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By nekekal at 14,Jan,20 14:34
The best blowjobs that I ever received were from men. Men who like to suck cock are very good at it. They don't try to rush so they can go read a book or something. They always swallow cum and will generally keep sucking as long as my cock is still hard. They know what a cock likes since they have on.

Women just suck cock because I ask for them to, they want it to be over, and act like I have thrown acid on them when I cum.

By nekekal at 14,Jan,20 14:27
For me to orgasm, my cock needs to be in her. I like to be as deep as I can get into her cunt, or she can suck the cum out of me.

But if I have to pull out of her, it ruins the mood and while I still cum, I don't orgasm. It is like masturbation. Relief but not orgasm.

By nekekal at 14,Jan,20 14:17
A few times. Mostly in coolish water. Cold water does not give me, or anyone else, a hard on. Later, when laying in the sun, and looking at naked women, I did get a hard on. No one offered to help me with it.

My cock is almost always bigger than others.

By nekekal at 14,Jan,20 14:06
I love tits. I love the way they look, the way they feel, the way they taste. I love holding them, fondling them, sucking on the nipples. I just love a woman's tits. I am sure that I like them more than their owners.

But there is absolutely nothing better in the world than sliding my cock into a warm wet cunt and fucking it to orgasm.

So, I just love a womans body, but if I had to chose either giving up tits, or cunt. I could give up those wonderous tits for more cock in cunt time.

By nekekal at 07,Jan,20 21:25
Anybody but trump/putin. I like Warren. Or clobashor (sic). But it doesn't make a lot of difference. Your average fifth grader who doesn't lie would do a better job that the orange turd.

I do think that melania has nice tits though.

By nekekal at 25,Dec,19 01:54
Anything involving my cock and a woman is my favorite.

By nekekal at 19,Dec,19 14:50
Thats a nice cock. Looks a lot like mine.

By nekekal at 16,Dec,19 20:33
true. But trust me, a woman doesn't have to spend hundreds on me to get me to fuck her.

By nekekal at 10,Dec,19 18:07
It is true. Although premature is in the eyes of the beholder. It was only premature because I wanted to fuck her longer. And since I did fuck her longer it was pretty much a who cares.

And when and if I got to fuck her more often, I was able to last longer. It got to the point where she ask if I was going to cum, or be there all night. I wanted to say all night, but she was tired of being fucked so I said I was done and went into the bathroom and masturbated.

If a guys cock has not been in a woman for a long time, h is going to cum before he wants too.

By nekekal at 09,Dec,19 13:59
my real problem was cumming on the way in. If I had not fucked for a while, which was mostly the case, my cock would be rock hard and so sensitive that as soon as the head got in and started sliding into a cunt, I was cumming. Generally, I just kept fucking and in a short while would cum again.

By nekekal at 06,Dec,19 23:27
Open your wallet. Women like to see hundred dollar bills. They like to see you spending the hundreds on them.

By nekekal at 29,Nov,19 14:23
For a great fuck, you cannot beat doggy for all the reasons that every mentioned. You don't have to look at anything but her ass. You can thrust in very deeply. You do not see the pain on her face as your cock head slams into her cervix. It is just my hard cock in her tight wet cunt. Filling her with cum.

My second favorite position is anything that involves a woman and my cock.

By nekekal at 29,Nov,19 14:10
I was circumcised at birth, so it is all I know.

But the head of my cock is so sensitive that it is almost embarrassing. Even now as I get old. One touch and it wakes up. If I walk and it slides around in my pants, I feel it and my cock gets aroused. cock

And, OMG, if lips or tongue touch it, I get hard and ooze precum.

By nekekal at 28,Nov,19 16:49
Looks like you got her fucked. Doing a good job, she has her feet over your back, your balls are against her ass. Good fucking job. I can be next.

By nekekal at 27,Nov,19 22:22
Doggy is good fucking. You don't have to even look at her. Just slam your cock into her. It feels great. You just give her the cock the way you want. Slow, fast, hard, or let it soak. Fucking amazing.

By nekekal at 24,Nov,19 23:38
The sucking my cock has ever received was from guys. None of the women sucking my cock really liked to do it. They were trying to get me to cum so that they could do something else.

Guys like to suck cock. They know what a cock likes and will suck for their pleasure. They don't necessarily want me to cum right away.

By nekekal at 24,Nov,19 23:21
I had to think about this.

For fucking, it is the inward thrust. I am trying to drive my balls into her. I cum on the instroke.

For masturbation, it seems to be the outward pulling that does the job. Although the down stroke is also hot. But I cum on the up stroke.

For being sucked, I like both. For her mouth I like her just sucking, but generally it would be the pushing her mouth down onto the head, but I like a hand on the shaft pulling up. Best of both worlds? And cum in her mouth.

By nekekal at 18,Nov,19 19:28
Good old 69. I like the position. But was never good at it. When my cock is in someone's mouth, i kind of forget what I am supposed to be doing. I like clit licking, cunt lip kissing, and tongue fucking, but have found over life that I just cannot give it the attention it deserves if someone is sucking my cock, playing with my balls.

but it is a great position to sort of take turns. That ok for you. Otherwise I am happy to lick your clit/cunt until you cum and then it is your turn.

By nekekal at 18,Nov,19 13:07
Great. We are o. The same page. It is basically what I want too. Maybe a litgle cock and ball sucking thrown in from you.

By nekekal at 18,Nov,19 13:03
Nice fucking. It would be even better if you had her lower her tits to the bed. That makes the angle of her cunt even better for fucking, and she isn't able to move forward when you slam your cock into her. You get to go deeper. Slap her ass a few times and fuck away.

Or, just let me show you how to get some serious cock into her.

By nekekal at 18,Nov,19 12:59
In that case, I am on it. Start on your back, I will suck your nipples, caressing them with my tongue, while my fingers find your clit and cunt opening.

I can play with them while I enjoy your tits. Then I change my concentration to finger fucking your cunt while my palm presses your clit. When things get good and wet, you can flip over, get on hour knees, put your tits against the floor, and I will get my big cock head into the opening of your cunt. For myself, i like to stop for a few seconds and just enjoy the heat and pressure, plus some anticipation of a good fuck.

Then I can slide in as deep as I can and then fuck you as hard and deep as I can so your body shakes with the impact, and my balls swing forward to slab against your clit until I fill you with cum. I enjoy just leaving my cock in such a warm and welcome place until it starts to go limp.

Is that what you mean?

By nekekal at 17,Nov,19 23:29
Except in this case, it translates into not in memory but is always a possibility.

It is always important to use what you have to the best of your ability depending on the desires of your partner. Fucking is what you put into it. Sometimes they want to suck the head, and sometimes they want ball slapping deep and hard thrusting. How do you like it?

By nekekal at 17,Nov,19 23:05
I know that there are women who like to fuck, yourself as an example. They just don't want to fuck me. Just the way it is. Unless you want to give me a shot?

By nekekal at 17,Nov,19 19:13
Thank you, I will take that as a compliment. As long as I am fuckable, I will be happy. Maybe someday I will get actually fucked.

I suspected that you had taken some editing liberties with your example, and I understand what you are saying. Fortunately, I don't send unsolicited pictures of my cock anyway. I do keep hoping that some size queen will see my pictures and beg me to come fuck her. Yeah, I know fantasy.

I almost never masturbate to anyone on here. No one really wants to chat enough. I have only ever found one woman on the internet who could reliably make me cum. I have been able to write things that made several women cum. I mostly just look at the pictures and comment. The comments usually go into the bit bucket.

By nekekal at 17,Nov,19 18:46
True. That is probably as good as it is going to get.

By nekekal at 16,Nov,19 20:35
Of the two, the second one seems less offensive. The first guy must have a pet snake, to be that long and skinny. Did he send a picture? Does it look that big. Photoshop you think?

The second guy seems weird to me, but you probably have better judgement than me.

I guess the good news is that I haven't sent you a picture of my cock, but you are welcome to look at my profile page, and I do think you are pretty sexy and have an attractive body. So, do you want to fuck? Or is that too blunt?

By nekekal at 16,Nov,19 18:44
It doesn't work. Women really don't care about cock size. Very few really want to get fucked. A few of those that do like to fuck might be interested in a big cock as a novelty. Might I say.

Besides most women are sort of measurement challenged. A six inch cock will look like a monster as they think about it forcing its way into them.

So, no. Telling a woman that you have a big cock will generally not get you laid. It is better to spring it on them and hope that the sight of it will not cause them to put on her clothes and leave.

By nekekal at 16,Nov,19 18:31
I wish that I knew one woman that really liked to fuck,and really liked to fuck me.

By nekekal at 16,Nov,19 18:19
It is true of course, but to be honest I don't go to a web site called "show your cunt" with pictures of naked women when searching for serious conversation. Here I expect to talk of cocks, cunts, sucking and fucking. Sorry i am just a guy with an achy erection looking for relief.

By nekekal at 13,Nov,19 16:14
That is great. But in my pub days, by the time women were ready to go home and fuck or suck, I was barely able to get up and find a place to sleep.

I only have about a three beer limit. It seems that it takes three beers or more to get a woman to even think about spreading her legs. My friend always got to fuck the women, I got to go home and sleep it off.

So it would only be a win for you if you liked sucking limp cock, and a win for me if I was still awake.

By nekekal at 13,Nov,19 12:50
That has always been a problem for me. I have a really low tolerance for alcohol. If we have to drink more than one beer, I will not be much of a fuck anyway. So, maybe you give me your contact information, we can have a beer or two and we can arrange to fuck another day.

Or not, women always have the choice.

By nekekal at 12,Nov,19 14:13
First we fuck, then we drink beer.

By nekekal at 11,Nov,19 22:56
You can call me Tiny.

By nekekal at 11,Nov,19 21:54
if you are going to fuck me, you can call me anything that you want.

By nekekal at 11,Nov,19 19:49
I am trying to cut back.

By nekekal at 11,Nov,19 00:15
I love doing doggy. Get her head down, ass up. It angles her cunt perfectly to drive my cock in. I love the way her ass shakes as my body slams into her and my balls swing forward to hit her clit. Doggy is seriously good fucking.

Besides you don't have to see her face.

By nekekal at 11,Nov,19 00:09
I very seldom see a bigger cock than mine. I really pitty guys that have bigger ones.

By nekekal at 11,Nov,19 00:07
I use cunt a lot. A person has to call it something. Ok, you could call it a vagina, but that is not correct either. The vagina is really the internal part. The tube that a guy sticks his penis in.

The outside is really the vulva. Sounds like a Swedish car. Then there are the labia. Inner and outer. But it sounds much to scientific.

So, at polite conversation you might say that you want to have intercourse. But you really want to fuck. And what you really want to do is put your cock into her cunt. The vagina is a cunt. The labia are cunt lips. The vulva is a twat. And those lovely mammary glands are tits.

If you are going to fuck, you can call what you are fucking a cunt.

By nekekal at 10,Nov,19 23:54
Any position involving my cock and a woman is a heavy favorite. I do like cowgirl. It is like your own porn show. Cock going in and out of a hot cunt, tits bobbing and swaying, head back, back arched, a clit to rub. Perfect.

By nekekal at 09,Nov,19 01:55
When I was young, I masturbated all the time. Morning and night, during the day on weekends and school vacations. So it was inevitable that my mother would catch me. My brother caught me all the time, but he was masturbating too. In fact we helped each other.

But mom believed that we probably shouldn't be playing with ourselves all the time. She knew we must be doing it alot or she wouldn't have caught me. So, she told dad to talk to me about it. He did, but didn't have a real good reason why I could not play with my own body. So he just told me to try to not get caught again.

We became much more sneaky. I was almost caught again but not with cock in hand and no one ever caught my brother and I together.

Of course my wife catches me all the time, but she doesn't care as long as she doesn't have to touch my cock.

By nekekal at 27,Oct,19 14:52

By nekekal at 27,Oct,19 14:52
Except at home the parents could walk in at anytime. And did. There were 3 boys so we were naked around each other all the time. Generally they told us that no one wanted to see us naked, so try not to show them our cocks.

I was drafted into the army. There we not only had communal showers but same with toilets, urinals, and sleeping. You got to see enough cock to last a lifetime. Modesty no longer existed.

By nekekal at 27,Oct,19 01:37
That is a big cock. Seems to be a nice shape too.

By nekekal at 27,Oct,19 01:35
Good question. I don't know.

When I was little, like 7 or 8 I was terrified of anyone seeing me naked. I don't know why. My mother pointed out one day that she had seen me naked for a long time, but I was shy about it.

Then about the fifth grade, say 10 years old, my cock got a lot bigger than my classmates. Anything different with kids gets ridiculed. And they laughed and pointed at my cock. It is safe to say that almost no one knew what a cock was really for or why they got big, but I was humiliated for it.

All through high school, my cock was bigger than theirs. But we all had to shower together. And I got over the shyness. By collage, i liked to parade around naked, cock half hard swinging out in front if me.

I started looking for opportunities to get naked. As I went to the gym I would find a locker as far from the shower as I could and then walk to the communal showers and enjoy soaping and cleaning my cock. Nothing like hot water and soap to give a guy a hard on. Then slowly walk back to my locker. Towel over my shoulder.

It was an interesting journey from shy to flagrant.

By nekekal at 27,Oct,19 01:20
Probably not. I have seen a couple of women passed out dead drunk when I was in collage. I believe that they could have been fucked and not awakened. I didn't try and no one that I know would have taken advantage of a woman like that. It cannot be much fun fucking something that cannot feel anything.

And if she was really out, didn't wake up, she might not know what happened. Her cunt would probably drain by morning, and contract back to its original size or close to it, so besides a little mess it would be hard to say. Maybe if you suggested that she had been fuck she could add twonand tw

By nekekal at 26,Oct,19 16:59
Circumcised shortly after birth I think. It always looked this way to me. I have no idea why. But it is fine for me. Women have never asked, fucking is great, there have been no problems.

By nekekal at 26,Oct,19 16:52
Age, over 70.

Number of women fucked. Only a fraction of the number that I wanted to. Most of them were fucked 45 or 50 years ago and I don't remember exactly. Some were memorable fucks and I could tell their names, other I can barely remember, if at all.

But probably less than 10. A lot of them were one time fucks. Not my choice but my cock is big and only a few women were willing to go back for a second try or more.

Since we don't get to count getting sucked, I loose quite a few. A lot of the women that I got naked with, decided that they would rather suck it than fuck it. Women don't really like to fuck, and certainly not a big cock.

But I am impressed at some of these numbers. These guys have fucked more women than I got to fuck my wife.

By nekekal at 26,Oct,19 13:37
I love cunt. My cock is pretty big and all cunt is very tight. I love to fuck cunt. I only tried ass once, her choice, but I could tell that it wasn't going to go well. Nothing in Nature coming out of an ass is as big as my cock. Even with lots of lube, it hurt her, I am not into pain, and wasn't that good for me.

Most cunts are not deep enough, but I love having my cock in as far as I can.

By nekekal at 26,Oct,19 13:30
I am straight. I love to fuck women. But I love to have my cock sucked, and it isn't fussy about the gender of the mouth doing the sucking.

So, sure. If a guy wanted to be my personal cock sucker it would be fine. But I have no interest in sucking his cock. Cocks don't turn me on.

By nekekal at 25,Oct,19 15:00
True. That describes my life.