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Did the crazy man from Texas Alex Jones predict the coronovirus

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Started by overeight at 31,Mar,20 03:37  other posts of overeight
About 5 years ago for a little while I watched Alex Jones because I got a kick out of his show. Now I hate to say that I did see him do a report once about how George Soros put up a monument in Georgia years ago. People have rumored it to be put up by the New World Order and there are other rumors too. The supposed antonym name that was used was Richard C. Christian was the one who bought the land and put up the monument the Georgia guidestones. Now int this report Alex claimed George Soros was Richard C. Christian. Now if you go look up the guidestones its ten commandments on a bunch of granite stones written in ten different languages. The first commandment was the population of the earth should not exceed 500,000,000 people and this should be mot ever violated. Then the rest of the commandments go on to claim man should live with nature and not harm earth. It also has 8 other commandments. I'm not going to go into all of them. Alex also said that Soros under Obama admin. Placed 1 million emergency caskets in four different spots in each corner of the country. One of those being just southeast of Atlanta. I'm not one to believe Alex Jones but do think he is entertaining. However after this virus it could make you wonder could the supposed New World Order possibly be behind this virus? The caskets were put in place just before SARS started,then we had Swine Flu then came H1N1 Now we have coronovirus and it is taking many more lives. Just wondering now if Alex might have actually been onto at least one thing.

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By phart at 31,Mar,20 10:46 other posts of phart 
Well it may be along the same lines as those Fema camps. I have no way of knowing 1 way or the other. But I don't trust George,and I don't trust the government.
For the past month or so I have felt like I have had alot of smoke blown up my ass by alot of people that supposedly know what is going on with the virus and what not.
The timeing of the whole thing is what I consider most disturbing. The Dow was just to the tipping point of hitting 30,000. Our economy was doing great.Trump stood a good chance of being reelected.
Other countrys accused of election interference in 2016. A virus from a country we owe our ass's to in debt.
just to many things in place to make for a good movie if nothing else.
There is more to the story than and of us can google.
By overeight at 31,Mar,20 12:56 other posts of overeight 
Well phart I'm not saying anyone in particular planted the virus but its just an odd thing that since the Georgia Guidestones was put up we have had first HIV hit then had our food supply genetically modified and a massive outbreak in cancer. Then we had one huge swine flu outbreak back around the time old Bill got caught getting sucked off in the oral office. Then we had multiple terrorist attacks that only a part of them were successful. Then once Obama got elected we had three different minipandemics in China. Then we had swine flu more aggressive this time in 2009 then the H1N1 back in what 2014-15. Mow we are encouraged to get flu shots almost demanded to get them. You must get them to be allowed in some jobs. Its just a little weird you know.

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