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Best shaving technique

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Started by Wilko at 20,May,19 18:20  other posts of Wilko
Hey all. So I love shaving and making myself hairless but I absolutely hate getting ingrown hairs, so what are your suggestions as to how to get the smoothest shave without ingrown hairs? Or any other options I could take that you've found work well?

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By Outsidenudist at 22,May,19 08:02 other posts of Outsidenudist 
I have a hobby I been enjoying the last several years now, that is grooming guys that would like the silky smooth feeling down below.To date I have groomed four married men and one vollege student. Two of the married men assked if I qould trim and shave their ass pussy along with their cock and balls as well, I did and it was fun...

By Smoothmann at 20,May,19 20:07 other posts of Smoothmann 
I shave every night in the shower.I just use the hot running water and I use a venus 3 blade razor.As said before keep a sharp blade and press lightly so the blade glides and only cuts the hair.This works well for me with no ingrown hairs or stubble.

By badpenny72 at 20,May,19 19:50 other posts of badpenny72 
Hey there,I don't know how much difference it actually makes beyond feeling nice but I was once told don't use soap,shaving foam,shower gel or the like but hair conditioner.

Sounds crazy,I know but like I said it leaves your skin with an almost menthol like cool feeling especially below about the balls,taint and arse crack/hole.

I've noted in the past all the others can,not always but can leave you're skin very dry and itchy which if you start scratching doesn't do any good,if you resist your skin doesn't feel comfortable so as I say,if nothing else conditioner makes it feel cooler and cleaner after.

Apart from that change your blade regularly,hyper sharp and brand new blades make it so much cleaner,old blades drag and tear.

I tend to do it while taking a shower,after I've basically finished.After I'm all rinsed up instead of turning off the water and getting out it's time to shave.

I'm not very hairy or have dark or thick body hair so seeing as I have a shower either daily or every 2nd day there's next to nothing to shave but a couple of minutes running a sharp blade over it keeps it all nicely in check,seems to make my skin accustomed to the blade.

What always ammuses me is the almost reckless manner I shave my entire crotch,up and down my cock,around my balls,right in my arse crack and around the hole when I'm lucky to shave my face and not nick something yet I shave my face with such care yet attack my balls and arsehole like Sweeney Todd lol
By Wilko at 20,May,19 19:55 other posts of Wilko 
Thanks for the reply! I'll try that out. And it's so true I can shave everything without nicks but my face always gets them

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