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gay group sex

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Started by #568296 at 26,Nov,18 18:14
Sex with multiple guys at once is amazing. Id love to hear stories, real or fantasy.

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By nolongercurious at 01,Dec,18 14:22 other posts of nolongercurious 
I really want to do this. Closest I have come is blowing 2 regulars when they came over at the same time.

By #573046 at 01,Dec,18 11:17
I invited two of my friends to visit me as I had some drugs and we could party.So they came over we got high and after that so horny.We started jerking together, until I asked if I could serve them tonight and be used like a girl.They smiled and I was holding their cocks in both hands and stroking together.Then I started sucking one friend, then after a minute another, then back again.I sucked them like that for a while, until they both started sliding their cocks at the same time.I had to open my moouth so wide to fit their both heads inside.Then all the fun started as I was lying on my back one friend started fucking my asshole, while another gave me his cock to suck.I closed my eyes and enjoyed the high and wild feeling of sex.Then they changed places and I was riding hard cock while sucking other.I felt warmth in my asshole and saw that he came inside me and my other friend gave me a big warm facial.

By #547532 at 28,Nov,18 12:10
I have had many gay 3somes: the blowjob triangle, ass licking frogger (think about for awhile you'll figure it out), & my favorite, especially when I am the receiver, is the good ole ass fucking while sucking cock. Now once a month all the guys from our swinger group and my gay love, 6 studs in all, come over to my place and I give all of them blowjobs. The only rule is none of them can stroke themselves off, every single cock must be serviced by my mouth and when anyone of them gets to that point of no return & is ready to blow all my attention goes to that particular cock and I take every load in my mouth & swallow.

By knewbi at 27,Nov,18 11:04 other posts of knewbi 
This was not a fantasy. It was a real event.

A little over a year ago this guy I was having sex with from time to time invited me to an all guy orgy. Hell I jump at the chance. These were all guys my playmate knew.

When we got there the guys were all standing around naked and having a few drinks. There were 7 plus my playmate and me. What I did not know was they had a few rules. And one was they would wait until all players.were there. Another was that any new guy,which was me this time, had to suck each members cock. For at least a minute or two. The each of them had to suck mine. Nice ice breaker.

Hell I was.all in on this rule. It took me a good half hour the try them all and another 20 minutes for them to all suck me. What a way to welcum the new guy. Anyway we all spent the next 3 plus hours sucking and fuck.

Spent most of it with 4 diffferent guys. One I sucked to completion and swallowed. About an hour later he returned for a.second round. Which I was more than happy to do as he had a good 10 inches of sweet meat.

All in all I.was.able to get him and two others off that afternoon. I did make the rounds on most of the guys but spent the bulk in a group with these 4.

Sure hope they invite me back. It was a great day of sex and fun.

They have not met since and the guy that took me there moved away so I had a great time with him but now need to finds few replacements.

By bil47 at 26,Nov,18 19:25 other posts of bil47 
For a while there were weekly gay orgies in a downtown private townhouse in my city. Advertised on Craigslist (RIP), lunchtime on Wednesdays, lasting for about 2 hours. Enter through the alley garage, pay the owner $10, and strip nude (mandatory). There would be about 20 guys there, diverse ages and races, packed into a basement room with gay-porn video showing on a big screen. The sex was "anything goes". I stuck to stroking and oral, spending a lot of time on my knees, trying to get at least a brief taste of a lot of guys. I liked watching guys fucking, but I didn't indulge in it myself. Unfortunately the owner quit doing it after I'd only been there about 5 times.

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