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Started by OverIt! at 29,Mar,20 16:07  other posts of OverIt!
I noticed that a lot guys experimented with their brother/brothers growing up like I did😁🤘 Enjoy reading stories similar stories 😁 Hmu😎

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By Blade at 01,Apr,20 00:06 other posts of Blade 
I had a cousin that was facinated with my dick. he slept over all the time during the summers. we would stay up late watching tv, and fight over the couch that faced, long ways, the tv. so we would end up fighting over it, and both lay there. only room for 1 & 1/2 of us, so your under or on the other whoever was on the inside.

first time he touched me, was when I was laying on top of him, and his head was stomach level to me. he starting pinching me and Ididn't move off the couch, and when it hurt I did it back to him so he stopped.

Then he threatened to grab my dick or flick it. I swore he wouldn't really do it, but he did. he started poking my dick, then my balls, and I warned him if he hurt me I'd do the same to him. In fact when I went to poke his dick he freaked and covered up almost violently so I stopped.

but he continued to touch my dick, from grabbing my whole package in his palm to lightly squeezing my shaft. (which I think he was gauging my size) He got me chubbed so I adjusted so my dick pointed up so it laid on my stomach. I pretended not to notice or care that he was poking or squeezing my balls and dick.

The next night I didn't wear underwear, and we did the same thing. again I was the one on my back, and he was on his side smooshed into the back cushions. soon he started grabbing me to the point where he was pulling my sweats tight against my chubbed dick to see the outline clearly.

without underwear, it was kind of itchy/tickly, so I stuck my hand carelessly down my sweats scratching my pubes so he could get a peek if he wanted. The second time I did it, he pulled my hand out and put his in and scratched my pubes. then he realized how much pubes I had and was facinated by that. he kept his hand in my sweats for the 2nd half of the show we were watching. he'd comb his fingers thru my pubes for a while, then play with my shaft, then gently massage my balls, back and forth, stopping with his hand on my package for minutes.

We were clueless, and it wasn't really sexual. he peeked at my almost hard dick when it would get harder. The next time we did this, we went right to pulling my sweats down to see my dick. I stopped him from doing this in case my parents came down. So later in my bedroom, I let him see me in the light. He wouldn't let me see him; he was defensive about it. I just looked at it like free massage, as I moved his hand to my balls most times because it felt good when he rubbed him in his palm

That progressed until he watched me cum one night, and then he stopped completely.

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