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Ordering toys discretely

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Started by #532695 at 19,Jul,18 21:38
Wanna order toys w/o knowledge of it by s.o. I can send money by money order or online by paypal, but what about delivery? I guess I could send to myself c/o general delivery (you can do this in US). Any other hints?

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By Mazinga at 19,Jul,18 22:20 other posts of Mazinga 
I ordered a dildo online; it was the only time I had
ever ordered a sex toy online.
Directly from the adult store where it was on sale,
and the store was a local U.S. adult store.
Paid for my dildo with my debit card; and they
shipped it directly to me in an anonymous plain
brown box packaging with my address on it.
The sender's address was just a business name without
describing it as a "store" or merchandiser.
Delivery took almost ten days.

If you order from an online business near or closer
to your geographic location, their delivery might be
handled quite swiftly in a few days or less.
The closer the store, the sooner you'll get your item.

As for shopping for sex toys on Amazon?
I wouldn't order any sex toys from Amazon, because I
just never know what I'll get; and their packaging
methods worry me.
I once ordered a Japanese toy robot model kit
through Amazon and they sent it shipped in
packaging that was cheap cardboard; it arrived almost
crushed in one corner of the box. The original box
of the model kit inside had creases on it. I was pissed.
(I like to save the Japanese packaging for display
along with its toy robot item)
Luckily the item itself wasn't damaged.
Amazon... Never Again.

Would I order sex toys online again? Maybe.
But first I would rather purchase the item from
my local adult store, at a certain time of day
such as the first hour their doors are open at 10am.
My work schedule allows me to beat the daytime crowd.
The clerks know me, I shop there regularly and
discretely since my city area is quite small compared
to metro areas in NYC...

Yeah, I live in one of them small town 'cities' where
"everyone knows your name" and loves to gossip
about shit that is None of their business.

While everyone else is all shyit-stuck in morning
rush-hour traffic, I'm just frolly-lolicking
skip-to-my-lou on my way to the adult store
for my jar of poppers.

By Arexa at 19,Jul,18 21:52 other posts of Arexa 
Depends on where you order from. I order a lot off Adam and Eve and eBay... Most places will tell you if it's discreet shipping.

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