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Who knows a Miriam who was here?

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Started by #572779 at 28,Nov,18 06:16
Who knows a Miriam who was here?

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By Scorpio69 at 28,Nov,18 07:44 other posts of Scorpio69 
By #572779 at 28,Nov,18 07:58

By bella! at 28,Nov,18 06:56 other posts of bella! 
My guess, there's not going to be too many members that do remember her. For the most part, many members felt that the profile was "fake" in the sense that it didn't seem logical that a real female would create a profile and post family album type pictures here.

Oh, and another thing, you could always just post "bump" on your forum thread to bump it up to the top rather than creating a new "topic".
By #572779 at 28,Nov,18 06:59
are you shure that she was a fake?
By bella! at 28,Nov,18 07:31 other posts of bella! 
As I mentioned to you privately, I never chatted with her so I don't have a personal opinion regarding whether she was real or "fake". What I can tell you, I recall that she was reported for deletion at least 3 times because members felt that she/her profile was questionable.

I don't recall whether her profile was deleted by her or if the profile was deleted based on the vote rendered by the Evaluation Panel. The profile has been gone for at least one year, I would be surprised if many remember her or kept pictures of her, the pictures were not what most people are looking for on an adult website.

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