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A question for my fellow Bi's, Gays, and or Lesbians...

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Started by Scorpio69 at 04,Nov,18 14:25  other posts of Scorpio69
Let me start off by saying...

I'm NOT trying to be divisive, inciting, controversial, or even humorous.

This is a SINCERE question that has been bothering me for many years. Let's do this! 😉

So, as I have had many flat out Gay and Lesbian friends throughout my lifetime. One question has always plagued my thoughts.

IF! You want, enjoy, desire the same sex as yourself.

Why do SO many Gay or Lesbians assume roles? Such as... One Male seems to act the masculine, while the other seems to personify a more feminine way. Conversely, Lesbians quite often do the very same thing, buffing up their bodies, cutting their hair like a man would, even dressing like a man, while the other is faaar more feminine.

Now I know this does NOT apply to everyone in those respective groupings, Gays or Lesbians, but It is far more common that not.

Speaking as a Bi-Sexual... If I want a man, I want a man, if I want a woman, I want a woman.

Therefore, in my mind I don't understand the role playing thing. I've actually proposed this question to one Gay couple and one Lesbian couple and got no response, just kinda a puzzled look?

Thank you for considering my question. 🙂

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By CloseYetFar at 06,Nov,18 17:12 other posts of CloseYetFar 
Personally, I think it's because a lot of us want someone different from ourselves (either mentally, physically, or in terms of personal style). I'm a slim, mostly sub gay dude, and I tend to like guys bigger than myself with a dominant side. Others may be very feminine, and prefer a very masculine partner, but this happens all the time - the only reason this seems like a gay thing is that everybody already expects this "opposites attract" thing in straight couples. And, just like there are very similar gay guys in happy relationships, there are straight guys who love a tomboy, and straight women who love a more feminine dude. Takes all kinds, I guess ;-)

By beastyBOYD at 04,Nov,18 18:44 other posts of beastyBOYD 
Everyone has their thing and that’s fine. For me personally I just like to have fun with males. I have no interest in a male “playing” a female. I’m gay I want a male with a cock. So we both can just have fun and enjoying helping each other feel good.
By Scorpio69 at 06,Nov,18 11:25 other posts of Scorpio69 
I would accept the guy either way myself.
By beastyBOYD at 06,Nov,18 16:11 other posts of beastyBOYD 

By stillgrowing at 04,Nov,18 14:51 other posts of stillgrowing 
I don't have much experience or years but even I know that sexual attraction has no correlation with personality.

What you're describing is personality, not sexuality. How people dress, how they behave, how they like to be perceived, is not necessarily related to what they are attracted to in others.

There are men that dress like women but are 100% straight... There are women that dress manly (and shave their heads) but are 100% straight. There are also gay women and gay men who act feminine or masculine.

Peoples' personalities are not defined by their sexual orientation.

It sounds like you are attracted to stereotypical masculine/feminine roles, but there are definitely people who like dominant women and/or feminine men. And you may never understand what other people are attracted to. You don't have to understand it. But you can't judge people for what they are attracted to, in themselves or others.

By spermkiss at 04,Nov,18 17:28 other posts of spermkiss 
An interesting reply. Yes, one cannot tell what a person's preferred sexual role is from outward appearance. There's an old saying among gay men: "Butch in the streets, fem in the sheets".

By JustWill at 04,Nov,18 17:35 other posts of JustWill 
Well said! There is a huge difference between sexual orientation and perceived gender identity.

By Scorpio69 at 06,Nov,18 11:27 other posts of Scorpio69 
I wasn't judging... 😐 It was just a question.

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