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By nekekal at 23,Feb,21 11:57
Any position involving my cock and a woman.

By nekekal at 21,Feb,21 17:21
No. Of course not. If you have something that the partner doesn't want and doesn't value, and doesn't even care enough about your happiness to use for your benifit once in a while, then it is obviously not cheating to share or give it to someone who wants it and will use it.

If I got the chance, I would, but it seems no one else wants it either.

By nekekal at 10,Jan,21 03:54
I like the looks of stockings. Panty hose I hate. You can fuck them while they are wearing stockings. Panty hose is like a chastity belt. Has to be removed.

By nekekal at 10,Jan,21 03:51
It is pretty obvious that women are much less interested in their cunts than guys are. Women are much less interested in cocks than guys are too. Lol. Also, not a lot of women are interested in calling their vaginas, cunts. They have any number of cute names but few call them cunts. And finally, not a lot of women members are really women and whoever is posting the pictures doesn't have any pictures of their cunts.

By nekekal at 05,Jan,21 16:28
Probably large. About 7 3/4 long,6 1/2 around. To me it seemed normal, but all of the woman that saw it claimed it was too big. A few refused to fuck it, but did suck the head. Of those that were willing to get fucked, most got on the top so they could control the entry, the speed and the depth of the fuck.

I leared to fuck using only the front 2/3rds of my cock so I didn't hurt their cervix. I only ever fucked one woman that could take it all into their cunt. And more I think, she seemed bottomless.

I wish it were smaller. About 6 1/2 seems perfect. Thats what I was using to fuck them with anyway. The girth was good, I I would keep that but less length would have been better.

By nekekal at 05,Jan,21 16:19
Who counts? But it isn't that many. Certainly less than 20, and that includes the hookers. It could be argued that they fucked me. women were not begging me to fuck them.

By nekekal at 04,Jan,21 16:13
Pretty cute. Huge tits. Great nipples. I would fuck her. Get her on her back, lets see how her huge tits look then. Should be a great titty fuck.

By nekekal at 04,Jan,21 16:09
Honestly the smallest cock that I have ever see was my older brothers. He was a big guy, over 6 ft, and muscular. We shared a room growing up and used to play with each others cock. He liked to play with mine because it was big enough for him to get his hands on. He had big hands.

Anyway, I got to see his hard many times over many years. He was 3 years older than I was. My cock was already over 6 inches long, whereas his was perhaps 3 inches long and skinny. About the size of a thumb. Hard. Soft, he had to push it down when he was sitting on a toilet . Probably an inch or inch and a half. Like me he was circumcised.

But he had a lot of girlfriends. He was a jock, I was a nerd. I had no girlfriends. Early lesson was women don't really care about cock size and really don't like to fuck anyway.

It was tiny, but fully functional. Probably got a lot of blowjobs since it would have been so easy to suck. He did get married and fathered two kids. Got divorced because he was fucking another woman, and eventually married her.

By nekekal at 26,Dec,20 13:48
I always was happy to look at porn with a woman. That ment that sex was on her mind. It was on my mind. And watching people fuck and suck usually resulted in some fucking or sucking by those watching. You want to watch porn, please let's get started.

By nekekal at 12,Dec,20 19:23
There don't seem to be any horny women anywhere near me. That is my life experience also.

By nekekal at 11,Dec,20 17:21
20 near me. All male.

By nekekal at 11,Dec,20 14:21
Yeah, a 7 inch circumference is pretty big. Women tell me that is a perfect fucking shape. Not so huge in the front but cunt stretching at the base. You stretch them on every stroke.

But with 7 inches long, you may not be able to get it all into an average cunt. Cunts are 4 to 6 inches long on average.

By nekekal at 11,Dec,20 14:17
Only ever saw my fathers cock soft. He seemed about average in both length and girth, judging from other cocks that I have seen. Mine is much larger than average, my brothers much smaller than average. As a family, we had average cock.

By nekekal at 09,Dec,20 17:15
How could anyone forget? I had been told by a guy friend that the quickest way to get your cock into a woman was to get your tongue into her cunt first.

So there was a young woman that I really was trying to fuck. We had been making out for a while, but she always said no to fucking. One night we were making out and I got her panties off under the dress that she had on. Got my finger in her and then spun around, got my head under her dress and started licking her clit and tongue fucking her. I am sure that I was not very good at it.

But hot cunt smell under that dress was almost too much for me. I almost got sick and passed out. But it was working. She soon was clawing at my pants, getting my cock out and started sucking it. She wasn't very good at it either. Hard cock being sucked was incentive to keep me down there eating away.

Soon, I was fucking her. It worked. Eating pussy was a sure way to turn the heat up and get cock into her.

I think that I got better at it. Most women seemed to really enjoy it and would either suck me off or let me fuck them after some tongue on clit time. I never did enjoy it that much. A means to an end. I always made sure that I had good ventilaton after that first time and if possible get them to wash their cunt first. That was mostly impossible. Most fucking happened late at night after drinks or activity.

By nekekal at 07,Dec,20 16:01
I think all cocks shrink some. The mechanics of the cock says it will shrink a little. Sort of like a tire innertube. Maybe not much shorter but smaller around.

Mine seems to have the normal amount of shrinkage. Bigger than average hard, bigger than average soft, but still smaller flacid than erect.

By nekekal at 07,Dec,20 15:57
I don't know, but the answers confirm my suspicion.

By nekekal at 03,Dec,20 03:51
Cock size is a mystery.

I am the middle of three brothers. Older brother is +3 younger is -5. Both of them are physically taller than me by a couple of inches. Both of them have smaller cocks. My older brother had a tiny cock. 3 inches at most. My younger brother was about average. 5 inches but skinny. Mine was almost 8 and fat.

I never got to see my fathers cock hard, but soft it seemed about average.

By nekekal at 30,Nov,20 12:39
You are welcome. chat anytime.

By nekekal at 25,Nov,20 17:03
I am pretty much up for any sex involving my cock and a woman, or a guy if he wants to suck it.

By nekekal at 25,Nov,20 16:57
I admit that I don't really know. I had been playing with my penis for as long as I can remember. It just felt too good to not do it. Mostly just rubbing the head against something. It would feel awesome, then sort of a dry orgasm, but only shivering, not body shaking.

Then one day or night before I was 11, we moved that year so I know where I was, I was playing with my penis and suddenly there was a body shaking feeling with liquid coming out.

Now I really could not leave it alone. I didn't cum much, but often, it felt so good. I am surprised that I didn't wear it out.

By nekekal at 24,Nov,20 17:01
Mine tapers like that. Over two inches across at the front, about an inch at my body. It cannot even hold itself up out straight.

But I think she was just trying to make you feel good about your tapered cock. A womans cunt only has really sensitive nerve endings in the first few inches of their cunt. They really like a fat cock to expand and stretch that. But as the tapered guys go in, their cock gets narrower and the poor woman doesn't even know that she is being fucked.

The perfect cock would be tapered the other way. Small at the point for easy insertion, and then get really fat as it gets all the way in and stretches the sensitive part of the cunt.

By nekekal at 24,Nov,20 16:45
I mostly look at SYC, but those are mostly guys. anyway, I appreciate a nice cock. I have one and have always like to compare.

By nekekal at 24,Nov,20 16:43
My nipples are really sensitive. More so than most women's that I have sucked on. I wish more people knew that.

By nekekal at 23,Oct,20 13:19
I have only been to a nude beach a few times. I always get a hard on. Something about laying naked in the hot sun, looking at naked people, makes my cock hard.

Of course I have spent most of my life with my cock hard, so it doesn't take much. I did talk my wife into sucking my cock one time, I was so horny it only took a minute to make me cum. Even then I stayed hard.

Didn't bother me but I think the wife was embarrassed, she never consented to going again, although I did trick her once.

By nekekal at 23,Oct,20 13:12
Nice cock. Pretty good size. Looks a lot like mine except mine is a bit fatter. Lots of good veins, head looks good. Good fucking cock I would say.

By nekekal at 23,Oct,20 13:07
Nice cock. Not the biggest, not the smallest. Slight curve. But overall, a nice cock.

By nekekal at 22,Oct,20 14:00
My nipples are really sensitive. I love having them licked and sucked. Alas, most women don't seem to understand this. My wife hated it, no surprise there, so I have always been frustrated about it.

By nekekal at 18,Oct,20 01:14
I tried it several years ago. I had read that women might suck more if a guy kept his cock/balls shaved. So I shaved everything.

My wife laughed and said if I liked it fine, but it didn't do anything for her. That is she didn't suck my cock any more. Less would not really be possible.

So, I let it grow out.

By nekekal at 18,Oct,20 01:07
I did that for many years. When dating, I would masturbate just before going out so that my cock would not be hard and leaking while I was trying to be charming and taking her out of her pants.

Also, I would cum much to quickly. It was ok for me since my cock would stay hard and I could just keep fucking, but if the woman noticed she usually thought that it was over and wanted to stop. Especially my wife. When I knew that she would let me fuck her, I would masturbate before I started. By the time we had some foreplay, and she was wet and ready to fuck, my cock was ready too.

By nekekal at 15,Oct,20 14:45
Sure. But unless you want a truck, foreign cars are the only game in town. Although a lot of foreign cars are actually made in the US. Trucks benefit from a huge tariff on foreign trucks.

It is always hard to tell what is made in america. BMW makes all of their SUVs in the US and imports them back to the EU. Stihl makes chainsaws in the US but is a german company.

Some Jeeps are made in the US, but some are made in Mexico with US made engines.

Location of manufacture is dependent on corporate greed. And the price of oil. If the price of oil is low, manufactured good can be shipped cheaply. If oil is high, shipping eats up the savings from low labor rates.

There is very little reason that electronics are made out of country since production is almost fully automated, but most corporations don't want to have to deal with manufacturing even if the end product cost more when produced in a foreign country.

I am not a huge supporter of flag idolation.

By nekekal at 09,Oct,20 23:49
I am over 70 and to be honest I really don't remember when exactly I started ejaculating. Or even when I started masturbating.

But I always played with my penis. I don't know when I discovered it, but I cannot remember a time when I didn't get an erection and play with it. I would typically rub the head and enjoy the friction and feeling. My penis was always big and easy to play with. It is circumcised.

I have an older brother that is 3 years older. We shared a room. Bunk beds and knew what each other was doing. We occasionally we get in the same bed and play with each other. He liked playing with my penis because it was bigger I think.

Anyway, I can remember where we were living and I think he was in the 5th grade, so that would make me in about the 2nd grade or about 7 years old, when he told me one night that someone at school showed him a better way. So we spent a while experimenting with masturbating. It was wonderful. But I don't think that there was any cum. I don't know when that started happening, but we moved from there when I was in the 5th grade and by that time I was jacking off every chance I got and was cumming. I did it in bed, in the basement, in the bath, in the garage.

So probably started ejaculating at 8 or 9.

By nekekal at 09,Oct,20 01:11
I could do it when younger. I am not very flexible but have a big cock. I would start by being on my back with my legs up the wall behind me, then let my legs come away from the wall and causing myself to sort of double up and get my cock into my mouth where I could suck it. I could get the head into my mouth.

It felt good, but I could never cum because the position was not very comfortable, so I never did it very much. It is much better to lay back comfortably and let someone else suck my cock.

By nekekal at 08,Oct,20 16:56
Sort of seduced. A guy that I knew to be gay, that I was renting a room from, offered to give me a massage to help me relax.

I agreed. The massage was very good, and very relaxing except when he got to my cock, which was hard and ridged. I knew what was going to happen when he had me roll over on my back. But not exactly what was going to happen. I thought that he might just play with my cock, until I felt his lips on my cock head.

It felt so good. He sucked it for a while and pretty soon I knew that I was going to cum. I wondered what I should do. Say something? Pull my cock out of his mouth? In the end I just closed my eyes and enjoyed shooting cum into his mouth.

We agreed on a repeat, but it never happened. I was not yet brave enough to say. "How about sucking my cock"

By nekekal at 01,Oct,20 16:15
There are no bad ways to masturbate. The best ways involve someone helping you.

As long as it results in cum coming out of your cock. It was good.

By nekekal at 23,Sep,20 13:38

By nekekal at 23,Sep,20 11:30
it does look like it would benefit from having some long hard cock in it, pushed back and forth for a while. Those lovely cunt lips would swell up and wrap themselves around it tightly. I wish that I could use my cock in that adorable cunt.

By nekekal at 21,Sep,20 16:12
My cock has a big head. I like it.

By nekekal at 21,Sep,20 16:10
Why do you care? You just want to fuck them with it. As long as they agree, you are good to go.

For the record, most women are not really into fucking and like small cocks better than big ones and like to suck small ones better. Less in their mouth. Easier on the gag reflex.

By nekekal at 21,Sep,20 16:06
I have heard women say "bigger than a toilet paper center would be great". I think that is less than 5 inches. My cock is over 6 inches and they tell me it is too big. But I think that they are just trying to make me feel good.

By nekekal at 21,Sep,20 15:47
As a young guy, i paid for sex a number of times. It was the cheapest, fastest way to get my cock into a cunt. It was not great, but neither was the gf, and I didn't have buy her flowers and dinner, or tell her how great she was.

But I would gladly pay for sex now. I have not been in a woman for over 15 years. I would pay a lot for a regular fuck. And if I lasted 24 minutes, clothes on to clothes on, I would consider it a pretty long time given my level of horniness.

By nekekal at 21,Sep,20 14:52
I like the 46 year old cunt. Young girls are nice to look at but an experienced cunt is a wonderful fuck.

By nekekal at 21,Sep,20 14:46
Very attractive cunt. It would look even better with my cock in it.

By nekekal at 21,Sep,20 14:44
I have. If things go well, it will usually get hard just before I cum.

By nekekal at 21,Sep,20 14:42
Looks nice. Good shape. Could be a bit bigger.

By nekekal at 21,Sep,20 14:41
I like to see good cocksucking and cum in mouth. But not gagging or face fucking. I like to see the woman working a nice cock with both hands and her mouth, then just catching the cum in her mouth. I don't like to see the guy jack himself off, i like to see her finish the guy.

Then I usually jack off.

By nekekal at 11,Sep,20 19:24
I like to think of myself as an artist. Not starving since I retired from engineering.

By nekekal at 09,Sep,20 21:49

By nekekal at 09,Sep,20 18:28
Yes and yes.
Masturbation is always good. Do it early, do it often.

Blue pills, viagra or its cheaper relative in white, is also good. It helps an old cock feel young and stand fuller and taller. Take as much as you can.

And then you can combine them. Nice hard cock, masturbation until your arm is tired. Feels almost as good as fucking someone.

By nekekal at 05,Sep,20 16:04
My cock was always bigger than most, but nothing like yours, and I used to get a lot of harassment about it, so early in life, I started to wear baggy clothes. No one could see my cock being hard. I wore knee length swim suits so my cock didn't hang out the bottom. I still wear baggy clothing.

By nekekal at 05,Sep,20 16:00
Yes. If I am awake, I probably have a hard on and am horny.