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By phart at 14,Oct,19 21:26
real clear I think.
Just kept throwing a box up about certificates and so forth ,had a hell of a time backing out of the page.

By phart at 14,Oct,19 15:45
Um,you all have me drooling for soft stuffing and deviled eggs! And my aunts homemade pies!

By phart at 14,Oct,19 15:43
This link has issues,made my computer throw up warnings.

By phart at 13,Oct,19 15:46
I don't recall her accusing him of r@pe do you?
She musta wanted to be on her knees before a Billionaire.IF you could read womens minds,alot of them would want to be on their knees in front of a billionaire.Thinking some of him money might fall thier way.

By phart at 12,Oct,19 18:02
And the Dems call it what?

By phart at 12,Oct,19 17:50
We shouldn't post here,this is a safe space for snow flakes,our presence might melt them.

By phart at 12,Oct,19 17:47
You know,think about how much polution our decaying bodies would put into the air and earth if we all "drank the koolaid" at the same time?
The maggots and buzzards would be in hog heaven but everything else would suffer for a while.

By phart at 12,Oct,19 17:39
Ok,BUT to be honest, if the day after the election Trump has won and the house and senate are republican,what will you do then?

By phart at 12,Oct,19 17:36
Trump supporters are not the first or only people to use numbers in different fashions to prove or disprove anything.

By phart at 11,Oct,19 20:12
Hey,quit calling me a fool,I didn't say the pic couldn't be recent,I was just making the point that it has some effects by lighting or skin tone or something that just make it look 80's. Sheesh, Chill out and quit jumping the gun!

By phart at 11,Oct,19 20:09
I saw a couple cocks awahile ago,I think they were game roosters!

By phart at 11,Oct,19 20:07
Yea,i know,chicken nuggets include everything but the cluck,only because they couldn't catch it.

By phart at 11,Oct,19 14:50
Trucks with Heated seats,tailgates that go up with electric, cameras all around so you don't have to learn how to use a friggen mirror?? 75,000 dollars just for a pickup truck and they can't seem to keep them on the lot? Somebody is lazy and no count for nothing and in debt up to their eyeballs!

By phart at 11,Oct,19 14:47
So they are not real wings after all? False advertiseing!

By phart at 11,Oct,19 14:46
There is no way for me to prove yea or nay on when that pic was took.But I will say,the visual effects or the lighting or something,gives that pic the 80's vibe for real.

By phart at 11,Oct,19 09:54
Some of this 2 and 3 job shit is because people try to live above their means.

By phart at 10,Oct,19 17:50
Uh,and folks blaming Trump is any different? Kinda the pot calling the kettle black aint it?

By phart at 10,Oct,19 17:48
These 2 aint seen the road in 20 years,been out in the weather,tops rusted engines,

By phart at 10,Oct,19 15:11
Since we are on such a small planet do we just all bend over a barrel and let the power hungry bump us from behind until dead? We have to stand up for what is ours or some sob will take it from us.

I aint given 1 bit of a damn about how tiny earth is.But during my few seconds on it,I am going to TRY,notice i did say try,to be happy and help those around me in need.
And I am NOT giving up the standard of living I have worked hard for just to suit the greenie weenies.
In the 60's we had fine,decent looking powerful cars and fine homes with style.Now we are expected to drive cracker boxes and live in partical board wonders while eating tofu and drinking bottled spring water that actually came from the local river.

By phart at 10,Oct,19 14:58
It is sad that the truth is right in front of all us and none of us can agree on what is the truth.
I hope you get a check from the money you are farced to pay in.I know I hope I do.
But will we? who knows.

By phart at 10,Oct,19 14:56
I know of several companys that have expanded,2 really major companys in this area,expanding both employe numbers and building size.
The economy is better now that it was 4 years ago.
These folks that can't see things getting better must live in the gutter citys like San Fran and Chicago.

By phart at 10,Oct,19 09:26
Strange,I was just looking at a Rolls the other day.Rough shape,thinking of street rod material.

By phart at 10,Oct,19 09:25
care to elaberate?

By phart at 09,Oct,19 20:11
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By phart at 09,Oct,19 19:35
Great point to be quoted here,
" I just want an honest president and a Congress that actually governs"

I think most of us want that.But how the hell can congress govern when so many of them are acting like rabid animals jumping on every little peice of dirt any 1 can dig up on Trump and apply all their efforts towards removing him? How is removing him fixing poverty,healthcare or other issues with the US? It cant be.It is tying up resources for little more that mole hills being churned into mountians by rabid democrats.

By phart at 09,Oct,19 17:31
Well,it would put both side by side, Then the proof would be there to see.

By phart at 09,Oct,19 17:12
This is America,Innocent until proven guilty.And not by public opionion.And should only have to be proven innocent ONCE and then the accusers need to shut the hell up.

By phart at 09,Oct,19 16:57
Hell, none of us can get the truth.It is just sad that some fall for the dumbest made up shit first.

By phart at 09,Oct,19 16:55
associate degree.Registered independant.I don't need a party telling me how to vote.
I also don't feel like it is wrong for Aussies to speak,but to act like our leader has a negitive affect on THEIR retirement is taking it to far.Does their country not have it's on IRA's and cd's,stock market and so forth for investing?

By phart at 09,Oct,19 16:52
Just for shits and giggles,is there similar list for Obamas first couple years in office? Just to compare apples to apples.

By phart at 09,Oct,19 09:22
High taxes have been around long before the current folks were in power.Alot of times they decide to raise taxes during a democratic government so the tax rate goes up during a Republican ruled government so they can come back and blame the repubs for the increase.

By phart at 09,Oct,19 09:16
A heart felt plea to all liberals and Democrats entitled to vote.Get educated and learn the truth. And if you would like to have a reasonable chance of winning in 2020 or 2024, run someone that has some actual brains so it can be a competitive race.Unlike years past where there was only the priviledge of choosing the lesser of 2 evils.
And quit depending on the government for everything.Craddle to grave is a fantasy,not reality.YOU are responsiable for your future.
And just what the hell does Americas leaders have to do with AUSTRALIAN Retirement funds? Don't you folks have your own so if they fail you can blame your OWN elected officails? This very post of yours is election interference.You are asking Americans do to the bidding of a foreign power.

By phart at 07,Oct,19 21:31
Perhaps I am not able to get to the actual facts in the case to read them,verify them and then make a decision based on FACTS.But it is because they are not avaliable to us as citizens.We are fed the propaganda from the media and tidbits here and there. I don't know if he broke the law or not,I was not there,and I don't trust the sources of info I have. BUT what you are missing is my simple point. Every one is jumping on the bandwagon of TAKE DOWN TRUMP,and IGNORING all other suspected lawbreakers. According to how the system works, all are innocent until PROVEN guilty BY A COURT. Not the public opionion. You for example have him pegged as guilty in your mind without a fair trial,without seeing both sides of the story. Trump read the transcript to the people a few days ago.No one on the liberal side believed him,just as we don't belive the liberals side of the story.
As far as denying money to the Ukraine? What do we need to be giving money to them in the first place? We are in debt up to our ass's.

The whole idea in a nut shell is working because we the people are letting it work,division.Strength is in numbers,and the more you can divide people,as in Trump haters and Trump lovers, you can concour those people and control them.We are already controlled with the information we are allowed access to to some degree

By phart at 07,Oct,19 21:21
Some companys,hospital and government employees get a discounted membership also at some of those warehouses,I know Sams club offered us a discount.But I had a freind I went with once a year and bought a few things. A of food samples on tooth picks everytime I went in there.

By phart at 07,Oct,19 19:54
Check the unemployement rate.Check the stock markets.
Some evidence there of better times for the country as a whole since he took office. Help wanted signs in bussiness windows all around town that during the Hussein era were closed down or on short staff.
I could go on.But as brightly shineing as the evidence is to us here in the south east, I don't see the need. Stop looking at California and New York as barometers of America.Those are the spots that don't seem to want to get out of the funk.
Just look at what 16,000 or so voters put in Office in New york for evidence of that. An Occasional Cortex, AOC, cost New york 1000's of jobs when she worked against Amazon.
How many jobs came back to America? I know of 2 places that doubled thier employee numbers within a year of his being in office.

By the way, AOC making her boyfriend a instant millionaire was in the news recently.Why isn't she being charged? What she did was wrong to? OH, I forgot,she is a democrat,the other democrats don't care what their pack does.

By phart at 07,Oct,19 19:45
It is the better of the bunch.Again as already said,bulk items for sure.
A single person like myself can't justify the membership just to buy 40 rolls of paper towels and 100 rolls of bathroom printer paper. Soup by the case. Stuff like Car batterys,golf cart batterys, No real savings if you add in the membership fees over what you can get the items for at speciatly stores.Electronic items I buy from Best buy or somewhere that I can get some help and warrentys and such if I don't buy used.

By phart at 07,Oct,19 19:42
Lightning ruins the coil in the ignition.I have a couple small tractors damaged that way ,need new coils because of the shed being struck by lightning.
I have not been struck directly but a tree near by was and it was LOUD and blinding.

By phart at 07,Oct,19 15:59
I guess we should just all drink the "koolaid" and fall over and rot and let the monkeys and the whales have the earth back?

By phart at 07,Oct,19 15:56
HEhehehe, geez,you act like the years after Bengazzi is equal to a century. Trump has only been President for a little over 2 years. The sins of being with Stormy and grabbing a vagina,all happened before he started even running for prez. And this gobbity gook for a coward whistleblower,a small issue being blown out of proportion and used for sole purpose of ruining the man.
IN some ways i hope the impeachment proceedings can take place.I know it will consume resources better suited for other task,But once Trump walks away from that still President and gets reelected,the Dems will have to shut the fuck up and get back to the bussiness of Running America,and not into the ground as they are right now.

By phart at 07,Oct,19 15:50
Depends on the reason behind it.If a sober woman has been hurt,insulted or something,and he knows he is wrong or guilty,yea,most men take it,but to get slapped by a drunk ass gal for no reason,I would have to try hard to restrain myself from letting them know that was not appreciated behavior.

By phart at 07,Oct,19 15:36
There was only 1 other choice that had any votes and she makes Trump look like a saint.Her actions and attitude ruined her in regards to Bengazi and the email server thing.

By phart at 05,Oct,19 20:47
I had to just stop taking over the counter stuff back in june because nothing was helping my arthritis.I just took it easy during the day for a month or 2,then started eating about 2 to 3 hot peppers fresh out of the garden each day.
My eyes burn when I sweat,my body has a warm feeling sometimes about 3 hours after eating them,but that is what the capsassain,"spelling" does,it warms the body thru a chemical reaction.The heat helps releive the pain and the oils in the peppers help with the joints. Not everyone can eat hot pepper,cayenne is what I am eating,but if you eat it with food,slaw seems to be good,it helps to keep it from buring your mouth.

By phart at 05,Oct,19 20:38
Not really,I had a bad case of gas from eating beans and such a few hours before i joined the site and the hint was in the air about what to use for a nick name.
It says nothing about me at all really.I am more than a fart in a whirl wind.

By phart at 05,Oct,19 16:06
It was 1 of a dozen links I coulda posted.I first got wind of the story thru a email and tried to get more info and this link seemed to have more than the rest.
If there is any truth to this at all,it would put a different spin on what is going on. At least now we know which alphabet group the spineless complainer is from , the CIA, A group that Covers It's Ass.

By phart at 05,Oct,19 16:04
never left

By phart at 05,Oct,19 16:00
Um better theere than in a septic tank to filter into our ground water!. And who is changing the whale diapers? Have you saw a video of a whale shitting!

By phart at 04,Oct,19 21:07
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By phart at 04,Oct,19 20:51
You would think they would just dump the shit as it was flushed!

By phart at 04,Oct,19 20:40
Don't know much about it.I know 1 fellow that says he uses hemp oil and it helps pain.
I know of 1 hospital that told it's employees that CDB oil will cause a positive drug test and they should not use or risk their jobs..

By phart at 03,Oct,19 13:11
Blackface to me is just some sort of silly entertainment that someone finds funny.I just think it is silly.
The folks whineing about being offended are just getting a free ride on a train headed to no where.
And I will admit,it does give the impression of some people that have double standards. It is ok for me to go black face but if you do it, you are racist type thing.
Just this morning I watched a segment on the news about a Naacp person being accused of sexual harrasment.He said he was sorry and no charges will be filled. Let that be a KKK offical and they would riot for that person to be under the jail. Double standard.