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By nekekal at 23,Jun,19 14:28
I always wanted shorter. I love getting in balls deep, but mostly that just doesn't happen. About 6 1/2 would be perfect I think. The diameter of mine is ok. Its about 2 inches wide. It stretches a cunt out well and they like it, but it can still be sucked. I like it being cut.

By nekekal at 23,Jun,19 14:24
It sounds like my cock is perfect for you. Older than 40. Married. 7 to 8 inches long, closer to 8. About 6.3 inches around and I can almost guarantee that the head of my cock will be against your cervix when I shoot the cum out.

So, when do you want to fuck it?

Its nice to suck too.

By nekekal at 17,Jun,19 13:32
I have only ever fucked one woman that I didn't hit the cervix. None of them liked having it hit.

It is hard to fuck a cunt using only the front 2/3 rds of your cock. None of that balls deep stuff. Or positions that allow deep penetration. Positions that use a lot of cock are good, and of course woman on top where if she hits her cervix it is her fault.

By nekekal at 13,Jun,19 13:33
You have to understand a womans anatomy/response to understand what, if anything they want.

First, a cunt only has sensitive nerve endings in the first couple of inches. After that they vaguely feel full but not much else.

Next, the average cunt is 4 to 6 inches long. It can be stretched a bit longer, but not a lot.

Stretching in diameter generally feels good. But not too much. There is a contraceptive ring that can be inserted into a cunt that is two inches in diameter, and is inserted about as far as she can reach with her fingers. About 2 1/2 inches. Most guys will not know that it is there since they are smaller than two inches in diameter.

About half, or more, women will not orgasm from being stuck with a cock, no matter its size. They orgasm from the stimulation of their clit. A nice tongue will do more for them than any cock.

Women know about their body and how it works, although they are a bit visually challenged when it comes to knowing size. They get naked, and see a cock and can tell that it will fit into their cunt with no problem. If the guy is good with his hands and tongue, they don't really care if he fucks them or not.

But they also know big when they see it. They don't know how big it is, but they know it might hurt. I have heard "how big is that thing anyway" more times than I would like. A lot of them would agree to suck it, rather than fuck it. But if I was careful and only used the fat front 2/3 they liked it. My cock would not fit through the ring.

My tongue is average.

A cock of about 6 inches long and less than 2 inches in diameter will do a great job in most cunts.

By nekekal at 11,Jun,19 18:34
That is actually what I thought at the time.

By nekekal at 11,Jun,19 15:41
It was hot. I was so drained. He said he would do it again, but it never happened again. I don't know why. Life got in the way I guess.

By nekekal at 11,Jun,19 13:45
A guy. As a teenager, women avoided me like the plague. But for some reason, guys were always approaching me and wanting to suck my cock. I was so horny my body ached. So one day I agreed to a guy sucking it.

He was a terrific cock sucker. I came in his mouth very quickly. I didn't have time to warn him but he didn't seem to mind. My cock stayed hard and he kept sucking. When I came the second time it was wonderful. It felt like my whole body was going out through my cock. He swallowed it all until I went limp.

One of the best blow jobs I have ever received.

By nekekal at 04,Jun,19 13:28
Sounds like sarcasm. If not, probably not.

By nekekal at 03,Jun,19 12:34
I agree. Black women are great fucks.

By nekekal at 03,Jun,19 12:33
That would be true. I think that I found more german women who just wanted to fuck for the enjoyment of having a cock in them than American women.

I am pretty sure it is just who you get to meet.

By nekekal at 03,Jun,19 01:28
American women want something when they fuck. They do it because they know the guy wants it and he will do what she wants once he has his cock in her.

By nekekal at 24,May,19 16:12
Running around naked is not an invitation to touch. It probably is an invitation to look, but touching is no more encouraged than if you have clothing.

By nekekal at 22,May,19 13:01

If you don't want to wear clothes, don't. If you want to cover up, do it. There is nothing wrong with the body. That includes the erect penis. I actually think most of them look better hard than soft.

It is not that wearing clothing prevents perverts. Look at catholic priests. A lot of perverts and a lot of clothing.

I think it would be self regulating. In mosquito infested areas, i suspect you would see a lot of clothing. Same in winter. No one wants their tits frozen off.

By nekekal at 22,May,19 12:54
Hot water, soap, and washing my cock always makes it at least semihard. My cock when fully hard points down, so it doesn't stick out or up, but in most showers, i get a hard on. In gym, in the army, in the spa, I get a hard on.

Most guys look but dont say anything. Their cocks are smaller, but occasionally, someone will comment. I just acknowledge them, say thanks if appropriate, and continue what I am doing. I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist and enjoy walking around naked, having a big hard on is just a plus.

By nekekal at 12,May,19 22:51
No. None ever squirted. Most did have orgasms but not with my cock in them. Orally.

By nekekal at 12,May,19 22:47
You must have the guy gene for sex. I am that way. I could fuck all day every day. If not fucking I just madturbate. Unfortunately, i have never met a similar woman. I am just in a constant state of frustration, horniness, and masturbation. Too bad that you are not around here, we could get together and fuck. Frequently and well. My big cock, your tight cunt. A perfect pair.

By nekekal at 03,May,19 17:22
It is ok to sleep with anyone that agrees. Although if little sleeping is going on, and you are really fucking, make sure that it was consent, not just agreement.

By nekekal at 26,Apr,19 18:00
That is probably it. Not thinking hard enough. It was the only thing that was not hard enough though.

By nekekal at 26,Apr,19 13:26
I was always thinking "I want to fuck you" and it didn't happen. Probably my weak mind.

By nekekal at 25,Apr,19 18:19
My fantasy is to find a woman who wants to fuck. My wife has not let me put my cock in her for over 15 years, and back when she let me fuck her,it was obvious that she didn't want to.

But to find someone who would grab my cock and say "I love your cock, let me suck it, let me fuck it, you just lay back and let me get on it and fuck" would be heaven.

Not happening anytime soon, but it is a nice fantasy.

By nekekal at 25,Apr,19 18:10
No. And i have picked up a lot of hitch hikers. Hope springs eternal. I would have fucked any of them that offered, or even accepted a blow job if offered.

All i ever got wax thanks for the ride.

By nekekal at 21,Apr,19 00:50
Whatever is open. It is a gang bang, i just would fuck what is available.

By nekekal at 19,Apr,19 21:48
It is a dream for me. I don't know her, I just see the pictures. Not many leggy women ever looked my way in real life.

By nekekal at 19,Apr,19 15:55
Of course life is more complicated than physical attraction. Thats why I don't own a sports car. But I do get to dream, and a few hours with a leggy woman with nice tits sure sounds nice.

By nekekal at 19,Apr,19 15:49
I knew a guy in the army, PHD in chemistry. He claimed that the secret was marrying someone who was not too smart. I met his wife, gorgeous woman and not very bright. But she worshiped him, and was a pretty good cook.

I don't know if the marriage lasted.

By nekekal at 19,Apr,19 13:22
I knew a woman once who said "we are all the same size in the horizontal, and all the same color on the inside". And that pretty well sums it up.

Tall, leggy women with nice tits, seem more visually appealing to me, and I don know why, but when it comes down to sex, legs and tits are like hub caps on a car. Nice to look at, but not what makes it go.

Great sex is all about attitude. But since I just get look and don't touch, I go for legs and tits.

By nekekal at 16,Apr,19 13:15
I don't know about all, but I don't.

By nekekal at 16,Apr,19 13:07
I don't know. If it is going to kill me, at least i will go happy and relaxed.

If i couldn't masturbate I would just die horny and miserable.

But if i could fuck, that would be better. Unfortunately, fucking doesnt seem to be an option.

By nekekal at 16,Apr,19 13:04
My brother. We shared a room and it was inevitable. We did play with each others penis on occasion. He liked mine because it was so much bigger than his. But i was not that crazy about his tiny cock.

Still we were comfortable masturbating with each other.

By nekekal at 12,Apr,19 23:31
My wife hates sex but claims to feel bad if i jerk off, she doesn't feel bad enough to help though, so I usually wait until she is busy doing something else. Then i pretty much follow your plan. A little porn to help get hard. Then rub the head until i get some precum to rub around and then just jack it until i cum, shooting all over the place. Then i just sit there playing with my cock for a while, enjoying the feeling.

I love playing with my cock.

By nekekal at 12,Apr,19 23:05
Pretty loose. I can move the skin over the rim of my cock comfortably while masturbating. But it never covers the head when limp.

By nekekal at 12,Apr,19 23:01
If I could work out a way to do it, I would do almost anything to get my cock into a woman. Work would always be second place.

By nekekal at 07,Apr,19 18:21
Yes. He did a good job too. Swallowed my cum, paid the going rate for a quickie with a whore.

He ask me to return the favor, but I declined. It was a hard situation to beat. Got my cock sucked, and money too.

No one else ever ask or paid.

By nekekal at 02,Apr,19 12:46
I heard that same comment, more than once. Lots of women would decide that sucking it was going to be easier than fucking it.

By nekekal at 02,Apr,19 12:44
My cock has always been bigger than most guys i have been around. It was much bigger than my older brothers and we used to play with each other.

But basically anytime i was someplace where everyone was naked, like showering after gym class, or showering at the pool, etc, it was obvious my cock was much bigger than everyone's. Even guys much older than me. Certainly age 10 and onward.

By nekekal at 02,Apr,19 12:37
When I was young, like early 20s, i got propositioned a lot by guys wanting to suck my cock. Sometimes I let them. Most gus suck cock really well.

One day as I was getting propositioned, I had the thought that if I was going to be treated like a whore, I should be paid like one. So as we were getting naked, I said that I wanted to be paid. He didn't want to pay, but the sight of my big cock made him reasonable. We settled on the price of a whore for a quicky.

He sucked, I came, he swallowed. Great suck. He wanted me to suck him, but that was not part of the deal. He had a tiny cock and i was tempted, but just took my money and left.

I went out and invested the money in some nice cunt. A good evening, got my cock sucked and then fucked, and broke even.

By nekekal at 30,Mar,19 12:45

By nekekal at 30,Mar,19 12:44
Unfortunately, I always get some sleep. I really cannot fuck all night. And i never found a woman who could either.

I mean, you start out fucking and sucking, but then an orgasm happens. You get a snuggle or two, and try as you might to get a fire lit so you can fuck her again, its clear she doesnt want to. Even if sucessfull on round 2, it cannot last that long. Then she stretches, goes to sleep holding your cock, and you have no choice but to follow.

With any luck you might get a good morning blowjob, or a breakfast fuck, but sleep has happened.

By nekekal at 30,Mar,19 12:22
I could when younger. I have never been very flexible but have a long enough cock. But it required me to really bend over. I usually did it laying on my back with my feet up against a wall.

The sucking felt good, but the position was distracting and i could never cum. It is not like just laying there and enjoying getting your cock sucked, so i quit and started to concentrate on finding someone else to suck it for me.

By nekekal at 27,Mar,19 23:49
My masturbation technique is to grab my cock firmly and slide the skin up and down, not slide over the skin so no lube is required. Young I never used lube, now I occasionally use some. I am circumcised.

By nekekal at 27,Mar,19 23:18
I love my cock. Thats my favorite part of my body. My favorite part of a womans body is her mouth when she has my cock in it.

By nekekal at 27,Mar,19 23:15
Open, but not wide. Just enough to let my balls hang free.

By nekekal at 27,Mar,19 22:54
no one has ever told me that. I heard a lot more of " OMG, i don't think that will fit into me. Do you have any lube? "

By nekekal at 03,Mar,19 15:16
Currently, a couple of times a week. I am getting old and slowing down.

By nekekal at 03,Mar,19 15:14
I was once walking up hill in knee deep snow, hunting deer actually, and stopped in the middle of this beautiful snow covered meadow with the sun glistening off of the snow and for some reason it just felt like the right thing to do. I opened my pants, got my cock out and jerked it until cum was shot out into the snow.

It felt great.

By nekekal at 25,Feb,19 13:54
Europe. The continent. I dont know that anyone ever gets the chance to take their clothes off in the UK. But the rest of europe seems to be clothing optional at lakes and rivers. Speedos are very accepted.

By nekekal at 25,Feb,19 13:50
I would never walk away from an open cunt.

But having said that, I have never been inside of a loose cunt. I have quite a bit of coc, so maybe all cunts are tight to me. I have fucked a few that were exceptionally tight. So much so that a lot of lube and patience was required, but eventually got in for an epic fuck.

But all cunts are worth fucking. I probably have sampled too few cunts to definitely say they are all tight. But I would love to keep sampling.

By nekekal at 19,Feb,19 13:58
Fuck more.

Seriously. When younger I would get to fuck only weekly. My intensity level was so high that I would cum when my cock head got inside of her cunt lips.

So i would jack off before i thought i was going to get to fuck and that helped a bit.

But if you fuck the wife or girlfriend every day, you will be more relaxed and last longer.

The down side is that she might want you to cum and be done. The wife ask me one night if i was going to cum or be there all night. I just pulled my cock out of her and jerked it.

By nekekal at 19,Feb,19 13:50
I am not actually sure when it happened. I played with my penis, hardly a cock at the time, all the time. I would just rub the head on my hand or bedding. I am circumcised, and it felt so good.

I shared a room with my older brother, bunk beds, and we both played with our penises. He was about 3 years older. One day he showed me a better technique to use. Grab your penis and go up and down. I must have been about 7 or 8. My penis was several times bigger than his and much easier to grab. In no time at all my cock was squirting.

After that I just couldnt leave it alone. I jerked off every chance I got.

I don't know where my brother learned to do it.

By nekekal at 04,Feb,19 22:56
Probably true. The cervix is certainly sensitive. And both the posterior fornix and anterior fornix might be sensitive. I have read that some women report enjoying stimulation of the cervix.

But my cock is arrow straight and the head is the biggest part, unlike the illustration where the cock is curved a bit and the head was smaller. I just dont have the control while fucking to get the head of my cock to move from dead center cervix to the posterior. Given the right position of her body, i can see that it might be possible to not hit the cervix and move off. But it has not happened for me.

Would have been nice. The cock head fills the whole area.