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By phart at 17,Jul,19 12:48
Well 10 years ago I saw a couple pictures of some guy in Germany who had give his wife dialation drugs as in to have child birth,but not for that.He had his ENTIRE HEAD in her pussy,no not his dick head,his bigger head. Far enough the ears were not visable. So after seeing that,there is not much that surprises me about germany.To think of what a great country it was at 1 time. Great machinist,fine cars. Not any more.

By phart at 17,Jul,19 12:45
Get rid of the free loaders and there would be pleny of funds remaining out of the taxes already being paid,

By phart at 16,Jul,19 14:15
You are correct,AOC needs to learn that abusing Trump is not a good way to go.

Also,Pelosi could use some schooling as well.
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By phart at 16,Jul,19 11:21

By phart at 16,Jul,19 10:23
Yea,breaking their own rules to give you a ticket.
A cop hit someone the other day locally and the folks in the neighborhood said on tv they need to quit driving thru town like they are on the interstate.

By phart at 16,Jul,19 10:19
Using the word moron,although it is a viable discribtion,can be taken as a immature remark and not receive the crediablity it deserves.
The better idea is to exspose the blatant iggnorance of the person and let the public read the definition of moron to verify it applies.
That woman got fired from a damn hot dog stand and was a bar tender before she went into office.And the bussiness she worked for CLOSED DOWN shortly after. research the reasons why.
Also,she cost the state of New york jobs in a larger number than the folks that voted for her. Moron is correct but make sure to back it up with facts!

By phart at 16,Jul,19 10:14
i can agree we need to work together.The division sadly was here before he ran for office.The last postition holder made sure of it. Trump is simply making it visable to those that have been blind to it for so long.
The folks that his remarks were directed at have made it a point to say hatful things about and towards our President.Publicly.Folks are not paying any attention to them.Trump on the other hand,can say something with a racial overtone and it is heard all over the world. Bare that double standard in mind and you will realize the racism and such is NOT 1 sided as the media wants to project it to you. Trump is for lack of better way to put it,the donkey everyone wants to pin the tail to.
Racism is the worst amoung the 1's who cry the most about it.

By phart at 15,Jul,19 18:38
Well,AOC said publicly she wanted to impeach the motherfucker.
I did not hear the foreign press say anything about that.
Strange how folks pick and choose who they are offended by.
I know sometimes Trump needs to put down the twitter box but all this whineing about his tweets just brings back the double standard thing.Those offended by Trump,could not care less about AOC's blantant display of immaturity and lack of support of our President.I doubt she or the rest could go back where they came from.Probably not wanted there anymore.
AOC has made the roughly 16,000 that voted for her look like idiots for putting a loud,foul mouthed bar tender in a position of power.
To think had she had any brains and had went in with a different attitude,agree or not with Trump,but just went in with a+attitude of lets work together,what potential she had.
Damn shame.

As far as what he said,I have not kept up with all of it.
I do think he needs to use better judgement in regards to sharing his opionions.He is entitled to his opionions,he is American. But telling natural born Americans to back where they came from is not fixing anything.

If you want to know the majoritys opionion on Trump,wait till 2020 november,as myself and 1000's of others vote to return him to office. Perhaps then the stumbling blocks he has ran into while trying to fix America will be decayed and withered away.Flaws or none,he is the best shot America has right now.

By phart at 15,Jul,19 11:26
well,i am down to 1 or 2 squirts a month.
just don't have the drive to jack off any more and I don't think I could get laid if I was a brick.
So they need to do a study to help motivate women to have more sex.That would help matters for both sexs.

By phart at 14,Jul,19 18:46
Possiable I would think.Just look at voter registration and if folks at a particular address registered to the party the cenus folks liked they would make sure they were counted,if not tough shit.
But folks like me that are registered independants,well,I guess we get lumped into the "they don't give ashit bucket" to.

By phart at 13,Jul,19 16:42
sadly to many.Damn thing don't last no time hardly.
I would guess about 4 dollars worth just to get the loose crap off.I gave up actually trying to "clean" a car at a car wash.

By phart at 12,Jul,19 10:21
I would just find a way to send them a card,"Glad I weren't home"
It is of no value really.They claim it is so you will have the correct number of folks in washington to represent you,but everytime our state gets the lines drawn,people whine until they are redrawn and the census info is then worthless.

By phart at 11,Jul,19 19:28
seems like I got something 1 time in the mail years ago.I just tossed it.I thought it was some kind of useless survey or something.

By phart at 10,Jul,19 21:29
I think people that have watched Titanic the movie sometimes try to imitate the gal standing at the bow of the ship thing.
No one should have been holding a baby over the rail of a ship. I would say fault lies much moreso with them than the ships owner.Perhaps the ship company will have to raise the rails. Or probably they will just put up a sign,"do not hold babies over the rail" thinking that should suffice

By phart at 09,Jul,19 21:45
96 bags! GEEZ, did they not go on a diet before they went to the moon? Or did they stop at Taco Bell before getting in the space ship!.

Damn,I just had a brain fart.A new song for kids to sing on a feild trip.
99 Bags of shit on the moon,99 bags of shit!

Can you imagine what the bacteria may have done that was in that poop? Hell there could be bacteria up there now eating away at the moons surface.Someone should have gotten a ass chewin when they got home.
Nasa Boss "where is all the shit?I know you fuckers took a shit up there because we have it on tape". Astronaut,"We lef the shit up there man" ."WHAT?" "Man we left that shit up there,aint nobody gonna steal it,go back and get the shit if you want it".

By phart at 09,Jul,19 21:44
Anytime something bad happens fault is always found in the person or company having the most money.
Hang on to the baby dumbass,or it may fall! Did the woman not realize something bad could happen?

By phart at 07,Jul,19 11:26
Well,I can't see a problem with the question myself.
I don't see that it has anything to do with how much help the illegals get. They get it everywhere here in the US,not just democrat controled areas.

By phart at 06,Jul,19 17:23
Link says not found?

By phart at 29,Jun,19 19:29
gee,they make getting your dick chopped up like a damn onion sound like walking your dog in the park!
SHEESh,makes me want to puke just visuallizing it,no,I didn't open the page bella posted,I think I got a glance of it the other day. Sickening.

By phart at 28,Jun,19 20:57
I know you didn't say rather you loved or hated,I just ask why your brain was hurting.I think it is hurting for similar reasons as mine and many others.
I knew Donald was not a perfect person,but he was the best choice for America at the time and he is Trying his dead level best to fulfill his promises,unlike so many of both parties before him.

America is already a better place to live that it was 4 or 5 years ago.Folks are getting jobs and money is flowing again.
Some wonder what his is motivation is.Sometimes I wonder why any sane man would want the job. But if America fails,he fails. IF America succeeds,so does he and everyone else.

By phart at 28,Jun,19 15:49
From what sir?

I can't help but notice when i put a link up to a news story of a illegal burning 2 children and ording his 16 year old girlfreind to run down their mother with the car and chunk her in the river,it has not got a response.

For whatever reason, when facts are shown to folks that hate Trump,they don't respond.
But if you found out for a fact a negitive peice of info about him, they would discuss it alot.

By phart at 28,Jun,19 12:21
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Like Trump or not,rather the liberals fact check everything Trump says and come up with a little dirt,here is a story right out in the open of exactly what Trump wants to prevent.
No one seems to be disturbed by the fact he was screwing a 16 year old girl,or it could be that the burning of 2 dead childern and ordering the 16 year old to run over their mother and chunk her in the river is horror enough?

By phart at 27,Jun,19 11:14
You need to learn to stop making bad decisions before 1 of them stops you. To some degree,yes,you will fuck up enough that you will eventually get tired of paying the price for those fuck ups and will stop.
Just hope it is not after you get hurt or killed by a stupid decision.
Knowing you have a issue is a good step in the right direction to do something about it.

By phart at 26,Jun,19 22:33
Well as for spinning off the planet,the "Member" would be on top of that list all the time.

By phart at 25,Jun,19 11:25
gas is back to 1.85 wholesale right now,so add all your gas tax to that plus store profit.

By phart at 24,Jun,19 16:07
Well, that "member" is just a cyst on the side of the sites ass anyway. You all did well trying to actually find out if they were real or full of shit. I doubt they are even in Florida.Probably a 3rd world country.

By phart at 23,Jun,19 19:17
I figure Countrycouple had a good peaceful lunch by themselves.

By phart at 23,Jun,19 07:32
Yea,they have the right to.I just find the whole thing very ironic

By phart at 22,Jun,19 21:21
There are so many people here in the US that are against a border wall.
But I saw something yesterday that just can not go untold.
About 20 miles from me is a single wide trailer with 3 additions built on to it on what was a country road until the damn subdivided neighborhoods came in and it is now all but a 2 lane interstate.
Anyhow, the place went up for sale.It was in real disrepair.
Mexicans bought it, brought in 4 camper trailers and set up house keeping.
The town that annexed them was not happy. So they told them to clean up. What are they doing? They are building adamn BIG wall! All the way around the place.You can't see shit!Nor could you get in or out with out going thru the gate!
So is it not strange that the MEXICANS would build a wall around their own shit but complain when Trump wants to build a wall around all of OURS?

By phart at 22,Jun,19 11:24
I heard a story once about a kid that played a joke on the school.He turned 3 goats loose in the building.1 ,3,4 painted on them. They scarched for days for number 2!
There was NOT a number 2.
That was the joke on the idiots looking.
So there may not be a #2,6,8 in this line up?

By phart at 21,Jun,19 22:26
like I said before,they should be easy to spot driving up in a 74 beetle with slick tires and no muffler.
I seldom bet,but I am willing to bet 100 points no one shows up.

By phart at 21,Jun,19 22:01
I don't know,I might would forfiet the prize just to cut her out of 7 mill she didn't do a damn thing for but make me miserable.

By phart at 21,Jun,19 12:28
I am number #4!!

By phart at 20,Jun,19 08:50
In other words no one that can fix the problem gives a fiddlers damn about the problem?
Oh well,I aint done anything to the "member" to prompt any issues in a while and don't plan to give them that attention.So whatever floats the boat.

By phart at 19,Jun,19 17:10
I just noticed everyone else is giving their number.MY number is higher than your number I am number 4

By phart at 19,Jun,19 17:01
Oh yea,if country couple burns her points it cost him his right? Well I put 40 points in their pot just the same.

By phart at 19,Jun,19 12:48
Well I aint said a damn thing or did a damn thing to the "member" in weeks so what ever,No sleep lost

By phart at 19,Jun,19 12:45
that is the exact statement on my latest blacklisting.
Wet noodle was the blacklister best I can tell.

By phart at 19,Jun,19 09:39
They should be easy to spot if they show up. Ragged out 74 beetle with 4 slick tires and no muffler.

By phart at 19,Jun,19 09:37
Yea, I get a idea of what stuff is priced for at those stores then shop other sources to save money.
Harbor freight is the only place it is manly to use coupons! Again,sometimes I can get the stuff even cheaper from other sources and most of the time better stuff if I aint in a hurry for it.

By phart at 19,Jun,19 09:35
MY ass would still be sore when I graduated COLLEGE if I had done something like that.

By phart at 19,Jun,19 09:32
Yes why not? Seems to be ok. It would indicate a double standard if anything was said to you about it.

By phart at 19,Jun,19 09:09
Yea "it" used it's Wetnoodle profile to blacklist me yesterday. I don't think booze can screw your mind up that bad.I think they are mistaking collard greens for pot and smoking that.

By phart at 13,Jun,19 18:55

By phart at 12,Jun,19 20:29
I don't. I use it once in a while but cooking just for myself i use the electric grill in the kitchen.Plug it in and don't have to use gas or charcoal.

If I had to say I "loved" a cooking tool I would have to say my crock pot! Um can you say pinto beans with country ham chunks?

By phart at 09,Jun,19 16:14
I hope Bella don't mind but I am going to ask a question.
What is it with grammer police on websites?
I mean really,the message is more important than how it is spelled,worded or spoken.
Let's say for example you are about take a drink of water from a creek.
A dirty old farmer walks up and says, "hay,don't ye drank dat ter water,it'l rot out yer innards and keel ye'anz".
Or a professor in a tuxedo walks up and says " Excuse me sir but that water is poisoned and it will kill you"

Ok,would you think the farmer was a dumbass and start drinking or wait for the second opionion or?
Really, listen to or read the message, and don't get your undergarments in a wad over a word.

By phart at 09,Jun,19 16:03
Depends on what I cooked for her supper and how far along we are as to her fixin to orgasm.If I cooked beans and cornbread and we just got started,we both would stop and get for fresh air.If close to completion,we would tough it out and then cough and open the door and turn on afan.

By phart at 09,Jun,19 16:00
Disregarding the subject matter for a moment and let's just look at the spelling.
Is it not true you were able to read and understand what was typed?Even if the wrong Their was used?
There are more serious matters in the real world to worry about than the spelling of a few words. Especialy on a website full of dick and puss's.As for Trump not being a "fellow", he is a citizen of the US, and is male.If not,then is Stormy Daniels a bisexual?

By phart at 08,Jun,19 21:02
Sometimes a fellow just screws up and says something he may not should have. Let people laugh and get it out of their system.No real harm done.

By phart at 08,Jun,19 21:00
I might could,but still,even though I am VERY slow at finding your response,it is still a interesting question I ask. And strangly,I have little of AOC the past month or so.