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By phart at 17,Jan,20 09:44
They are "royality".
35 year old male finally gets married and leaves parents house is what 1 cartoon said I looked at the other day.

By phart at 16,Jan,20 09:34
Knowing how sorry our cellular service is here,I don't trust cell phone for 911. I will have a land line until they are done away with.I was the last dial up customer in our county.I dispise change and resist as long as posiable.

By phart at 15,Jan,20 18:27
Well for a christian school,they are teaching hate the sin,forgive the sinner.To allow the shirt and the cake would be accepting the sin and failing to forgive the sin.
IF you put a kid in a christian school,you kinda have to accept the fact they are going to teach by the Bible and not some new fangled story book printed up 4 years ago.
I am not saying it wasn't harsh punishment,as forgivenss of her is appropriate,but this is by far not unexpected action of a christain school.

By phart at 15,Jan,20 18:23
Who will ever really know if she had been "conditioning" his mind for the final moment for a long time?

By phart at 15,Jan,20 18:22
I would be tickled to get a yellow pages.For whatever reason our sorry ass phone company,windscream,wont send me 1.I have to go by the office in town and pick 1 up.

By phart at 15,Jan,20 09:33
Oh, that is just baaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaAAADDDDDdddddddd!

By phart at 15,Jan,20 09:24
Well there is a slight differnce in a stranger saying,"Jump off a cliff bud" and the woman you love and center your whole lifes meaning around saying, "just die would you? just kill yourself". 1 person means nothing to you and is easy to ignore.the other is the only person who does matter to you and is telling you she wants you dead.
That must be 1 of the most cold hearted females to disgrace the face of the earth. I know some folks make think I am nuts.BUT How does she sleep at night knowing someone that loved her is dead because of her words?
When you are the brink of your life having no meaning,and you are looking at ending it,you need help and support from those you love.Not encouragement to go ahead with it.I think her remains should still be rotting in the corner of a jail cell a 100 years from now.A monunment to the strength of words from the 1's that you love.

By phart at 14,Jan,20 22:46
This no good gal is getting off easy for what she did.
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By phart at 14,Jan,20 22:36
I wonder how he likes his 72 virgin goats?

By phart at 14,Jan,20 09:03
Sadly everything about me is bigger than my penis.Balls,belly,brain by a fraction.

By phart at 14,Jan,20 09:02
Well,why blow up a large building or something when you can blow the bastard up in a vehical that can be cleaned up and things go back to bussiness as usual?
As for Bush Jr's mistakes, yea he made some.There should have never been a foot soilder in the middle east.We have plenty of bombs and at that time plenty of people needing jobs to make them.We need to use our technology,not our men to fight these assholes.

By phart at 14,Jan,20 08:58
Being that I was a volunteer firefighter years ago,I look at the video on tv and am just amazed at how overwhelming those fires are. A simple firebreak like used here in the US and seldom maintained anymore is useless there.That wind is just awful.2000 gallons of water from a air tanker thrown at a fire that large is litterally pissing in the wind.
Although I share the concern for the animals,I am more concerned now about the people.Those fighting the fires,those coughing on the smoke.

By phart at 14,Jan,20 08:53
Yea right,this is only a problem in some alternative universe.In this universe the women run around hollaring "ME TO" and whine and bitch and piss and moan when a male even acknowledges the fact they are female.

By phart at 14,Jan,20 08:50
Like I said,it is a sick world when a communist can run for office in the US. Makes you wonder why so many folks hate it and want to be under the thumb of big government like Russia was for so long..Why ruin America? If you want to live in a communist country,MOVE

By phart at 13,Jan,20 20:01
If there was a trophy for it,you would need to build some new shelves!

By phart at 13,Jan,20 20:00
Don't think it will be a landslide,it will be a snugger race than we want it to be as the libtards apparently aren't aborting all their spawn. And the cemetarys are vacant on election day as the walking dead go vote.

You know it is a sad,sick world when a admitted communist has a good chance of running as a democrat in 2020 USA.
A communist.Not just a liberal.
A true enemy of the state would be leading it if the libtards had their way.

By phart at 13,Jan,20 09:12
1 person that black listed me says it is because they don't like my nickname here.
I mean like,should I call myself "big dicked Tommy" or something? like that is really better? Phart is just a funny thing I came up with.
People blacklist for strange reasons.

By phart at 13,Jan,20 09:07
Even your idol Obama said the general was a terrorist. So what else needed to be said to convince you the killing was needed?

What I read shortly after the general was killed was some statement he said about having men in place all over the world and he was now the man of the field and could hurt us any time he wanted to.He went on to mock Trump which I am sure you wouldn't mind. That man was causeing problems for Iraq and it's people.
We are seperated by 3 oceans and canada, but did that prevent 9-11? I don't think so. Matter of fact 1 of the pilots had married a freinds neighbor and he had saw him getting the news paper off his porch a week before he flew the plane into the world trade center.
Those folks learn how to hide in plain site.Very dangerous.

just a good link that explains alot.
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By phart at 13,Jan,20 09:01
I am sad to say,your concept needs some tweeking.
Life is not something to take lightly.
If you walk up to a pregnant mother,and check her heart beat,you will also find a second 1 down a bit lower.

I can't disagree that childern are born unwanted and abused everyday.That is another problem that needs fixing.
But time would fix it IF people would change their ways.
Condoms can be had at any service station.Just as you say it is a womans right to choose,I could say it is her right to choose if a dick goes in her covered or uncovered.UNLESS you condone r@pe by these folks that don't wear them of course,they should either comply with the request or go find someone else to fuck.
That is what is hard to understand.The woman does not have to have sex with a unprotected dick if she does not want to get pregnant.Unless she is being r@ped.In that case the male should be jailed.
As for the supreme court,all Roe verse Wade says to me is there was a bunch of hipee sympathizers in the court system at the time.IF you take a minute to read what I said above,I am prochoice in the sense if the woman was r@ped or 1nest or danger to her health is indicated she should have a choice of aborting.
Abortions can be dangerous to you know.
To be in the medical field,your lack of compassion for the unborn concerns me as to the authenticy of your compassion for the born.Do you unplug old people ,because they are leeches? Do you unplug someone with brain damage? I mean where does the lack of compassion for human life stop and start for you? Not trying to be a ass, just trying to understand here.

By phart at 13,Jan,20 08:52
Naw,lets keep our folks safe and home and use our technology and drones to clean up the mess.I don't want boots on the ground over there anymore than you do.I just want the threat taken care of.And we don't have to send people.Just machines and bombs

By phart at 12,Jan,20 21:31
I know what you said,and I know what I said,I don't need to phone a friend!
We disagree.Alot on this issue.
Responsiablity for 1's actions is a dieing concept.

By phart at 12,Jan,20 20:57
Excuse me,BUT you need to reread the last paragraph.I Clearly state,OR ask a steady male partner to get his lines tied.I also said the second bad choice was a guy that didn't care. I DID not say it was all the womans fault,Reread. The men need to keep their zippers closed or up,I think you will find that mentioned up there about the zippers.

No I am not keeping up someone elses kids,I didn't make em,I aint feeding them.IF and that is a big if,I was ever married and the idea of raising a kid came up,I would go for adoption no problem.Less money out of pocket for health cost of my wife and less pain for her to go thru.And it gives a kid with little hope a chance.

You seem to advocate it is a womans right t be a whore. Whore perhaps,murderer,no.

Latin and black men don't wear condoms? Well, my goodness, the women need to bear that in mind when they part their legs don't they? "Um,If I don't want to pay for a abortion,I don't need to be fucking him".As for the 16 year old, well, if the parents didn't teach them,and the schools ran out of rubbers perhaps the male should go play bathroom bingo and get some condoms himself.

By phart at 12,Jan,20 19:12
We do know he planned the crap that happened at the 1 in Iraq. That is enough far as I am concerned.

By phart at 12,Jan,20 19:07
You seem to forget,you were once a leech yourself.
If your mother had felt that way,you wouldn't be here.My mother lived a long time after I was born.My presence inside her did make some changes in her body BUT they were changes nature intended.It is called procreation.Or reproduce to carry on human kind to prevent extinction.
If murdering the baby 2 hours after it comes out of the chute is a crime,then it is a crime to kill it inside the chute.
The choice the woman made to allow herself the chance of getting a unwanted Leech as you call it,is the first bad choice she made.
The second bad choice was to be with a irresponsable male that has no interst in taking care of his creation.
The kid in there, kicking around,wanting out,can't speak for it's self.It's heart is beating,just like the mothers.It is another human being.It is not like taking your tonsils out like Elizabeth warren says. If you don't value a unborn child,how can you value a born child?

Inc3st,r@pe,and endangering the mothers life beyond any doubt should be the only reasons for the last resort of abortion to be a option.
Just because you got banged up when you fucked 6 guys and a donkey last month does not make it "ok" to go drop off the "leech" on the way to the shopping mall.That is murder.Period.
ANd HELL NO insurance should not cover abortion.That is no different than me calling the insurance company and saying,"Hey I want to pop a couple caps in some annoying neighbors,how much do you pay towards bullets?"

The real solution to the problem is taking responiablity for 1's actions.If a woman wants to fuck,fine,go tie the tubes or take a pill or get the 3 month shot. Ask a steady male partner to get his lines tied.Do something to eliminate the need for abortion in the first place.OR simply keep the zippers up and legs closed.

By phart at 12,Jan,20 09:29
To think that government run health care and the national debt are seperate is wrong.All taxes and social security goes into the governments bottomless pitt of money to waste.
The politcians pay for their states piss ant testicale museums and bridges and your health care all out of the same pot of public money.So health care would run up the national debt.
IF you owe a house payment,and that bank goes tits up,they expect their money in full. So it is not impossiable for other countrys to want their money.

By phart at 12,Jan,20 09:21
If you are born in that climate ,you adapt to it I am sure.
For me to toss myself into that type climate or more extreme like North dakota or something,I would wind up dead.
I couldn't take it.I used to drive in the bad weather alot as I had to for my job.Never owned a 4x4 and still got around.BUT you can get out of practice as I found out a couple years ago.It had been 12 years or more since I had a need to be on icey roads. I made the mistake of downshifting the automatic down to 2 manually to slow down for a hill and went SAILING DOWN THE HILL sideways and accross the ditch,out of the ditch and then cranked up and drove 12 miles home in the shit with NO brakes as the asphalt rubbed the brakline running along the chassis. I just decided after that episode,I would keep my happy ass at home when the roads turn to shit.

By phart at 12,Jan,20 09:11
No no,I want others to understand that biasing the system to cover those that DONT work,never worked and so on to get help,at the exspense of those that have tried to take responsiablity for themselves is WRONG.
Paying for health insurance, lets se you pay 130 a month.that is,1560 a year,62,400 for 40 years coverage.
Average heart attack cost what?,lets see ,let me copy and paste this.

"Heart attack hospitalizations cost a median $53,384 and strokes cost $31,218, according to the study. ... Neither study factored in additional costs following hospitalization, such as loss of productivity from missing work or ongoing medical care and drugs, "
You know far better than I do those figures are small.But that is what was handy from google. So your roughly 64,000 dollar investment would barely cover 1 heart attack.Granted,your employer is paying some towards it as well.BUT still, unless the intrest rate is high,the insurance company is not making alot of money.
BUT the insurance company, is not just spending money to cover your work- stress related heart attack,it is also having to pay for little 12 year old Johny's hormones because he woke up last week thinking he was a girl.It is also having to pay for some idiot od'ing on drugs ruining his kidneys and liver.
Insurance companys could easly declare bank ruptcy and leave us all hanging at that rate.

I say get the medicine from where ever is cheapest.
Don't the pro abortion people say,"My body my choice" Let's borrow that missinformed idea a minute and apply it somewhere it makes sense.
Fine,your body,choose to buy medicine where you want to.

The dopehead I spoke of,,if that thievin' bastard od's,and falls over in the woods behind the shed his brother lets him sleep in,well,he created his own fate.I doubt the buzzards would eat him,he is so full of impuritys the maggots and ants would probably barricade themselves away from him.His body is probably so pickled it would lay in state to be found a 1000 years from now prompting a rewrite of history as they knew it.

By phart at 12,Jan,20 08:24
I am really going to piss some folks off but I have read and heard so much about health care I am just going to speak my mind. Politely of course.

Health insurance.
WHy is it so exspensive?HUm,could it be that it is expected to pay for things not life saving? Like for example,a couple decides to have 3 kids and insurance has 3 more people to pay for? Something that was NOT a accident,not needed,nor anyone's elses responsiablity.1 child covered, the rest are the parents responseabilty.
And while i am at it,let the parents cover ALL education cost from preschool thru college for child 2 thru infinity.I bet parents would think twice about spitting out 6 kids if THEY had to bear the cost instead of the whole damn country.Just think,the money wasted on education, could be spent to help those with serious medical issues without being a burden to anyone.

Insurance should not be expected to cover child birth,abortion or birth control.Keep your legs shut and your zippers closed.
Insurance should not cover cost of sex changes. Be happy with your plumbing or pay to change it yourself.

Smoke,you are on your own.
Drink,you are on your own.
Do drugs,you are on your own.
Your bad habits are NOT the rest of the worlds problems,they are YOURS and YOURS alone.So pay for it.

I could go on.And I understand there has to be meeting in the middle on things.I am just giving you the extreme end of my feelings on this subject.I don't feel my ideas are any more radical than the idea of health care for all,deadbeats included.

I lost my 80-20 coverage,it is now 70-30 and my copays are double thanks that asshat Obama and his big idea. Why should I loose coverage so some dope head gets his treatment paid for ,for the 27th time? It aint working,so ditch the bastard to the curb.And yes,I do personaly know a man,would have been in my graduating class,that has been to drug rehab,at government exspense at least 27 times.prison twice and so on.
He aint your problem,nor mine,but we spend on him anyway.Anytime a fellow will put a gun to his mothers head to get her diamond ring that his dead father put on her finger just he could pawn it to get drugs,does not need nor deserave public help,he deserves a kick to the curb.Next time the bastard od's, maby it will be his last.

By phart at 11,Jan,20 09:40
The tv news has been covering this Harry megan thing to much. I finally read a artical that in a nutshell the 2 got tired of being expected to perform like circus animals and stepped down to live a semi normal life! Good for them.Good for the kid to!
What the hell is the obsession with "royalty" anyhow? They have no power to run anything but the gossip column.
Americans are just flabbergasted by every little detail about them.Forgetting 1000's of good men here in America fought and died for our independance from "royality".
I just don't understand it .

By phart at 11,Jan,20 09:30
1000 bucks for a car lift? I would jump all over 1 of them at that price.A 4 post 1 anyhow.I don't want the tipper dumper 2 legged kind.

By phart at 10,Jan,20 20:31
We are all over 18 and can talk about what ever the heck the administrator of this site lets us.
Move along to another thread and enjoy life to the fullest.No need to get your drawers in a wad over 1 thread or another.
Besides,have you ever tried to discuss politics on craigslist community or whereever? Bunch of assholes that can't get along 4 minutes.
This bunch can talk it out,argue,blacklist,cuss whatever,and still get along to a point. There honestly seems to be more intelligence here than on other platforms.

By phart at 10,Jan,20 13:16
regulating cost reduces quality of care.Your care would be reduced to minimum to reduce pain.I am willing to bet hip surgery on someone over 65 would be reduced or eliminated for example. Why fix a old person when you can fix a tax payer would be the idea behind it.Not saying it would happen but regulating cost,regulates profit and doctors don't like to work for nothing,can't pay thier college debts and oh my gosh,might have to drive a chevy. After a while people would see doctors not living any better than trash truck drivers and would not bother going to medical school.
Not saying I don't agree at all with what you are saying.
As far as mdicine,if there is a way to make sure it is quality and we would be getting what we are paying for,I am all for getting it from the cheapest source.It would reduce cost alot because it would prompt competition.

It is also my understanding that insurance is territorial. I would say fix that to open up competition as well.THere are ways to reduce cost,but gouging our industry and investors and high end tax payers can backfire.

By phart at 10,Jan,20 13:12
Naw,I will just get my weather off the internet and leave the boob tube OFF.

By phart at 10,Jan,20 09:41
Ok,I ask,give us some ideas how to pay for it.That won't take away the incentive for investers to continue investing,like not being able to profit from their investments. A way to pay for it that won't rob the average workers paycheck any more than it already is,again,taking away incentives to work.
Just asking for actuall ideas here.Politicians pushing for this cradle to grave can't explain how to pay for it,and I can understand why,they are dumbass puppets of the Soros and liberal wealthy people that hide their money in foriegn lands.

By phart at 10,Jan,20 09:35
When are these damn medicare commercials going to stop showing on tv?? I thought after first of the year they would stop!

By phart at 09,Jan,20 09:59
Yea,lay a peice of fresh bread on the table along side a peice of toast, and see which 1 lays there the longest before it becomes unusable! You just complimented Trump in a round about way.

By phart at 09,Jan,20 09:58
Trump recently removed a couple powerful folks from Iran that have stirred up terrorist plots and such.
Oil bounced up a few dollars for a couple days. Now look at the recent figures.
Price Change
2020.01.08 - $ 59.61 -3.09 -5.18%
1 Year Forecast
$68 / Barrel
That is a 3 dollar a barrel drop in 1 day.
That means the oil industry has confidence in Trumps abilty to handle the situation.Yes, Chevron and other companys have pulled their workers out of that area as their lives are important.But the MONEY investors, are not worried.
And if the big money is not worried,we as a people should not worry.

By phart at 08,Jan,20 20:22
It is your opionion it doesn't count.

By phart at 08,Jan,20 20:20
Yes,all our presidents for the past 50 years have had a set of buttons they can mash to make things go kaplooy.
BUT Trump Loves life,pussy and money to much to want to distroy the world or himself.So why would he?
Now if little Rocket man some of them folks over yonder over the oil puddle take a notion to bump the button they could wipe us all out.Trump is not the only 1 with the power to take out moma earth. ANd he is the least likely to use it of all the world leaders right now.BUT he is letting them think he would use it.

By phart at 08,Jan,20 17:00
Why define yourself as those terms.If you look them up in Websters they are derogatory terms used to demean or discredit a woman. Unless i was very pissed at a woman,I doubt I would ever call her 1 of those words.

By phart at 08,Jan,20 16:57
Can't Because he and several others were slave owners and the dems would have them strung up by their ankles within weeks of being elected in this day and age.

By phart at 08,Jan,20 14:12
In a game no,it does not.But when it comes to running a country, Trump getting into office instead of hillary was like a cat 5 hurricane takeing a turn for the east and missing us entirely. That counts!

By phart at 07,Jan,20 20:53
So you are admiting that drugs are coming from Mexico? Wow,that is a great start.Now lets find a way we can all be happy with to STOP the drugs from coming in and eventually harming our youngan's!

By phart at 07,Jan,20 20:52
Because that "grandmother" would have been our president had Trump not got in. And I feel sure,her administration would have sent Iran some more money instead of taking out their terrorist general.

By phart at 07,Jan,20 20:45
As a dem,you don't have alot to choose from.And you may not believe this but I honestly do wish we all had plenty of good people to choose from.
But we don't. It gets boiled down to a devil we know or a devil we don't and the fight is on.

As a independant,I feel like my only logical choice is Trump.Why? He has Americas intrest ahead of all else. That matters to me.

By phart at 07,Jan,20 20:42
Yea,had other countrys left Israel alone along time ago,they would have already blown the hell out of Iran. But no,"calm down,we will give them some money and they will behave".
Bullshit,blow hell out of them.

By phart at 07,Jan,20 20:39
Take it the wrong way? How do I know which way to take it? I could be wrong either way i take it,why,I could just not take it and just pout about it and such.Or I could take it and run with it,but I would get tired.Or I could take it and whine like a baby! But then I would have to stop to drink some water to cry back many ways could we take something? 3,5?

I am just joking.I know what you are trying to say and it makes sense.That is the problem with the typed word,You can not read the persons body language,sense their mood in their voice.When talking to a stranger you don't know their back ground or why they feel the way they do.Nor are they sober when they say something.Or you can't tell if they are jurking on peoples chains to give them heartburn.You just have to be carefull and not let stuff here get to you to much.

By phart at 06,Jan,20 19:49
Hum,old news as it is from 2015-6 but hey,something our sorry ass ,no good media talks about it.
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Turns out Fences work in hungary

By phart at 29,Dec,19 22:45
Texans know how to handle things.Something that could have been much worse,lasted all of 6 seconds start to finish.
Thanks to GOOD MEN with guns.
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Churchs all over the country have security teams thanks to the church shooting in sc a few years ago that folks wanted to blame a flag for instead of blaming the crazy BASTARD with a gun for the violence.

By phart at 27,Dec,19 15:15