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By phart at 04,Mar,21 14:36
Sadly no way to edit my post now.
It was SUpposed to be a link to this news report of 27 illegals that were in a Ford that ran in front of a dump truck.They had just went thru a border wall shortly before.
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This first link was before it was reported they were illegals.
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By phart at 03,Mar,21 20:18
My high speed allotment has been gone for a week,so i haven't used much youtube. Oops.

By phart at 03,Mar,21 20:17
how is Joe's plan working?Not to well for these folks
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By phart at 03,Mar,21 19:42
I like this fellows music,His new song,"Be less white"
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By phart at 02,Mar,21 18:04
We had a American Saddle bred mare when I was growing up.She watched my mom open her stall door for a couple weeks. And 1 day,she was out and about in the back yard just having a great time. We put her up,next day,same thing.
So the next day we watched out the kitchen window,dang horse reached down with it's teeth,grabbed the handle,lifted up,pushed to 1 side and then nuzzled the door open.Just like clock work. So then we put a chain and snap on it to hold it. She chewed around it for a week and gave up.

By phart at 02,Mar,21 18:01
Why didn't all those damn women speak up about Cuomo before now?
Why the wait?
I hope Newson gets the axe,he is a complete jurk.Literaly laughed when ask about his actions when he broke his own damn rules.
Cuomo,oh ,I hope his ass gets grilled,don't take me wrong in reference to wondering where these women were last year as people were dieing in nursing homes at the orders of Cuomo.
biden getting empeached,won't happen for a long time,he is doing all the dirty work for the democrats,being set up to take all the blame when shit hits the fan,then he will get the snip after all the dirty shit is done and will go down for it all.

By phart at 02,Mar,21 11:52
I am thinking of starting a Go Fund me page.For people that voted democrat to give money to help pay all this extra money for gas they cost everyone else.
2.59 a gallon yesterday in town,up over 60 cents a gallon in a month or so since dipshit took office.

By phart at 01,Mar,21 12:32
A freind said his internet searching turned up that Pepsi products backs BLM, And I doubt that is Belt Loops matter,so dang,there goes my Mt dew!.Hard to give it up but there is a local drink I will go back to I guess,Sundrop.

By phart at 28,Feb,21 09:39
Naw,I still like to watch the waitress 5 days a week where I eat breakfast walk around,great legs,nice rump,small "rack",nice smile.
No robot,no matter how shiney it's wheels,will match that.

By phart at 28,Feb,21 09:32
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For only 3200 bucks, you to can have a robot to follow you around.

By phart at 28,Feb,21 09:25
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At 3:40 today,you can listen to a former President that still Loves America and wants to try to save it.
I think when it is all said and done by 2024,even most dems will regret voting biden. His puppeteers have already used him to fuck up the border,and women's sports just to name a couple things.
--------------------------------------- added after 9 hours

Great speach,you shoulda listened.It is sad how much damage bidens handlers have done in just a few weeks.Especialy when you hear it all explained at once.

By phart at 27,Feb,21 20:09
But but that is because of the cold weather in Texas isn't it? Isn't that what they want us to believe?
I say Bullshit.Opec cut production to help get the prices higher. Gas is 2.46.9 here today.
whole sale gas is 1.88 a gallon as of today.
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By phart at 27,Feb,21 20:06
Here is the thing,according to a quick google search,Blacks make up 13.4% of the American population.

That is no 1's fault,it is not a sin,it is just fact.
Now,another stat,
32.6 percent of the non-Hispanic white population over the age of 25 holds a college degree compared to 19.6 percent of adult blacks.

So with only 14% roughly of the population being black and a even LOWER percentage of those folks being college educated, who the hell else can you hire for jobs but white folks?

IF Blacks want better lives,great,go to college and get a job.quit hating whitey,that aint helping.
Beside,the white man was to lazy to chase down blacks to bring back as slaves back in the old days.They sailed to the African coastline and BOUGHT the black people from OTHER BLACK PEOPLE and brought them here.
THeir own kind sold them out,But yet,whitey is the bad guy.

By phart at 27,Feb,21 12:07
Yea, I to have thoughts on that.Why? is the first,and second,is along what you are thinking.

What is so hard about accepting 1's uniqueness in the world,be it color,race,Iq,whatever? Why make a stink about it?

By phart at 27,Feb,21 09:59
I have been wondering if ALL employees are being asked to take the class or only those that appear to be white? I would think it is racist to only ask the 1's appearing to be white to take the class.
Only way i can be less white is sun tan naked and I don't think the world is ready for that.
This whole race thing is being blown out of proportion.
Why not teach folks to be more American or less ignorant.Or pull up your fucking pants fool!

By phart at 26,Feb,21 17:27
Well if they pull it out,I aint working on that sumbitch,kinda like doing heart surgery on a squirrel thru it's asshole.

By phart at 26,Feb,21 14:35
Well I agree,I appreciate his work protecting our freedoms and our country.But that choice of words was not what I would have expected .Or at least it would have been in private,as similar to walk up to skittles and speak to him.
It could also be said that blacklisting was not a good thing either.I would have thought a marine would face a challenge,and perhaps find a positive solution,other than cuss em,stomp em,and say DIE.

By phart at 26,Feb,21 14:30
Um,more coastal property? should I be buying some land down there? My mom supposedly had bought a half acre down there but I never found any paper work on it to verify.Knowing my luck as I told her ,it was probably a sink hole with a Yugo in the bottom.

By phart at 26,Feb,21 14:27
Well,I understand the eat shit and die thing now,a marine.
Why is it if a marine can't eat it or fuck it,they want it dead? Not trying to be a asshole,just never have understood that attitude in every marine I have ever encountered.

By phart at 26,Feb,21 14:20
You would have to remind me that the doctor that did mine drove a Herbie Replica. So maby not "creepy" but wierd?

By phart at 26,Feb,21 09:48
To be completely honest,I would rather have the camera up the ass as I would down the throat.I had a restriction in my throat and a doctor tried to fix it and my throat hurt for months after that.I Still can choke on a asprin.

By phart at 26,Feb,21 09:45
When I saw this thread I thought,Gee someone has figured out biden but it is a older Trump hater thread.Oh well,we can least dream about people waking up to reality.People will miss Trump far quicker than they will admit.

By phart at 25,Feb,21 19:37
Just as a member of my family did.No signs or problems so was never checked.Until 1 day they were stretching barb wire and fell down.Started bleeding from the butt. Turns out he had colon cancer and after a long battle,and spending the last week of his life having shit pumped from his throat so he could breath we lost him. I never want to see any one suffer like that,even my worst enemy.
A camera up the ass is alot better to check and perhaps catch cancer before it gets worse than to vomit up and choke on your own shit because the colon is backed up.
Very sickning thing to see a bag of shit by a bed side and the tube in the throat.
I had issues,I went and got checked and was told to come back in 5 or 10 years.

By phart at 25,Feb,21 19:32
Your mouse works similar to ours I am sure,it can clic on anything that intrest you.If it don't intrest you,don't clic on it.enjoy life and don't pay things any attention you don't like.

By phart at 25,Feb,21 09:47
Think about this for a minute.
The Liberals and democrats and greenies think that handing the governments more money in carbon tax is going to change the temperture of the earth.
Who really is going to make out like a bandit in this equation?

By phart at 24,Feb,21 20:31

By phart at 24,Feb,21 19:21
And just remember,the next time you see a infomercial about colon cleaning being good for your health and how you should eat,snort or breath in something to clean your inards out,just ignore it,because after you take all that gallon of gut flush,you are CLEANED OUT@!

By phart at 24,Feb,21 15:52
Well it seems the Dems don't mind using their tricks on their own,When handy.Cuomo is down,so why not kick in him in the balls with a sexual alligation while we are at it?
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Now don't take this as I like the guy,I think the blood of 1000's nursing home victums from the virus is on his hands but I couldn't help but notice,the Dems are kicking him while he is down.

By phart at 22,Feb,21 12:40
Well I just read that Goodyear is buying Cooper tire, so I guess the quality of Coopers will plument to the level of sawdust and cow shit like Goodyears.,

By phart at 22,Feb,21 10:27
I would consider it cheating.BUT at the same time,I also blame the partner that does not care enough for the other to hold up their end of the bargin.

By phart at 21,Feb,21 19:25
They are kinda tight on that here in nc.People took it off and have to put it back on to get thru inspection.Not sniff test but has to be on there and visiable.
Import restrictions on imported desiels emission though thru the feds.

By phart at 20,Feb,21 16:05
Holy crap. Having had some experiance with rv repair in the past,I see So many mechanical nightmares to try to keep working. not to mention,it aint purty on the outside at all!
I am not even sure that would be legal here in the US or not.Should be if it passed emissions.

By phart at 20,Feb,21 12:08
Why would you say that? You work,you earn.

By phart at 19,Feb,21 20:44
I just bought 2 more Make America Great again hats,camo colored, as I don't like bright colored hats.I intend to buy some more off ebay as they are getting cheaper.
Reason being, I want to make sure people know I was not dumb enough to vote for biden!

And you know,regardless of who is in office,if the idea of Making America great again offends a person,I don't need to waste my time being around them anyway,they are part of the problem.

By phart at 19,Feb,21 14:32
If people in Michigan reelect this tyrant,they are nuts
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By phart at 19,Feb,21 11:16
you mean you folks are not prepared for a weather change such as a snow storm or blizzard? It would seem it would be similar to being ready for a hurricane,

By phart at 18,Feb,21 22:10
wrap the pipes in something to prevent freezing.
dgraff,similar here.We have fireplaces,portable kerosene heaters,electric baseboard heat,propane "Mr Heater" portables.4 generators ,it helps to know how to repair things,makes for free or cheap backup power!

By phart at 18,Feb,21 14:10
vehical wreck.

By phart at 18,Feb,21 14:08
I am really scratching my head of all the horror storys from Texas. Don't they insolate their pipes and have generators and such down there? You would think they never had any hurricanes or droughts or power outages from what i read.People cold,hungry? what do they do after a hurricane?

By phart at 18,Feb,21 08:43
It is a 1 way street in a right to work state such as I live in.
You go to work and you do your job,you are given what is earned.And years later the retirement you built up pays you. The incentive of a employer to keep you is to provide quality work and be on time,and do the job safely.

By phart at 17,Feb,21 21:47
Ok,so there are all kinds of fish.I like whatever it is that Caption D puts on my plate.But this Carp that people that have farm ponds and such buy to put in so they will eat all the alge, is getting to be a problem,So the brainy people have decided to change the name of the Asian Carp to something else so people won't think of bottom feeder fish?
Does a name change really work that well?

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By phart at 17,Feb,21 21:36
invent a propane powered melter as part of a snow blower.
It will compress the snow into something smaller.

By phart at 17,Feb,21 12:15
basicaly ,yes,a budget cut changed the way the job was done,and the accident happened.

By phart at 17,Feb,21 09:28
Northern drivers only need a loud horn to drive. Here in the south you have to watch for the finger because our horns don't work!

By phart at 16,Feb,21 13:22
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I am glad to read those folks cleaned up.
1 guy I went thru school with,,a real mechanical genius,has been to rehab over 50 times now,prison 3 times,all because of dope.
Sad,as he can do some of the best carpentry work you will find,and he can also build winning racing engines.can fix anything.But once he gets some dough in his hand,you can forget him until he is broke,and then he will come crawling back wanting work.He steals from the people he works for,only to tell them later where he sold the stuff,helps to get it back and etc.
Sad,very sad.
I just wish people would learn.

By phart at 16,Feb,21 09:42
I am firmly against alcohol,drugs,weed.I don't go to church every sunday but I only support abortion in cases of inces1,r@pe,or endangering the mothers life.
Some things are preventable,like drug addiction and pregnancy.
Your idea of information campaigns is sound but sadly falls on young deaf ears that think they are to smart to get addicted.
I watched pot ruin several peoples lives as I grew up.Not the pot it'ts self,but it was a entry level drug,it became not enough,and wham,they went onto worse things.1 really attractive,smart gal I would have graduated with had she not quit,died shortly after her 26th birthday from a over does.My former girlfriend started on pot when she was 16.went from honor student to runaway drug addict in a couple years. Used alot of people over the years,including me,to prop her up.
There are few people that can smoke a joint on saterday night,and resume a normal life monday morning.

By phart at 15,Feb,21 20:58
To address both of ye here,
1, a sober child or adult is much safer with a gun as far as handling it than a high or drunk person. They would be much more apt to just randomly shoot it to make noise.
I would not be against medical use of pot.IF only the person that needs it is getting affected by it.
The dangerous part people forget about pot is the fact you smoke it,then go to work,or drive or whatever with a altered mental state.Who is responsiable if a accident happens? A drunk,is liable for his actions.But the maker of the beverage is not.Because it is a legal beverage.IF a person is high on illegal drugs,any victums can sue the supplier and grower if found. at least a slightly better chance at justice.
Plus,the dangers to others in the workplace.
I know the employers around here warned not to use cbd oil because it can show a positive on the drug test and prompt a fireing.

By phart at 15,Feb,21 20:48
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Germany,was once a great nation of engineering,my dad always said he loved it and if he had to move he would go there,but he was there in 56-7.Totaly different country now I am sure.

By phart at 15,Feb,21 16:01
I would rather see her and that warren woman and a couple others in Washington sitting in rocking chairs on a big front porch chewing on ice cubes and let people in the white house that can actually do something productive.

By phart at 15,Feb,21 15:59
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take a moment to read this, windmills, can't spin because they are frozen.Power grid is over loaded.
And we are supposed to drive "electric" cars?
If the power grid can't handle a snow storm,how can it handle every car being charged in 10 years? It can't.