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Started by soccermomaudra at 20,Aug,18 13:31  other posts of soccermomaudra
Husband is taking me to vegas in october. So excited. He wants to expose me to others in various ways. What are some good ideas for him to expose me without me coming right out and flashing people. I need examples of things to do in the hotel room to dinner to walking the casinos.

Any ideas help!

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By hotsmooth at 02,Apr,19 06:09 other posts of hotsmooth 
wear see thru dresses...

By justpassingthru at 30,Mar,19 14:01 other posts of justpassingthru 
Find a room with large window. Go for it right next to the window! The Aquarius in Laughlin is the best for window sex!

By #521574 at 21,Aug,18 15:52
Blinds open and have sex in plain view. I did that once. Awesome.
By soccermomaudra at 23,Aug,18 14:40 other posts of soccermomaudra 
I hope the outside isn't mirrored

By AustrianCouple at 20,Aug,18 15:27 other posts of AustrianCouple 
1. (A classic): Walk naked the hallway
2. Be nude in your room, with blinds open
3. When dining, sit that others can look under the table. Spread your legs from time to time "accidentally". Wear skimpy panties, or better none
4. Same in casinos at the tables. Also war no bra with your dress. When you win, be happy every time while pushing your upper body up and down - let your boobies jump! Best effect if you ice your nipples in the room before, to make them visible through the dress
5. Also wear no panties when walking in the casino. Drop your chips from time to time and bend over like the horny girl you are to pick them up also rest on the roulette tables (as much as allowed) to show your cleavage

Have fun and report back then!
By allnatural at 21,Aug,18 17:21 other posts of allnatural 
Also, while wearing a mini-skirt with no panties, walk along one of the cross-bridges with glass walls so people passing by underneath could catch a glimpse.

I have also been flashed by women with mini-skirts and no panties while they were sitting at a bar stool. Great view!
By soccermomaudra at 23,Aug,18 14:39 other posts of soccermomaudra 
I will definately do the cross bridges.

By soccermomaudra at 23,Aug,18 14:39 other posts of soccermomaudra 
I love number 4

By nell62 at 23,Aug,18 05:00 other posts of nell62 
definitely sitting with no panties on and flashing...making quite sure you are in full view of some guys

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