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Shaving question

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Started by #25194 at 26,Sep,09 00:52
When it comes to shaving what do most prefer in the way of razors and shaving cream or soap?

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By Smoothmann at 03,Apr,19 17:26 other posts of Smoothmann 
I use the venus 3 blade razer while in the shower.It gives me a nice clean shave with no stubble!

By 0-00 at 03,Apr,19 11:31 other posts of 0-00 
I use a 5 blade razor that is more forgiving of carelessness, I have never cut myself with one of these. I shave dry skin only. It allows me to feel poorly shaved areas better than with soap/cream/gel and have had no rash or other discomfort from doing this.

By 61-69 at 03,Apr,19 08:10 other posts of 61-69 
I find my girl's razors are better suited to body hair than men's, which are more for coarse facial hair.

By iluvcox at 14,Nov,12 03:11 other posts of iluvcox 
I like to shave with hair conditioner.Smells nice and really leaves it silky smooth.
By shaver000 at 03,Apr,19 02:25 other posts of shaver000 
I must try that

By #554098 at 03,Apr,19 00:57
Women's Venus Razors and Skintimate shave cream, and let her show you why, on your sensitive parts.
If she shaves hers, clean, you should trust her, even with the 'girlie' creams!!

By JohnnySyxx at 02,Apr,19 09:31 other posts of JohnnySyxx 
Razors and shaving cream does the job for me

By #305812 at 12,Nov,12 16:33
I use a sensitive skin shaving gel. I dont have a particular brand name. I usually purchase the lowest priced one. For a razor I use a double bladed Gillette.

By polloiw at 12,Nov,12 15:56 other posts of polloiw 
do you like my cock and face /5wgfumlqgti6pic.html

By 67malibu at 12,Nov,12 13:23 other posts of 67malibu 
I've used Schick slim twin disposable razors to shave my face, cock and balls for many years. I shave every thing else in the shower with Schick xtreme3 and dial liquid soap

By #311465 at 10,Nov,12 14:08
Has anyone tried No NO I bought one and have been using it for six weeks with poor results
By #143894 at 11,Nov,12 00:46
I looked into the NoNo, and it looked too pricey. What's your experience?

By smoothone at 10,Nov,12 21:20 other posts of smoothone 
Braun electric shaver works for me, and has done for many years.

By xavier1 at 10,Nov,12 17:29 other posts of xavier1 
Just soap and any sharp razor... i don't fall for razor gimmics.. Most important always,always "never pass twice over the same spot without soaping again to avoid razor burn." as in sex, "lubrication" is the answer!

By Ray10754 at 10,Nov,12 14:18 other posts of Ray10754 
Twice a week I shave in the shower with a shick xtream 3 and plain dial soap, the rest of the time during the week I use my Norelco electric shaver. I shave my entire body from the neck down both front and rear every day. I usaly do it every morning before I start my day and every night before bed I am a very hairy person so doing it daily keeps me nice and smooth. Been doing it now for many years and dont think I will ever let it grow completly back. About two years ago I was unable to keep it up for several months due to a broken arm and h a t e d every minute of it. Been smooth ever since

By Tobes at 11,Mar,10 22:34 other posts of Tobes 
Well I use a Remington Razor. It's a little annoying how quick the stuble shows again.

By MoeJoe at 06,Oct,09 15:34 other posts of MoeJoe 
I use a Gillete Mach 3...I have been shaving for so long, my skin is conditioned to it, so I just shave in the shower with no soap or lather, just the warm water running on me. I can also give my ass a going over in the shower too, but I like to lay on the bed with a mirror and take care of my ass with a good close dry shave.
By MoeJoe at 06,Oct,09 15:36 other posts of MoeJoe 
By the way I shave my entire body from head to toe with the exception of the hair on the top of my head.

By #29473 at 06,Oct,09 15:01
Since I shave (about 10 years) I tried many things. The current solution is a Gillette Mach 3 ( NOT brand new is the best) and a shaving GEL for sensitive skin.

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