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Where’s the line between small & average, average & big, big and huge?

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Started by Justmydio86 at 13,Jun,19 11:46  other posts of Justmydio86
I’ve never been able to get an honest answer out of a woman... i bet a bunch of gay dudes can provide aome insight... how do you break down length and girth measurements to match up to “size words”?

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By nekekal at 13,Jun,19 13:33 other posts of nekekal 
You have to understand a womans anatomy/response to understand what, if anything they want.

First, a cunt only has sensitive nerve endings in the first couple of inches. After that they vaguely feel full but not much else.

Next, the average cunt is 4 to 6 inches long. It can be stretched a bit longer, but not a lot.

Stretching in diameter generally feels good. But not too much. There is a contraceptive ring that can be inserted into a cunt that is two inches in diameter, and is inserted about as far as she can reach with her fingers. About 2 1/2 inches. Most guys will not know that it is there since they are smaller than two inches in diameter.

About half, or more, women will not orgasm from being stuck with a cock, no matter its size. They orgasm from the stimulation of their clit. A nice tongue will do more for them than any cock.

Women know about their body and how it works, although they are a bit visually challenged when it comes to knowing size. They get naked, and see a cock and can tell that it will fit into their cunt with no problem. If the guy is good with his hands and tongue, they don't really care if he fucks them or not.

But they also know big when they see it. They don't know how big it is, but they know it might hurt. I have heard "how big is that thing anyway" more times than I would like. A lot of them would agree to suck it, rather than fuck it. But if I was careful and only used the fat front 2/3 they liked it. My cock would not fit through the ring.

My tongue is average.

A cock of about 6 inches long and less than 2 inches in diameter will do a great job in most cunts.

By Scorps at 13,Jun,19 12:10 other posts of Scorps 
🙄 A "bunch of gay dudes" huh... Sounds a bit condescending to me, and may not go well for you. But hey! I'm somewhat of a happy guy so, I will attempt a response.

Women, as I've come to observe, don't place much thought into the size of the dick they are about to encounter. Hence the reason you're seeking a response from a bunch of gay dude's. With the exception of it not being enough for penetration or the other end, OMG that's huge and it hurts. Anywhere in between those parameters I don't think they give a shit if your 4 inches or 7 inches as long as you know how to use it. THAT'S what matters! Of course, what do I know, I'm a somewhat happy man and not a woman.

For me, the perfect cock is 4 to 7 inches and thick.
By Justmydio86 at 13,Jun,19 12:13 other posts of Justmydio86 
Thanks for the thoughtful answer... didn’t mean to sound condescending... more that i figured that since as men we all seem to care about the soze of out own, i figured dudes who like dicks would have the most/best insight on the subject
By Scorps at 13,Jun,19 12:27 other posts of Scorps 

I would imagine 4in. or less to be labeled small
5 to 6 labeled average
7 to 9 labeled big
Over 9 labeled huge

Once again, that's my opinion. I've been labeled small, average, and I guess, because of girth, big. Who do I believe? Lmao 😆😆
By Justmydio86 at 13,Jun,19 12:31 other posts of Justmydio86 
That seems a reasonable scale... have you compared a great many? And then on the girth, what’s the line there?

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