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By phart at 01,Apr,20 09:24
Some of you say,"staying in the house". So is that to say some of you have no acerage to for example mow the lawn or chop wood or go work in the garage on a long term project? Wow I would go insane if I didn't have the abilty to go outdoors for activitys of some kind even if my property lines could be considered borders. I do go out to get food in the morning and a trip to the bank or something but then come back. Nothing like normal. I never knew how much i would miss sitting down in a comfortable seat and have someone bringing me my food and filling my tea glass.And cleaning up after me!
I did get a bunch of paper plates to help with the clean up when I cook at home.

By phart at 01,Apr,20 00:15
They use UV light systems now in central heat and air systems for homes claiming it kills virus's and germs in the air before blowing it into the house.
Why not use a Dialysis machine to pump the bl00d from the victum and run it thru a transparent tube so the UV can kill the virus and put the bl00d back into the person?

By phart at 31,Mar,20 10:46
Well it may be along the same lines as those Fema camps. I have no way of knowing 1 way or the other. But I don't trust George,and I don't trust the government.
For the past month or so I have felt like I have had alot of smoke blown up my ass by alot of people that supposedly know what is going on with the virus and what not.
The timeing of the whole thing is what I consider most disturbing. The Dow was just to the tipping point of hitting 30,000. Our economy was doing great.Trump stood a good chance of being reelected.
Other countrys accused of election interference in 2016. A virus from a country we owe our ass's to in debt.
just to many things in place to make for a good movie if nothing else.
There is more to the story than and of us can google.

By phart at 30,Mar,20 22:06
A unofficial research study has concluded that a woman can be satisfied by only 3.25 inches. Yep,you read that right, 3.25 inches.
Don't beleive me, measure your credit cards length before you hand it to her.

I couldn't find the joke thread,and I had to share this 1.

By phart at 30,Mar,20 21:58
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Not sure how it works,I just remember hearing about it LONG before Obamma care.BUT that is not to say that perhaps Ocare changed how Cobra worked.

By phart at 30,Mar,20 21:11
a young boy ask his dad

Dad, why is my sisters name Paris?

son,that is where we conceived her.

Ok, thanks Dad!

No problem Quarrentine!

On a differnt note, a friend of mines gal is fixing to have a baby about the end of April. Not a good time but not something you can put off!

By phart at 30,Mar,20 21:10
I am not positive but I think there used be something called Cobra? that would fill in for a short time between jobs. But this situation we are in right now may have some differnt setup.

By phart at 30,Mar,20 10:27
I had issues a few years ago and after a chemical stress test and such they said I had afib and at the time a bad case of gas. No medicine or anything I guess since mine is only occasionally, but I do notice now that i am having to use my Flonaise for allergies that I am waking up with the bumpitybump at night. They said my second bump comes to quick? oh well I aint dead yet,but do hope you get recovered soon.

By phart at 29,Mar,20 17:33
I can't imagine why she would continue to pursue a job in that field after what happened anyway. Looks like a carreer change woulda been in order right off the bat? Shows that experiance is not a good enough teacher for some folks.

By phart at 29,Mar,20 17:25
Most of the cases when it started here in my state were along major interstates,like from New York to florida route.
Then in my Theory, and I am sorry I am not a scientist,But I am thinking as the store clerks that served them and the waitress's and such that waited on them as they traveled got into the lesser areas they carried it.
There was a medical related convention in New Jersey and alot of cases were seeded from it. But of course at the moment the web has been cloroxed of that info. As with alot of other stuff.

By phart at 29,Mar,20 09:38
I don't think it has anything to do with party as far as where it is the worst.
I think most of it is that in those major citys you have people living in very tight quarters with no where to hide.
Alot of wealthy people live in those areas and are able to afford to travel to far away lands and bring back sickness.
The politics is more relevant to passing blame around for lack of this or that and I blame the democrats for closing down entire states ruining the economy.Using this crisis to make the President look bad.
But party has no real bearing on where the virus is worse.

By phart at 29,Mar,20 09:30
Perhaps there is hope of holding the guilty accountable after all. Even if it is by jurking their purse strings.

By phart at 29,Mar,20 09:28
I have decided to stop wasting time on you but i did want to respond to the China thing. The virus that brought down the economy was released in china and the persons responsiable should never be able to get online or walk on this earth without being afraid someone will find them and hold them responseable.
Go watch over your kingdom and make sure your tourist attraction,the "royal family" is safe ok?'

By phart at 29,Mar,20 08:14
I think we are typing to 1 of those 'bots or trolls.It is best to just ignore them.
I have ask twice on 2 different post a very simple question,that boils down to "where do YOU get YOUR facts?" and the troll has failed to responde. A real person,or just someone trying to be annoying,would answer the question.Not hide.
Just ignore it,it won't go away, as computers and programs don't know how.

By phart at 29,Mar,20 08:11
Yea, those jokers need a good leason.

By phart at 28,Mar,20 19:25
What foul word did I use? Stew, as in a souplike food product? In as being within something? Normalcy as in a state of being normal? I have never got paddled or other wise punished for using those or similar words so i had no idea they were cuss words.

By phart at 28,Mar,20 19:22
A previous computer I used had spell check, this 1 does not. Yea I miss it,but what the hell, my college degree is about 30 years old and is not of value anymore anyway.
I did poorly in English. I was more interested in learning how to do a good job at repairing electronic equipment,not talk it and type it to death!
Similar question to the 1 i ask in another post. What are your sources of facts?
I suspect your sphere of knowledge is small because facts are hard as hell to come by these days.

By phart at 28,Mar,20 19:17
I posted all those links to disuss the theory,not prove it right or wrong.

You are way the heck over the ocean from here anyhow,why does anyone need to prove anything to you in regards to Americas issues?
You have a Kingdom to watch over, get back to it. Matter of fact Your Boris is sick with the virus.Pay attention and use all your resoursfulness to figure how who exsposed your LEADER to the virus and share that info with authorties.

By phart at 28,Mar,20 18:57
We just got pegged for a whole month.This cutting and stacking firewood and such is making me sore.But at least I will be warm next winter.
I did notice alot of folks at Walmart buying leaf rakes and such for doing yard work.1 lady said she was putting her husband to work!
Should be plenty of clean houses and nicer yards,at least of the people that care about how things look.

By phart at 28,Mar,20 18:53
I guess I am guilty of making the asumption that if you gave a real damn about something I said and wanted to confirm it or disprove it you would actually take steps to look it up yourself instead of acting like a judge sitting back waiting for the prosecution and the defense to present the entire case before you belittle both lawyers and put them in jail for trying to present information and take the crook to lunch.
Since you obviously are a liberal minded person, I would have thought ABC and Bloomberg would be right up your alley.Just what or who do YOU consider to be a source you wouldn't look out your window to confirm? BBC? Aljzera "spelling".

By phart at 28,Mar,20 18:50
Yea reality tv is a joke. Pickers went to a freinds place a few years ago. Bought little but he went ahead with the tv footage for advertising.
They knew what they was going to show on tv,what they would offer and alot of what they filmed landed on the cutting room floor.

By phart at 28,Mar,20 18:43
USE GOOGLE to find information about the democrats fear of Sanders.Your shit stirring reminds me of another poster that I have noticed absent the past couple weeks.

Don't demean others because YOU are to lazy to look up a little something for yourself. Maby even Check BLOOMBERGS news as i am about certain that is where I read about it.

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Don't get much more liberal than that site.

only registered users can see external links
Here,liberal enough for you to understand as far as the source of information?

By phart at 28,Mar,20 18:41
Just what should color our judgement?
I don't like the guy,so I don't read about his history.
What is so hard to understand about that? I don't give a shit about his party in regards to this ME-To opertunist taking advantage of the situation.

By phart at 28,Mar,20 15:40
This damn site messed up again, here I retype. Anyway, I don't care much about Biden so I haven't wasted any time reading about the smear campaign being launched against him in this case. The russian thing,does concern me a bit because he is running for president and there could be some corruption. But a woman hollaring he tore my shirt off in 1993 should have done something then.
Just a opertunist at work. or a fight fire with fire conservitive stooping way low. Find something that matters to exspose if you want to change peoples minds.

By phart at 28,Mar,20 15:32
only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links
only registered users can see external links

You have access to google to you know! Geez, I was into 2 things at once and just mentioned what I saw awhile ago. YES FOLKS ARE THINKING< Perhaps you should to!

By phart at 28,Mar,20 15:28
I didn't go to the link before I posted that. I just made my statement based on the wording of the link. HAD i opened the link I would have noticed the mention of democrats.
How do you consider selling stock in these folks case's a benifit? They had the option of keeping the stock had they decided to. They just decided to sell about the time they heard the news. You and others like you toss fancy words into a conversation to cover your jealousy of people that make something of their selves while you stew in normalcy. I won't cuss you either.

By phart at 28,Mar,20 13:44
I know someone who pressure washes buildings and I got some of the very high concentrated Bleach about 2 months ago .2 gallons of it. It is used to kill mold and mildew on walls.
It will peel your skin.
I am thinking of mixing some in a bottle with water and spraying boxes with it before opening.It may help a bit.
Won't have to worry about the postal service after june as they say they will be broke by then.

By phart at 28,Mar,20 13:41
i saw something about 21 million closed cell phone accounts in china right now. Folks are thinking that might be a better count of victums of the virus?

By phart at 28,Mar,20 13:38
I have no knowledge of a website about it and don't care. But for a woman to bring up a issue from 1993 in regards to Biden is just a tactic to bring his reputation down.
IF she had a issue with Biden, she shoulda took it up WAY BEFORE now.
I will be voting for Trump this fall, BUT I would not let this latest "news" nugget affect my ideas of Biden at all. Although I do not like most of his ideas, I would Rather have him than Sanders any day of the week.

By phart at 28,Mar,20 13:29
Well, tell me something,If you are standing in the middle of the hwy and you see a truck coming towards you at a high rate of speed. Do you wait to be hit because everyone else does not know about the truck or do you move the hell out of the way?
Were they just supposed to sit back and watch their money go down the drain?

Why? It is their stocks to do as they damn well please with,when ever the notion strikes them.
More than likely, since they panic sold the stock, they did not pay much in capital gains,which is a loss to the rest of the tax payers. Or if they lost money from the purchase price,again, they didn't pay much in capital gains. More than likely they broke even.
I don't see the issue myself.

I also noticed your post fails to mention a DEMOCRAT from Commifornia also sold her stocks!

By phart at 28,Mar,20 09:58
Alot of the restrictions are just plain overkill.
The spring breakers,I see the points both sides were trying to make. You are only young once. Put someone at a entrance with a thermometer and if high send away.
if normal,let them enjoy themselves.Die by virus or die by depression-suicide,either way it is still death.

By phart at 26,Mar,20 07:48
It would be a matter if the "system" allowed him back in would it not? He has so many advisors, rules and such, he may have a say in our eyes but I doubt the secrect service will allow him to get to far astray if medical folks say no.

By phart at 26,Mar,20 07:47
Well, 1 thing is for sure,if the stimulas were to not get passed, income taxes would be greatly reduced even after the virus scare is over because bussiness would not reopen.
They will collect income tax and move along in deeper debt than was already.
I know to many folks right now, landscapers for example,not considered Essential,that are not allowed to work. When and if they get back to work,what a mess they will have to clean up.
--------------------------------------- added after 14 hours

I did find out my freinds that do lawn maintance and such will be able to keep working,but with the 6 foot rule and so forth.Which,how the heck are they intending to enforce a 6 foot rule? Walk around with a premeasured stick and if you are less than 6 inches it is a warning, more than 6 inches, it is a ticket? I mean really?

By phart at 26,Mar,20 00:11
Things are shutting down even worse here in my state and for long periods of time. I don't know what they think people are supposed to do for income. Oh they have that stimulas thing going on up in DC but there will be so much confusion and red tape involved it will be months before people get their money. We can't even get a hair cut around here.
I have it somewhat better than many people as I live in a rural area with plenty of property.I can self entertain,cut firewood for next winter for example. But people that live in citys, 3 rooms with no garden,no hobbys to speak of because socializing was their main intrest, what are those people supposed to do for so long? I just hope the sucicide rate does not go up and I hope nursing homes are not abusing old people. I feel sure domestic violence will rise as couples are not used to being around each other constantly.

By phart at 25,Mar,20 21:48
I was a bit concerned when he pegged a date like that for the situation to be over but at least he is trying to give HOPE to the people. A month or so ago,the country was doing great. Then this virus came along. Everything is shut down,people are afraid. People need to know that things will get back to a new normal. We will never be the way we were as alot of people will be on edge wondering when the NEXT virus will be allowed to escape into the world.

By phart at 24,Mar,20 12:46
The whole damn thing is unraveling.

By phart at 23,Mar,20 13:24
Stinking democrats are holding up the stimulas bill to.
Not that I am fond of the idea as it opens the door to socialism.BUT if the government is going to order a shut down,they should have to cough up a means to keep the people from starving.
The dems are upset because of the stimulas may help the airlines and other big employers. Appaently the democrats think they are fully automated and don't employ humans. Without major employers, the gov would have to feed everybody.

By phart at 22,Mar,20 21:07
It is amazing how for all these years I have lived in America and now just in a matter of a couple weeks,I live in a near police state telling how I can eat, that I can't travel that people cant work,and etc.
This was a free country.
Amazing how easy our government was able to take away our freedom wasn't it? I won't post it for being accused of posting rumors,but google DOJ proposals and you will be shocked.

By phart at 21,Mar,20 17:33
I went to the farm supply yesterday to get some belts and there was a lady in the line with animal bedding and such.Had a guennie pig in her hand holding it close. I ask about it and she said she raised those and feeder rats."why rats?" "Oh I have over 60 Boa's and 4 pythons.,Kristi is about 7 feet long and she is a real sweat heart,she just wraps around my husband and watches movies with him on his telephone!"
I left there shaking me head for sure. A 7 foot snake wrapped around me watching movies? NAW aint happeneing

By phart at 20,Mar,20 13:48
I will check that link later. I still don't think you undertand.Perhaps it is illegal for a large company,like Microsoft or something but if 2 humans,1 male and 1 female come in for a job interveiw with a broad salary range and you offer the female less than what you offered the male, and she takes,I can't see that being illegal.

By phart at 20,Mar,20 11:13
I must say,China does prove that pumping lots of money into a country does not mean it will improve it. The peoples attitudes have to change and their habits and lifestyles should in theory improve.BUT if they don't have the mindset,money won't fix it.

By phart at 20,Mar,20 11:11
I might read it this evening,right now i have things to do.
IF I thought I was wrong,I would admit it.
Math is hard to argue with.
IF someone is trying to tell me a woman is paid less for doing the same work as a man.That means the dollar amount of the checks is different. Logic and science and all that can't change that 1 fact.
AND IF it was true to the letter,that a woman would do the exact same job as a man, More women would be hired than men for doing the work.I don't need websites,and such to tell me that.
IF I offer you 10 dollars a hour to mow my lawn, and if I offer a woman 8 dollars a hour to mow my lawn and she accepts,I would hire the woman and save 2 bucks.What is so hard to prove about that.

Bigot, a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.

By phart at 19,Mar,20 19:21
YOu mean you aint kicked this sumbitches ass yet??

By phart at 19,Mar,20 19:18
And I also will not hold ill will against you because we all are free to our opionions and our reasons for them.The world has enough hate in it. But to call things what they are,is not racist.To indicate a virus is from China is not racist.It is no different than Ebola named after a river near it's origin.

Therefore I must say all the above coming from a hypocritical bigot is not crediable evidence to idicate I am wrong or they are right.
Best thing to do is both of us agree we are assholes in each others eyes and leave it at that.Tolerance is preached by alot of people,and that is what tolerance amounts to,just agree to disagree and drop it.

By phart at 19,Mar,20 19:12
Trace back your steps in your mind and write down some notes,if you are getting the "virus" they will be asking you questions about where you were,who was around and so on.
I hope you are just having a allergy or something.
Folks that are scared of the virus are forgetting alot of the sneezing and coughing you might be hearing right now is folks like me allergic to all this damn pollen,weeds and shedding animal hair.

By phart at 19,Mar,20 19:03

By phart at 19,Mar,20 11:23
I have read some information about some citys here in the US that the police are no longer going to respond to certian calls.
It reminded me of this information I had read a year or 2 ago. As all of us are stuck at home, some elderly have medical alarms,some women are being abused by men,some kids are being abused, and for a fact people have been driving 80mph past my house in a 45 zone,these storys really bring home the dangers we are living in.And why some folks,have a hard time trusting the government with thier safety enough to turn loose of the guns. Please read these storys and feel free to google.You will be shocked as I was.
Go ahead and sell yourself on the street,steal from your neighbor,you want to drive a Escalade,just steal 1, they won't bother you.

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By phart at 18,Mar,20 18:45
damn,that sucks.Any idea when it will let up?

By phart at 17,Mar,20 21:21
What general area are you near to have a curfew? That sucks worse than of the rest of it.

By phart at 17,Mar,20 16:28
Their military,what is not sick,is on watch to prevent much outrage.