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Embarrassing childhood memories

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Started by overeight at 15,Jan,20 23:20  other posts of overeight
Does anyone have childhood experiences that were considered embarrassing? Today I was reminded of one. I spent the weekend at a friends house and his neighbors had a pool. I didn't have a swimsuit so he loaned me one. He was a little chubby and I've always been slim. Well this neighbor of his were Indian and all three of the ladies the mom and both the daughters were just as beautiful as could be. So his sister was pretty cute too. So we go swimming and we decided to have best diving contest. So we all line up at the diving board. The girls mom just sitting up under the porch watching us all. So we all take turns bouncing hard on the board to get air and on my third dive I got some air. I bounced up in the sir and came down perfect dive no splash and like a razor in the drink,however my trunks also slipped all the way off completely and sank to the bottom. So all I could do is get out of the water and go for a towel. Well being used to being wet in Florida I left my towel on the porch. Do to the porch I march butt ass naked and with the hot girls there and me only being about 14-15 I'm getting pretty hard bouncing around walking to get the towel. The mom heard a bunch of noise from everybody laughing and making fun that I was naked. She looked up and I was walking right toward her because the towels were tlright beside her she jumped up looking at my cock and grabbed a towel and said oh my and your a young man aren't you. My friends sister who I didn't know at the time had a crush on me then walked up and had my trunks. She handed them to me and the mom said oh you can go I the bathroom there and slide them on. I said well its not like nobody has seen I already. I dtopped the towel and pulled the trunks back on and my buddies sister stood there just looking at my now pretty erect penis. The mom just after that said ok everybody out of the pool for a few minutes I've got Popsicles for everybody. She then grabbed my towel and told me you probably need to sit down and wrap tmyour towel around you for a few minutes ok. So I did. But two of the girls both to this day smile when I run into them and give me a nice warm hug and a big smile.

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New Comment

By everett at 03,Jul,20 07:56 other posts of everett 
wow boy cock hard never had that done
By overeight at 03,Jul,20 10:05 other posts of overeight 
Well you have to keep in mind my age hell the wind blowing could give me a hard one back then even wearing clothes
By everett at 04,Jul,20 01:11 other posts of everett 
yea i know the feeling

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