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By nekekal at 23,Sep,20 13:38

By nekekal at 23,Sep,20 11:30
it does look like it would benefit from having some long hard cock in it, pushed back and forth for a while. Those lovely cunt lips would swell up and wrap themselves around it tightly. I wish that I could use my cock in that adorable cunt.

By nekekal at 21,Sep,20 16:12
My cock has a big head. I like it.

By nekekal at 21,Sep,20 16:10
Why do you care? You just want to fuck them with it. As long as they agree, you are good to go.

For the record, most women are not really into fucking and like small cocks better than big ones and like to suck small ones better. Less in their mouth. Easier on the gag reflex.

By nekekal at 21,Sep,20 16:06
I have heard women say "bigger than a toilet paper center would be great". I think that is less than 5 inches. My cock is over 6 inches and they tell me it is too big. But I think that they are just trying to make me feel good.

By nekekal at 21,Sep,20 15:47
As a young guy, i paid for sex a number of times. It was the cheapest, fastest way to get my cock into a cunt. It was not great, but neither was the gf, and I didn't have buy her flowers and dinner, or tell her how great she was.

But I would gladly pay for sex now. I have not been in a woman for over 15 years. I would pay a lot for a regular fuck. And if I lasted 24 minutes, clothes on to clothes on, I would consider it a pretty long time given my level of horniness.

By nekekal at 21,Sep,20 14:52
I like the 46 year old cunt. Young girls are nice to look at but an experienced cunt is a wonderful fuck.

By nekekal at 21,Sep,20 14:46
Very attractive cunt. It would look even better with my cock in it.

By nekekal at 21,Sep,20 14:44
I have. If things go well, it will usually get hard just before I cum.

By nekekal at 21,Sep,20 14:42
Looks nice. Good shape. Could be a bit bigger.

By nekekal at 21,Sep,20 14:41
I like to see good cocksucking and cum in mouth. But not gagging or face fucking. I like to see the woman working a nice cock with both hands and her mouth, then just catching the cum in her mouth. I don't like to see the guy jack himself off, i like to see her finish the guy.

Then I usually jack off.

By nekekal at 11,Sep,20 19:24
I like to think of myself as an artist. Not starving since I retired from engineering.

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By nekekal at 09,Sep,20 18:28
Yes and yes.
Masturbation is always good. Do it early, do it often.

Blue pills, viagra or its cheaper relative in white, is also good. It helps an old cock feel young and stand fuller and taller. Take as much as you can.

And then you can combine them. Nice hard cock, masturbation until your arm is tired. Feels almost as good as fucking someone.

By nekekal at 05,Sep,20 16:04
My cock was always bigger than most, but nothing like yours, and I used to get a lot of harassment about it, so early in life, I started to wear baggy clothes. No one could see my cock being hard. I wore knee length swim suits so my cock didn't hang out the bottom. I still wear baggy clothing.

By nekekal at 05,Sep,20 16:00
Yes. If I am awake, I probably have a hard on and am horny.

By nekekal at 05,Sep,20 15:58
I am not sure. I never recorded the time. But probably 7 or 8. Maybe 6. I enjoyed my penis for as !ong as I can remember.

By nekekal at 05,Sep,20 15:54
My wife is alive, the last I checked anyway, but fucking her was like fucking a dead person. She just laid there, didn't even spread her legs or grunt once in a while.

By nekekal at 05,Sep,20 15:51
I love cunts. I like clits. Cookies are ok, if cunts or clits are not available.

By nekekal at 05,Sep,20 15:48
As nike says. Just do it.

First get comfortable about being naked in the house.

Then find a secluded spot and get naked. Stand up, run around. Enjoy the feeling of being naked.

Then find a spot where you can be seen but at a long distance. The excitement of knowing that someone could be enjoying watching you is delicious.

After some time of this, it will seem normal to get naked. Good !uck.

By nekekal at 25,Aug,20 17:09
A hand job is better than nothing.
Someone else's hand is better than my hand. I like that they are not as good at it as myself. But I would much rather get my cock sucked or fucked.

By nekekal at 25,Aug,20 16:47
I would prefer smaller. My cock is too big for sucking, fucking and assholes just pucker at the sight of it.

By nekekal at 25,Aug,20 16:43
It could be smaller. But it might be that it doesn't get quite as hard. Although it gets pretty hard just before I cum, it is mostly hard but not aching hard, and then just before I feel the cum, I can feel it get harder. Since my cock is in my hand, I know what it is doing. over all it seems to be about 1/2 inch shorter, but that might be because I have an extra half inch of body fat.

My ball sack is bigger. My actual testicles seem about the same size as earlier. Pretty small, but there is some stuff around each one that makes them look bigger. A few years ago I got an infection in the surrounding tissue which swelled up a lot. It never seemed to have returned to its normal size

By nekekal at 22,Aug,20 15:55
i just never knew my IQ. It never seemed to matter. But cock size is difficult to ignore.

By nekekal at 21,Aug,20 23:43
Who knows. I think my cock is bigger.

By nekekal at 21,Aug,20 23:42
My cock is the first cock that my wife sucked. It took a lot of begging and pleading to get her to put it in her mouth. Honestly, she is a pretty bad cocksucker. Once I got her to agree to put it in her mouth, i called it kissing my cock, she agreed to watch some porn where she could see how cocksucking was really done.

She improved immensely, with me telling her more, harder, yes, etc. I bought an instructional video but she refused to take instructions, got mad an refused to suck my cock for a long time.

Finally she agreed to suck it once in a while. But she confided that she really didn't like it. She hates to fuck too. She is not a great cocksucker but she is better than not getting it sucked at all.

By nekekal at 05,Aug,20 18:29
Yes, I eventually saw the other thread.

By nekekal at 05,Aug,20 18:28
Lol. There we agree. It is crazy. My cock is big, but my balls are if anything, sma!ler than normal. And my older brother had neither cock nor balls.

By nekekal at 05,Aug,20 13:51
There are a lot of polygamist in Utah, but as a part of society, they are pretty repressed.

By nekekal at 03,Aug,20 13:12
Hard to believe that you were brothers and never saw each other. My older brother and I shared a room. We used to play with each others cocks. He liked it because mine was huge.
He was 3 years older but had a tiny cock. By ten, mine was big enough to wrap a hand around. At 13 his was big enough for two fingers. Mine was always bigger than his.

But mine was bigger than everyone's. We had PE and had to shower together. Compared to my classmates, my cock was huge. And as kids will do, they teased me unmercifully about it. I wished that my cock was normal size and tried to hide it.

Older kids would tell me that eventually I would like having a big cock, but I think that they were wrong.

By nekekal at 02,Aug,20 15:47
I regularly masturbate standing. Almost every day in the shower. I have a grab rail to hang onto. Sometimes in the closet, garage, or workshop. Once in a while, in bed laying down when I can be alone. Sometimes sitting in a chair watching porn on the computer. But mostly standing.

By nekekal at 02,Aug,20 15:40
I don't find it sexy to see anyone gag and choke. And I have a pretty good sized cock, so no one has ever deep throated it. Even those that tried don't get much over half of it in there mouth.

But it is ok. I really like my cock sucked, not just shoved down their throat. I like to feel the head being carressed by their tongue, i love the feeling of the lips just over the head, sime sucking, some licking. I love having some hands on the shaft, on my balls while the head is being sucked.

And cuming in their mouth. Unlike in porn, I don't want them to stop right after I cum. My cock head is really sensitive then and I love some gentle sucking and licking until I start to go limp, or not but please kerp sucking.

Gag if they want to. I have had women on here tell me that they liked to gag and choke but it doesn't do anything for me. No spitting on my cock either. Please.

By nekekal at 25,Jul,20 14:32
I think it the vibration and adrenal rush. But man does that thing make me horny.

By nekekal at 24,Jul,20 17:11
Riding the motor bike makes me very horny. I frequently get a hard on while riding, but I stop when i want to masturbate.

By nekekal at 24,Jul,20 17:08
I never had a wet dream. I masturbate way to much for that to happen. I keep the cum pumped out. Some days two three times.

By nekekal at 18,Jul,20 13:17
Your cock is huge. HUGE. It is great that Shelly is a size queen and likes that enormous thing fucking her. Since you do most of your fucking with the first half or so, it is too bad that your cock appears to taper towards the end. Maybe an optical illusion.

I don't envy you. My almost 8 inch cock was too big for the majority of women that I fucked. A nice fat 7 inches would be perfect.

But your cock is awesome. Glad you found someone to fuck with it.

By nekekal at 11,Jul,20 14:10
The best blowjobs that I have had were from guys. I love to have my cock sucked and guys really know how to suck cock. Besides there is never a question about swallowing cum.

Women only do it because I ask, clearly don't like sucking cock and the majority act like cum is toxic. A few will swallow without acting like it is a heroic act but most find an excuse not to.

Guys are better cock suckers.

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By nekekal at 06,Jul,20 01:30
You are on. If I get to San Diego, I intend to lay back and enjoy getting my cock sucked. Maybe more than once.

By nekekal at 05,Jul,20 19:32
If I ever get to Portland,you have deal. My cock in your mouth, cum is all yours.

By nekekal at 05,Jul,20 17:26
I sometimes make it thru the day.

By nekekal at 05,Jul,20 17:24
I can suck it. But I have to curl over. The effort to stay that way while my cock head is in my mouth kept me from orgasming. So, while enjoyable, it was not really worth the effort and I quit.

I was never very flexible, just have enough cock.

By nekekal at 05,Jul,20 17:19
maybe thats my problem. I have not been paying go get it sucked. But how do you advertise.

By nekekal at 05,Jul,20 17:11
On the flip side, it is not as easy as one would like to get my cock sucked, and I don't really care who is sucking. But I don't want to return the favor. that may be limiting my getting sucked, but I get very few offers.

By nekekal at 05,Jul,20 17:00
I masturbate in the shower all the time. Part of my moring ritual. Sbower, cum, shower get ready for the day. And I have had a handheld shower for decades. Nothing like really hot water soap, and my hand on my cock. Yess.

By nekekal at 05,Jul,20 16:57
Oh yes. If I knew then what I know now, i would be fucking all the time.

By nekekal at 26,Jun,20 10:49
It is hard to say from the angle. But it looks like a really long cock. a bit narrow at the tip but fat down lower.

A very big cock that I imagine does a good job fucking.

By nekekal at 17,Jun,20 13:26
It is actually slowing down a lot. I used to masturbate several times a day. It seemed that my cock was continually hard and I would find some quiet place to pump the cum out of it. Now I have to be rested and comfortable.

By nekekal at 15,Jun,20 13:38
I never caught dad masturbating. I did catch him fucking mom a few times. She liked to fuck and kept him pretty well drained I think.

As a kid, he caught me in bed a few times. He told me that I was not supposed to do that. I thought that he meant that I shouldn't get caught. I got a lot sneakier.