium members only.)

As for mobile phone browsers, sometimes you have to
clear data and cookies from those browsers to get
them running smoothly again... also known to
smartphones as a "Device Health Check" app, depending
on which carrier is used.
By kebmo at 14,Jul,18 20:31 other posts of kebmo 
I can't get it on my laptop or phone.

By champstamp at 14,Jul,18 19:29 other posts of champstamp 
********** IMPORANT! INSTRUCTIONS HOW IT WORKS (with pictures)

Ok so to select multiple pictures click on the "Batch" button on your MAIN PROFILE page. As shown here on my page CIRCLED in RED.

After selecting the pictures you want to change the category to or delete you than click on "BATCH PROCESSING" to the upper left as circled on this next picture

After clicking on "BATCH PROCESSING" it will take you to the final step where you will be able to change the category and or delete the pictures you selected.

To finalize you click on the Do It" button (which for some reason reminds me of Ben Stiller on Starsky and Hutch as shown on this picture

Hope that explains it in a way for everyone to understand.
By Mazinga at 14,Jul,18 19:44 other posts of Mazinga 
Noted. Arigatto!

By Mazinga at 14,Jul,18 18:55 other posts of Mazinga 
Thank you for suggesting that idea as a feature
for the site.
You and the Admin have saved members' the worry of
having to delete their precious moments in pics.

Someday I may have to use that Batch button to
reorganize my pics.
For now, though, I keep a mixture of my own pics
of me when I was younger and me as I am older today,
as a "Then and Now" digital photo diary for me to
reminisce my younger sexual years.

Again, Thank you!

By Mazinga at 14,Jul,18 18:26 other posts of Mazinga 
That's awesome! Thanks for the heads-up!
By champstamp at 14,Jul,18 18:49 other posts of champstamp 
Yeah no problem he added it a couple days ago so its a new feature. I figured I'd try and help spread the word out because its an awesome feature and Admin spent time coding and testing it.

By champstamp at 14,Jul,18 18:47 other posts of champstamp 
I had a ton of pictures and I wanted to remove most of my pictures and to have a smaller gallery with better quality pictures.

After deleting 20 one by one with multiple clicking I contacted Admin to ask if there was a faster way and he said there wasnt but could delete all my images if I wanted.

It was a much better and efficient option to do that so I told him he could delete all images so he did. Thank god for that.

I suggested if possible (i know nothing about programming) to add a feature like photo albums have in smartphones that allow you to select multiple photos and delete or send to folders.

I was surprised when a bit later that day I seen the "BATCH" button and he had implemented that feature that I wanted and wish was there.

I have no doubt people will find this useful to manage their galleries. Gone are the days where it'd be more efficient to delete your profile completely and start from scratch.

Thank you again Admin and we're all lucky to have an Admin that listens and spends the time to help. He's helped me multiple times and I haven't been a member for long.

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